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It’s always exciting when a new lunch spot opens near the office. But, the initial novelty of something different lasts only so long, and then it’s back to the humdrum.  Continue reading »

Island of Asian Street Food at Phô

Hawkers Corner in City Pub!

The Phô Mule.

The island of Penang, part of a Malaysian state of the same name, is renowned for it street food. Not surprisingly, as it is a melting pot of many cultures with India, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and the Malaysian mainland itself all relatively close by. 

Here, hawkers with their rickshaws join together in the marketplace.  Continue reading »

And the rest

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

Last post from Borefts 2014, taking us to more far-flung parts of Europe. But we start where we left off, in Italy. Del Ducato’s Violent Femme is a 4.2% ABV saison and is lemons all the way, from the bright hazy yellow colour, to the acidic citric burn to the gentler lemon sherbet hop flavours. When life gives you saison, make lemonade. Or something. Their other beer I tried couldn’t be more different.  Continue reading »

It all started with a chocolate bar produced by a Seattle based company called Theo. The bar was flavored with fig, fennel, almond, and dark chocolate. I was waiting in line for my latte when I saw it. It was such an interesting flavored chocolate bar that I couldn’t resist. Plus the packaging is very cute and retro – I was sold!

When I first tasted this chocolate though, it actually tasted weird to me.  Continue reading »

The school holidays are passing by in a blur of homemaking. We have spent many happy days at the allotment once again and the boys are thriving. I swear it’s like I’ve given them an “ent draft”  and they will start sprouting soon! We have made many, many days preparing, steaming and freezing vegetables. There is no more space in the freezer for vegetables which is a great sign. My hubby has a giant brew of homemade cider fermenting away with Christmas in mind.  Continue reading »

The Bloggers On Thomastown Tour
Caviar, Ceramics, and Cat Bodacious!

Ger Kirwan welcomes us to Goatsbridge Trout Farm

From Rainbow trout to Zwartble sheep, from ceramics to cheese, the Town of Food bloggers tour had a busy and every interesting day in the Thomastown area last Monday.

The first get together of the day was at Goatsbridge Trout Farm .  Mag and Ger Kirwan were our hosts.  Continue reading »

If you have children, you’re also undoubtedly surrounded by pumpkins as they demand their yearly, personal jack o’lantern. At the moment we have three in….  Continue reading »

For three decades now, Midleton Very Rare has marked the passage of time with an annual vintage release. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the first bottling in 1984, Irish Distillers has produced a very, very rare Midleton Very Rare Pearl Edition. It’s a collaboration between Master Distillers present and former, Brian Nation and Barry Crockett, the bottle carrying the signatures of both.  Continue reading »

Halloween in Ireland is extra special as originated here hundreds of years ago. Samhain, as it was known back then, means the ‘end of summer’ and the Celts believed that it was on this night that the spirits of the dead would visit the mortal world to haunt the living. The tradition of dressing up in costumes and lighting bonfires meant that the spirits wouldn’t be able to recognise the living in their disguises!  Continue reading »

Kilkenny’s Night of a 1000 FeastsTown of Food a Step Closer

Hazel, top left, with just some of her guests at the Feast.

On Sunday evening we left our lovely base at Rosquil House to head to our Feast, part of the Night of a 1000 Feasts in Kilkenny. Our Feast, one of about two thousand registered as it turned out, was quite close and at about 7.00pm we were warmly greeted by Hazel and three generations of her family, all celebrating the 76th birthday of her father.  Continue reading »

Reep Rewards Review

A post by Wholesome Ireland at Wholesome Ireland

When I heard that there was a new Irish app aimed at saving shoppers money I figured it might be something my readers would be interested in. Reep Rewards is available for free to Irish customers. There are two ways to save money. Firstly you can browse through the weekly offers to see which shop offers the best value, and secondly you can scan your till receipt afterwards to gain loyalty points. It’s an interesting concept.  Continue reading »

Corners of Europe

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

Borefts without a Thornbridge bar was strange – I understand they’re the first brewery in history to have turned down an invitation to the event – but there were plenty of new English faces filling in. So much so that I barely troubled the Kernel at all, grabbing just a swift London Sour Cherry because Evin told me it was running out. Such a salesman, that guy. 3% ABV and a happy bright red topped with pink foam.  Continue reading »

That little ray of sunshine who is my grandson has gone back to China leaving an 0.84m high void in my life and a host of fresh memories. Shane, Shan and Dermot returned to smoggy Beijing the Friday before last. Cue a few days of moping and feeling like a lost soul without my little sticking plaster, a few days of (secretly) relishing a quiet and tidy house and a few more of re-grouping and getting back into the thick of my normal working life.  Continue reading »

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Superb Seafood Evening

French Flare at Fleming’s

It was fish all the way at Fleming’s last weekend with chef/patron Michael Fleming displaying his renowned skills and, in the process, treating us to everything from the humble periwinkle to the noble salmon. Needless to say, all were cooked to perfection and the presentation was immaculate.  Continue reading »

It should be epic! No formal RSVP necessary – just follow @ChewOnThat or @Recipe4Living, tweet #chocoholic, and join the fun! Prizes to be announced during the event.  Continue reading »

SOME ADVISE DECANTING EVERYTHING right down to the simplest white, but that’s probably overkill. Decant if: (a) The wine is ancient… to separate it from its sediment; (b) It’s a very young, ‘big’ red… allowing it to ‘breathe’ can soften its tannins and encourage it to be more expressive; or (c) It’s a cheapie screwcapped wine… these sometimes have dodgy egg aromas that ‘blow off’ if you give them air.  Continue reading »

Allotment Tour

A post by Wholesome Ireland at Wholesome Ireland

I’ve not been out running this week. Since I smashed my record time at the Park Run last weekend, my left knee hasn’t been right so I have had to rest it. I figured for the vlog this week instead I’d give you a bit of a tour of the allotment. I’ve trimmed the video a bit because I didn’t realise how windy it was on Sunday morning! Also the 6-year-old displayed some pretty spectacular comic timing with the water hose about halfway through. Messer!  Continue reading »

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