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A Duo of Delicious Whites: Riesling and Grüner Veltliner

Lingenfelder Riesling Trocken Kabinett Freinsheimer Musikantenbuckel Pfalz (DP), 11%, €19.95  O’Briens Wines 

“Straightforward and elegant,” is how Georg Lingenfelder described this wine while speaking in Cork late last year. Georg represents the 14th generation of the family in wine in the Pfalz and this year is their 500th anniversary!

The 2018 is a straw yellow in colour.  Continue reading »

 Glenbower. An Autumn Walk

Glenbower Wood is in Killeagh, East Cork. Pics from 19.09.2020.  Continue reading »

Smallies – frustratingly – change their minds about food. Cue lines from me like: “But you liked this pasta / rice / cheese / breakfast / lunch / dinner only last week! Little Missy,...

When times are strange, we all need brownies. My double chocolate porter brownies date back to the earliest days of Eight Degrees in 2011. It was a well road tested recipe – I still....  Continue reading »

While my first port of call in an crisis would often be the comfort of cinnamon rolls, when there’s no opportunity for yeast to take its sweet time, these cinnamon sugar-topped scones are a....  Continue reading »

When all around is madness, the kitchen – its rituals and habits – can be sanity. I’m not talking about the must-do-everyday breakfasts and lunches and dinners and snacks (why on earth do children....  Continue reading »

When she first got off school, Little Missy decided that she wanted her own food blog space so – with very limited editing and the first pic taken by her – here’s her first....  Continue reading »

Three simple products: cheese, chocolate and black pudding. When done right, when made by people who care deeply about provenance, about craft and about the food that they produce, these can be sublime. Cheesemaker....  Continue reading »

This chocolate tart takes minutes to put together, can be gluten free and – most importantly – has a gorgeous contrast between the gloriously smooth chocolate ganache filling and the textured, crunchy oatcake crust.  Continue reading »

Proper flat whites. Failing that, proper long blacks with CMOS (aka cold milk on the side, according to the bill!). Camping breakfasts of bacon and eggs on a sunshiny Saturday morning. Brewpubs like Wellington’s....  Continue reading »

It started – as many things do – with one person. We all have a few of these in our lives: a dear friend and former colleague who was impossible to buy presents for.....  Continue reading »

An edited version of this feature was first published in the Irish Examiner on 22 September 2019. Limerick was a city I learned by walking, with a side helping of food. Growing up an....  Continue reading »

(Or, what to make when you’ve no time to make a cake.) It was the Little Sister’s Big Bad Birthday. She had been resolutely not wanting to make a fuss about it but eventually,....  Continue reading »

(Or, what to make when you’ve no time to make a cake.) It was the Little Sister’s Big Bad Birthday. She had been resolutely not wanting to make a fuss about it but eventually,...