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If we must

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

Doesn’t this guy look classy? A half champagne bottle with painted-on calligraphy is making a statement about quality. And probably about price too, though this bottle of Ceriux Tostada was, I think, left behind in my place by Thomas.
It’s from the Rioja region of Spain and includes concentrated grape juice in the ingredients.  Continue reading »

International Sauvignon Blanc Day
Three To Try Next Friday

The beautiful Chenonceau chateau in the Loire area(but on the Cher River, a tributary of the Loire)

Sauvignon Blanc, possibly now the world’s best known white grape variety, has its annual day in the spotlight this coming Friday when International Sauvignon Blanc Day will be celebrated. We have three examples, all highly recommended, for you to try.  Continue reading »

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Taste of the Week

Galtee Irish Honey

Got a bit of a drop recently when Michael Creedon of Bradley’s told me they had run out of my favourite honey. Not available again until the Autumn! But he has sourced a fantastic alternative from Galtee Irish Honey, our latest Taste of the Week.  Continue reading »

Feel the Gs

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

We don’t have celebrity brewers in Ireland, for very good reasons, but if we did, Alex Lawes would be a candidate. From award-winning homebrew before winning awards for homebrew was really a thing, a spell at James’s Gate, to Rye River where his tenure as head brewer has seen some of the best hop-forward beers Irish brewing has produced arriving and making waves, both under the brewery’s own McGargle’s brand, and the two supermarket house labels it produces.  Continue reading »

Amuse Bouche


..example of the typical chow eaten by U-boat sailors…
Sunday 30 March (1941) Corned beef, turnips, potatoes, fruit.
Cooked ham, bacon, one pickled cucumber, dripping ersatz (a kind of bread made of  starch and low quality flour soaked in gravy), bread, tea.
31 March Egg-flip (a mix of eggs, potatoes, and salami the Germans called hopped poppel).
Tinned sausages, salt fish, butter, bread, tea.
1 April  Lentils and bacon, one sausage, stewed fruit.  Continue reading »

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Mad May Eve

A post by imen at Farmette

May Eve is the evening before May Day (April 30). Legend has it that on this night a certain type of sorcery transpires in which female evildoers called pishogues (pronounced “pish- ohh-g”) come round and do their best to make people’s lives miserable in the Irish countryside.  Continue reading »

Amuse Bouche


You can’t believe how fertile the land is. You sprinkle seeds on the orange brown soil and within days shoots are pushing up. You only have to stretch your arms to pick ripe plums from the tree-lined boulevards. It is another Garden of Eden. For twenty five cents you can buy a hundred oranges. There’s a green fruit called aquacate that is creamy and smooth – three for just a nickel – and tastes delicious, with lemon juice, salt, and a kind of parsley called cilantro.  Continue reading »

Enter Your Pub in the 2016 Irish Pubs Global Awards

A post by noreply@blogger.com (Zack Gallagher) at Irish Food Guide Blog

The 2016 Irish Pubs Global Awards are now Open for entry. There are two new categories to the lineup, Bartender of the Year and Bar Manager of the Year. Following record entry levels last year and a sold out awards night with over 250 attending, this year’s Awards should be hotly contested.  Continue reading »

Holy Smoke On The ‘Dyke
Check Relihan’s Blow Out.

Blow Out; included are Smoked Cob Wheels and Naked Slaw

All you hunter-gatherers can now converge on Holy Smoke in the Mardyke Complex, the new ground of John Relihan, an experienced master of the ancient art of cooking with fire and smoke (he was head chef at Jamie Oliver’s Barbecoa BBQ restaurant in London). You want meat, head for the ‘Dyke.

Have any of you seen Cooked, a mini-series by Michael Pollan now on Netflix?  Continue reading »

Food One The Edge 2016 launched last Monday

A post by noreply@blogger.com (Zack Gallagher) at Irish Food Guide Blog

Last Monday night in Amass Restaurant, in Copenhagen, Denmark the Irish international food symposium, Food On The Edge, which takes place in Galway on October 23rd and 24th was officially launched. The evening saw three of the most well known nordic chefs collaborate with JP McMahon, founder of Food On The Edge, to produce a range of snacks which were served to guests.  Continue reading »

All your birthdays at once

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

My blog turns 11 today, in this year of anniversaries. We’ve already had Carlow Brewing’s 20th birthday beer, and I’m hoping we’ll see one from The Porterhouse later as well. But even little tyke Eight Degrees decided to stick a fistful of candles in a cake and release an IPA to celebrate five years a-brewing (you can see a baby photo here.  Continue reading »

Wines Of The Caceres Family.
For Food, And Afterwards!

In Jacques Restaurant on Wednesday evening, a Frenchman told us the story of the Spanish family that employs him, before we got down to tasting a series of their gorgeous wines. 

The Forner family had been involved in wine for decades before having to flee to France during the Spanish Civil War (1936-39), having “lost everything”.  Continue reading »

This is the best recipe for rhubarb crumble that I’ve ever made. I was brought up to make crumble the classic way using white flour, with the addition of wholemeal flour sometimes, then every now and again adding in oats. This is radically different because this rhubarb crumble recipe ditches the classic flour altogether and uses a different type of flour altogether.
Yes, it is very simple and uses the bare minimum of ingredients.  Continue reading »

Taste of the Week
Mega Munchy Muesli
by The Foods of Athenry

I have always enjoyed my breakfast when the Lawless family, the people behind the Foods of Athenry, are involved. So I was very much inclined to try their Mega Munchy Muesli when I saw it on the shelf in Bradley’s recently. At the back of my mind, there was a little hesitation though as sometimes muesli can be very very dry – unless you drown it with milk!

But no worries here.  Continue reading »

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Galway produces some real gems from time to time, and this new one I am going to share with you today, Larder 360, is one of them.
There are constant rumours and murmurings of the recession being over and although we have yet to fully experience this in the west of Ireland, I think it is safe to say, things can only get better!  Continue reading »

Good Things Cafe
Good Food, Wine, Company

Orange dessert

When we think of international, we think of country: Ireland v Italy in football, New Zealand v Australia in rugby, and so on. In food though, it struck me during an “international” meal in Good Things Cafe, in its sparkling new Skibbereen location, that we should be thinking more in terms of the individuals.  Continue reading »