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submitted by guest blogger Jaimie
As a first time guest to Ireland, I quite obviously had to go out for some traditional Irish fare; and where better than a mexican restaurant?
The atmosphere was warm and upbeat in the tiny restaurant, definitely trying for a Mexican flavour. The menu accuratel reflected the theme, and I was sad to see there were no Irish ale choices to accompany my tacos. Instead I took a Dos Equis, which I was quite happy to see was on the menu.  Continue reading »

cafe mexicano

A post by goodurs at Eating Out: Ireland

careys street
cork, ireland
this little restaurant is located just south of french church street, between patrick street and paul street.
luckily one of the girls i was meeting got there before the throngs that i had to pass when i got there, so we got a table.
the food was great. but our waitress was a bit bitchy, possibly just a long HOT day (it was really hot upstairs) but still, not that fun. the next one we got was much nicer.  Continue reading »


A post by goodurs at Eating Out: Ireland

Washington Street at Grand ParadeCork, Ireland
this is a trendy bar restaurant. the food was great (real parmasan on the caesar salad) and the service was friendly and prompt as well. kevin was attentive and funny, and possibly thought that i was hitting on him, but whatever.
i wish i hadn’t been driving because the martinis looked awesome. sharon had fajitas, which i was very very tempted to order, the price was a bit high, but the amount of food you get is clearly in relation to that.  Continue reading »


A post by goodurs at Eating Out: Ireland

north main streetcork city
rumours of freshly made pasta seduced elaine and me to this restaurant. we decided to give it a go on saturday, and were so impressed with lunch that we splurged on dessert too!
the lunch menu is great “value for money” as they say in ireland. it was 7.90€ for a large portion of pasta. you get a stamp for each main you eat there, and after collecting 5 or 6 stamps you get a free main.  Continue reading »