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Cork International Hotel
Relax. You Lunch. Kids Play

Nice and cool. Your Prawn Cocktail (left)  and more.

Take the kids to lunch and relax. Where? At the Cork International Hotel at the airport.

For the past three weeks, their buffet lunch has been up and running. Kids are catered for on the menu and, when they have wolfed down the food, they can move to the adjacent play room, a large and well equipped area, equipped with everything from soft toys to big screens for games.  Continue reading »

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Join us tonight for our latest social media event, namely our #MyMug Twitter Party extravaganza to celebrate one of our favorite food and drink holidays, National Coffee Day. Brought to you by Chew on That and our sister publication, Recipe4Living.com, the event is already shaping up to be a smash. It will be co-sponsored by the wonderful folks at @iCoffee. And when these people show up for a party, they invariably come bearing some amazing gifts.  Continue reading »

Treasures of Fenn’s Quay
Kate’s Magic in the Kitchen


In a small kitchen, on the oldest terrace in Cork city, with much perspiration and no little inspiration, Head Chef Kate Lawlor works the magic for her many customers at No. 5 Fenn’s Quay. Both Kate and the building in which she operates are Cork treasures.

And what it is this exotic material that she turns to culinary gold? Nothing exotic at all, in fact.  Continue reading »


A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

It’s the sense of energy that is my lasting impression from visiting the BrewDog brewery: a relentless dynamism and a restless drive towards change and improvement in all things. I’m used to breweries as being cold and quiet spaces but BrewDog is hot and – with two simultaneous bottling lines running – very loud. The brewhouse is enormous but densely packed with brewkit, the fermentation vessels spilling beyond the walls and roof into the back yard.  Continue reading »

Tullamore Distillery

A post by David Havelin at Liquid Irish

“Uncle Charles chose the path of greatest resistance.” So said Peter Gordon, CEO of William Grant & Sons, last week at the launch of their new Tullamore Distillery. He was recalling a trip with Charles Gordon around Ireland to assess possible locations for the distillery that would supply their Tullamore Dew brand. There were suitable sites, and then there was Tullamore, boggy underfoot and lacking a rather essential ingredient: water.  Continue reading »

I absolutely love South East Asian recipes and I have been making these Thai Fish Cakes for years.  They are incredibly easy to prepare and make a great starter or perfect finger food.  Over on my youtube channel I have just stuck up a video on how to make them.  I hope you’ll give them a go, so head over, take a look and make sure to subscribe!

Continue to the recipe for Thai Fish Cakes….  Continue reading »

The South China Morning Post confirmed its story earlier this week that a noodle shop owner in the Chinese provincial capital of Xi’an had confessed to Chinese police that he had been secretly including a paste made of poppy pods into his menu items. The article reports that the restaurant owner did so in the hopes of making his customers addicted to his noodles. The owner was subsequently detained by local authorities.  Continue reading »

I’ve been working away over in Sweden on Mitt Kok and I can’t believe it’s nearly been a whole year presenting my slot on Swedish screens every Saturday morning. I’ve had such a lovely reaction despite my so so Swedish, in fact they seem to like it! I’m just back from Stockholm after recording 13 more episodes but you can check out the latest few that have gone out:

{ Chilli & Lemongrass Chicken }

{ Flavour Bomb Salad }

{ Spinach and Mushroom Cannelloni }.  Continue reading »

Amuse Bouche


‘Don’t throw your talent away,’ she said, placing a hand over mine. The skin of the back of her hand was like lichen.
Michel saved me from further painful exploration of this line of thought by bringing two perfect soufflés to the table. He pierced them and inserted a spoonful of Armagnac with the skill of a surgeon.
‘Ooh, look.  Continue reading »

I can’t believe we are nearly at the end of September already- it’s been an incredibly busy month but I wanted to stick up some of the video recipes that I’ve been posting over on my youtube channel!  Have you subscribed yet? It’s free and there is a new video posted every Sunday morning!  Continue reading »

Little Listrac DeliversExcellent Wines from Margins of the Medoc

Listrac is one of the smallest appellations in the Medoc and its wines have often been dismissed as “rustic”. But, in recent years, according to the prestigious World Atlas of Wine, its reputation (and that of its neighbouring village Moulis) has risen.  Continue reading »

Thai Fish Cakes

A post by donalskehan at DonalSkehan.com

These might sound complicated but if you have all the ingredients, all it takes is to blitz everything until smooth, stir through a little spring onion and green beans, fry them and serve for the most delicious little Asian starter!  Continue reading »

Mocha Shortbread

A post by Aoife - Babaduck at Babaduck

Oh I love shortbread.  It’s buttery, crumbly and very hard to refuse another piece. The Hubs and his Mammy are both big lovers so I decided I’d make a variation on the traditional recipe by adding coffee and chocolate.  When I was in France last year, I bought a box of espresso sticks – powdered instant espresso which you can drink or use as an ingredient.  Continue reading »

Last Sunday I baked and served one of my retro favs for a trip to the in-laws – a pavlova laden with lashings of fresh Irish cream and a pretty odd but lovely array of fresh fruit! There was a decent amount of liking and commenting over on Facebook and Instagram so to all my appreciated likers, here is my very simple, straightforward recipe for this delicious sweet treat, which is naturally gluten-free too!  Continue reading »

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Walking A Marathon A Week

A post by Wholesome Ireland at Wholesome Ireland

I’ve set myself the challenge of walking a marathon a week. It’s not as difficult as it sounds, in fact walking is becoming easier the more I do it.
When we were in the Aran Islands I noticed that I was getting out of breath a little too easily. I do have asthma, but this breathlessness was more due to lack of exercise than anything else.  Continue reading »

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Once upon a time, it was enough to have a favoured brand of instant coffee; now it’s all Sumatra Gegarang this, natural process that, small….  Continue reading »

Taste of the WeekVeal Osso Buccofrom O’Mahony Butchers, English Market

I always keep an eye on what O’Mahony Butchers in the English Market are selling. So when I spotted they had veal shins from a Macroom farm, we made a beeline for the Grand Parade entrance and came away with Taste of the Week.

No shortage of recipes to work on and we settled on Pat Whelan’s suggestion in his book An Irish Butcher Shop, regularly consulted in this house.  Continue reading »