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In a couple of weeks time I will be hopping on a plane and heading over to the city of Bristol in the UK for the BBC Bristol Food Connections. Hundreds of people will come together to celebrate Bristol’s diverse food culture and community with a unique, citywide food festival.  It’s so exciting to see all of these amazing festivals focusing on local producers and amazing food, popping up all over the world!  Continue reading »

Another week, another instalment of Mitt Kök and cooking in Swedish! This week I was cooking up something with a summery vibe (a weekend of sunshine will do that to you!) and what better than a batch of homemade burgers.  Burgers are the quintessential summer party food.  The smell of meat grilling on the BBQ would get anyone in the summer mood but I wanted to share my twist on the classic cheese burger so here you have my Mini Blue Cheese Beef Sliders.  Continue reading »

A Star of the Dão. Flor de Viseu.

Flor de Viseu, Selection Branco 2012, Dão (Portugal), 12.5%, €12.99/13.99 Wine Alliance Stockists.

Must admit I know very little about Encruzado, Cerceal Branco and Malvasia Fina, three Portuguese grapes. What I do know now is when you skillfully blend the three, as has been done here, you’ll have a lovely crispy zesty white wine in your hands, a Very Highly Recommended one.  Continue reading »

Blue Cheese Beef Sliders

A post by Joanna Carley at DonalSkehan.com

If you haven’t heard of sliders before, they are an American invention and are basically mini burgers. They are perfect for party nibbles and this particular recipe has sweet caramelised onion and salty blue cheese served alongside.  Continue reading »

Irish Spring

A post by imen at Farmette

If the title of this post conjures up visions
of whittling bars of green and white stripy soap,
cast those clean as a whistle notions aside…
spring in the Irish countryside is
beautiful, raw, and green
filled with birdsong and new life…
but frankly, it mostly smells like manure.
Around here, anyway.
I am loving this fun sketch of me milking “Sally”
by Ailbhe Phelan, a fabulous Irish illustrator living in London.
What do you think?  Continue reading »

.  Continue reading »

A.  Continue reading »

English Market + 2 New Cookbooks = 2 Excellent Meals

Been busy with two new cookbooks this weekend: The Buenvino Cookbook and Turkhead Culinary Delights. The former, recently launched in Ballymaloe Cookery School, is by Jeannie and Sam Chesterton, while the latter is by Alain and Edel Wille and is subtitled A West Cork Indulgence.  Continue reading »

Anyone familiar with my eating habits will know how much I enjoy my sweet treats. Made with butter, sugar, chocolate and lots of billowing whipped cream; they used to be my reward of choice at the end of a long day or hard-working week. So how have I managed to cope now that I can no longer eat such foods?

At first I must admit that I sulked and simply avoided sweets altogether.  Continue reading »

The teen swears that her all time favourite meal is my homemade baked beans. She is always happy with a slice of toast and a big ladle of goodness and I’m delighted that she’s eating well. Feeding hungry teens on a budget can be tricky! I do like a tomato sauce on beans but sometimes […]
The post Garlic Beans appeared first on Wholesome Ireland – Irish Food & Parenting Blog.  Continue reading »

Always something new

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve been to Brussels over the last 12 years. I’m sure it’s into double figures by now. And while fixtures like A La Bécasse (right) and Toone are still favourites and oft returned to, there’s always somewhere new. Occasionally new to the city, but mostly just new to me.  Continue reading »

Amuse Bouche


They saw a man starving, so they began sending monthly food packages via UPS. There was an elaborate roast, capped with a spiked crown and wreathed in red roses. There were deliveries of salmon, tuna, chocolate cakes with thick icing, sponge cakes, pastries, fruits, and nuts. These provisions roused Carter’s long-dormant olfactory senses and satisfied a long-forgotten hunger. The moist meats and feathery cakes also had a powerful tactile dimension.  Continue reading »

What is the most dominant life form on earth? Ostensibly, it’s us humans.  We can play music, be ironic, send rockets to the moon, and, more darkly, consciously choose to kill entire species at a whim. In fact, we can, through nuclear weapons, wipe out all life. Indeed we are careering towards run away climate change, and devastating consequences, if we carry on regardless.

