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Coq à la bière….

A post by Abulafia at Eat me Drink me

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Everyone’s tastes change over time, and mine have been no different. Ten years ago I drank cider (hard cider for the Americans in the audience), drank only “ordinary” tea, and if I was inclined toward chocolate at all, preferred a sweet milk chocolate, most like Cadbury’s or thereabouts. I was only starting to distinguish between different wines, and it hadn’t really occurred to me that you could taste other differences.  Continue reading »

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Irish Stew

A post by Drew Shiel at Rocking Grass

I’m not sure how the Irish Stew came to be labelled with “Irish”. At home, it was just stew, and it rather confused me later on to find references to it by nationality, as though stews elsewhere were different. Stew is also a winter sort of a dish, or at least autumn, but it’s a chilly, foggy day in June here, and so it’s springing to mind. Winter dishes, from my point of view, are the ones that leave you feeling warm.  Continue reading »

Banana Muffins

A post by QuirkyKitchen Blogger at Real Family Recipes from Quirkykitchen.ie

Sunday 10th June – just proved too hot for me & my assistant so we decided to recycle some old bananas!
You will need:9oz Plain Flour1 Teaspoon Baking Powder1 Teaspoon Bicarbonate / Bread Soda1/4 Teaspoon Salt 1/2 Teaspoon ground Ginger1/4 Teaspoon grated Nutmeg3 Large Ripe Bananas1 Egg2.5 oz Dark Brown Sugar2 fl oz (50ml) Vegetable Oil
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Gulfstream Restaurant
Inchydoney Island Lodge & Spa, Clonakilty, West CorkT:+353(0)23 33143 F:+353(0)23 35229 E:reservations@inchydoneyisland.com
usually at hotel restaurants, the food tends to be a bit mediocre. and the vegetarian options uninspired and full of mushrooms. allow me to present an exception.
we had agreed that we would check out the restaurant.  Continue reading »


A post by goodurs at Eating Out: Ireland

nutmeg14a french church streetcorkph. + 353 21 427 6457
i’ve been meaning to go here for ages, and today since wild ways was closed, we thought we’d try something new.
they have a lunch menu until about 6, so that suited us fine, as the prices were significantly lower than for dinner (about 12€ for a main at lunch and around 22€ for dinner).
the restaurant boasts organic and local produce and i think you can tell. elaine and nicola had the fish and chips and i had the falafel.  Continue reading »


A post by Gerry at Eating Out: Ireland

Scribes, Listowel, Co Kerry. This is a nice little coffee shop / restaurant, a minutes walk from the square in Listowel. It only opened a few weeks ago, just in time for the summer trade, and for the writers festival. I went in quite a few times, the wraps were all good, they’re not just thrown together as in other places, but some one seems to have put a little effort in to making them I also tried the burger another day, which was very good.  Continue reading »