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First published on Irish Country Living. The first time I visited Belfast was back in 2002. I took the Enterprise from Dublin’s Connolly Station on a…
The post Good eating in Belfast + Stout and Treacle Spelt Bread appeared first on Bibliocook – All About Food.  Continue reading »

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Bloom in the Park is kicking off this Thursday, June 2nd, in The Phoenix Park, Dublin, and will run until Monday, June 6th. For the past few years I and the children have been amongst the thousands of visitors to this marvellous event, so I’m thrilled to say this year I will be taking part in the festivities. On Saturday morning at 10.30am I’m doing a cookery demonstration on The Quality Kitchen Stage.  Continue reading »

When I met: Alain Ducasse

A post by Cuisine Genie at Cuisine Genie

This article originally appeared in the Sunday Independent on 9th January 2016. 

A minature  army of black trompette mushrooms awaits its fate on a blue cloth as a chef picks over them.  One is held up for inspection – a wisp of black velvet with a perfectly furled stem. Another chef – me – selects our best-looking sourdough. Nearby, Robin Gill, owner of The Dairy restaurant in Clapham, south London, paces while eyeing the pans arranged on the stove.  Continue reading »

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Can you believe that until recently, I had never been to Paris? I had passed through Charles de Gaulle Airport several times, moving between one flight and the next, but I had never been in the city centre itself. So I must admit that I was quite excited when we booked a short weekend in Paris in March. 

As I was working in Amsterdam, I travelled via Thalys (high speed train) to Paris and it was a comfortable relaxing experience.  Continue reading »

Ballinwillin House & Farm
Where the deer and the wild boar roam

We are in a country town. We have been feeding the deer and checking on the goats and Wild Boar pigs. Time now for a drink in the Hungarian wine-cellar. A red, appropriately named Young Bull, goes down well. It is made from the Hungarian grape Kékfrancos.

Back to the main house now for dinner which will start with a plate of charcuterie, all from the farm. The mains will feature both venison and pig.  Continue reading »

The bottle of the Boyne

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

I can’t believe it was all the way back in January when a bunch of us from Beoir visited Boyne Brewhouse. They were just getting ready to commission the packaging lines in the cavernous former car showroom outside Drogheda – bottling and canning for their Devil’s Bit cider and the forthcoming range of beers. Production on the latter had begun last October with head brewer Áine O’Hora at the helm.  Continue reading »

The Grubbs And Cashel Blue
Passion. Place. Precious.

When you listen to Sarah Grubb speak about cheese and particularly about the cheeses that her family produces, including the famous Cashel Blue, you hear passion (and the occasional hearty laugh).  Continue reading »

Amuse Bouche


Indeed, starvation wages were paid to those who were hired….landowners proclaimed that unemployment was an invention of the Republic…… In Jaén, the gathering of acorns, normally kept for pigs, or of windfall olives, the watering of beasts and even the gathering of firewood were denounced as ‘collective kleptomania’. Hungry peasants caught doing such things were savagely beaten by the Civil Guard or by armed estate guards.

From The Spanish Holocaust by Paul Preston (2012).  Continue reading »

Tastes of summer

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

It’s bright and breezy brews today, for the longer, sunnier days. First up, Metalman Zwickel, the Waterford brewery’s take on the German lager style. Though unfiltered it’s not specially hazy and pours from the can a pale shade of yellow. The aroma promises hints of grass and lemons though the flavour is much more malt-driven. I get a wholesome and husky grain flavour foremost in the taste, properly smooth with a satisfyingly full body and not too much fizz.  Continue reading »

Poff’s, The Tops of Kenmare.
Supporting Local

Poff’s of Kenmare is my kind of place. And, though I’ve never met her, chef/patron Helen Poff is my kind of person. She and her bright and airy café on New Street support local producers.  Continue reading »

Chez Hans is a simply beautiful looking restaurant, first established a stone’s throw from the infamous “Rock”, in the year 1968. The building is striking both inside and out as it is a renovated  Victorian Gothic church. The large stained glass windows add to the sense of sophistication throughout. There is also a great collection of eclectic artwork to be seen and admired on the walls. It held a Michelin star for a short time in the early eighties.  Continue reading »

A cider tasting at 9.30am? Five Irish ciders, four producers, three presenters? Just kicking off another day at the Kerrygold Ballymaloe Litfest. That was last…
The post Irish cider at Kerrygold Ballymaloe Litfest appeared first on Bibliocook – All About Food.  Continue reading »

Irish Atmospherics at John Wilson Tasting
Mediterranean Island Wines in LITFEST Spotlight

We got a little more than we expected at John Wilson’s Islands in the Sun, a talk and tasting on the wines of the Mediterranean Islands – one too from the Canaries. As the Irish Times wine-writer took us gently through the wines, a thunder-shower played drums on the roof of the Ballymaloe tractor shed.  Continue reading »

Launching today! Tasteology – a new documentary series uncovering the essential steps to the ultimate taste experience

Tasteology is the name of a new AEG-initiated documentary series uncovering the four steps required to achieve cooking results that are multisensory, sustainable, nutritional and delicious all at once. The four-episode series invites viewers on a culinary journey around the world to gain inspiration and knowledge far beyond TV cooking shows.  Continue reading »

The one and the zero

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

Digital IPA is the first Yeastie Boys beer I’ve ever had. It has been popping up in lots of places around Dublin lately and I caught up with it at Alfie Byrne’s.
5.7% ABV and a perfectly clear gold colour, this stuff is New Zealand in a glass. It has all of that spicy, peppery hop blast that switches over into ripe mango mid-sip and continues in this binary fashion – spicy and juicy – all the way along.  Continue reading »

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Seven IPAs on a Sunday Morning
Hops and Glory at LITFEST 2016

Pete Brown

“Canning has moved on enormously,” declared beer expert Pete Brown as the Litfest 2016 beer tasting got underway in Ballymaloe last Sunday morning. “It’s the freshest way to keep beer”. The session was named Hops and Glory, after one of Pete’s books, and he was accompanied on the panel by Caroline Hennessy, co-author of Slainte.  Continue reading »

Taste of the Week. Ummera Hot Smoked Rump Steak

Always something new out of the west. In Ballymaloe for the Litfest, I met up with Anthony Cresswell of the Ummera Smokehouse at his stall in the famous Big Shed. And he had something new for me, indeed I got the very first bite of his Hot Smoked Rump Steak.

He tried cold smoke too but eventually settled on the hot; it is then marinated and allowed rest for a couple of weeks.  Continue reading »