So by virtue of that sort of dark power, it seems obvious that we humans are dominant – we’re in change.  Continue reading »

Spring Things I Love

A post by Aoife - Babaduck at Babaduck

For a young lad, Adam Hoban is a very busy boy.  He started writing a food blog, then developed his love for food into a business making preserves, chutneys and condiment.  And he's in college too.  With 16 products in his range, including a delicious whisky & ginger marmalade and an Eastern inspired Apple & Pear chutney, there's a flavour to suit every palate.  The Purple Pantry is at the Honest2Goodness market in Finglas every Saturday or you can order online.  Prices start at €2.80.

Cinnamon Hill

Cinnamon Hill's Original Cinnamon Lover's Pack arrived on the desk recently and it's a far cry from the usual three little sticks in a jar format we're used to.  A beautiful honey oak grater with a ceramic cup holder and two packets of fresh cinnamon sticks from Ceylon and Saigon have transformed my humdrum morning porridge, added warmth and depth to roasted butternut squash and brought fresh life to my carrot cake.  £52 for the pack or £6 for the cinnamon sticks alone.

The Westin Dublin Takeaway Afternoon Tea

Franciscan Well Easter Beer Festival

Made an early visit to the Franciscan Well Beer Festival this Saturday afternoon and took my chance to sample some of the newer brews before the crowds started to roll in on this sunny day.

Last year, the Lynch brothers from Mayfield’s Cotton Ball were on the outside of the ring; this time, Eoin and Humphrey were serving their own beers including their latest.  Continue reading »

Happy Easter!

A post by Nollaig B at Fascination Food

Hi all. I am off enjoying the sights (and food!) in Prague this Easter weekend. As Easter is synonymous with chocolate, which is one of my very favourite things, I must share with you one of the most glorious chocolate desserts – Nigella’s instant chocolate mousse. Mmm! You can check out and try the recipe for yourself here. It would make a perfect Easter Sunday dessert. It is luscious and indulgent but the big home baker bonus is how easy it is to make.  Continue reading »

Easter Sunday Lunch…

A post by donalskehan at DonalSkehan.com

This year my Easter menu is a wonderful combination of exciting new tastes, vibrant Irish ingredients and rich and indulgent flavours.  When you are creating a celebration menu, I think it’s important to simplify the starters, my beetroot hummus with homemade flatbreads is perfect as it is easy to make ahead and if you prefer you can cheat by using shop bought flat breads.  Best of all it can be placed on the table as soon as guests arrive, making an informal starter, which they can dig in to.  Continue reading »

Things were really kicking off a hundred years ago. As if the excitement of a front row seat to World War I wasn’t enough, some in Ireland chose the war years to violently oppose British rule. A limited uprising was succeeded by a successful war of independence and then a civil war. We’ll be commemorating blood-soaked centenaries for years to come.
That same period also feels like the birth of the modern era.  Continue reading »

This delicately spiced apple and almond cake is gluten-free and totally delicious. Almonds make a great base for a rich and nutty cake and the touch of ginger and cinnamon add a subtle spiced flavor. This cake is scrumptious served warm with crème fraiche or whipped cream. It’s a simple cake to put together and looks pretty with the fresh apples and powdered sugar on top.  Continue reading »

I’ve been getting a great reaction to the recipe videos I’ve been posting on my youtube channel lately and it’s a really buzzing food community.  If you haven’t seen it yet make sure to head over and click subscribe to my page as you’ll be the first to know when I upload a new video.  I’ve just posted up my latest recipe video for probably the best chocolate cake you will taste this Easter and best of all it’s gluten free!  Continue reading »