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Squash! A bit more exotic to some compared to a regular onion or potato however just as tasty if not more! Squash come from the same family as pumpkin, melon and cucumber and were traditionally buried with dead native Americans for a bit of grub on their final journey. However dead Indians aside Squash full of nutrients which benefit the body and is in season from now until the end of winter. HERE IT COMES THE REASON’S TO EAT SQUASH!  Continue reading »

GOOD MORNING! Well this was dinner last night mainly because I decided that if i didn’t use the squash in the fridge it was going to end up in the bin! I love love love roast veggies, when there done properly that is, I mean when there’s a little crispy chewy and caramel like on the outside and soft and mushy on the inside, now that’s perfection. I have just moved into a new apartment which means a new oven, which means getting used to regulating the heat!  Continue reading »


A post by Private Chef at i FOODS

Well as a lucky few of you noticed we did indeed go live with the site last week for a couple of hours. However after evaluating it and realising we still had a little bit to go we have put off our launch until Wednesday the 1st August. We know that this is massively frustrating for our loyal blog readers but all we can say is we are right there with you, multiply your frustration by 100 and you’ll be pretty close to where we are right now!  Continue reading »

Only hours to go

A post by Private Chef at i FOODS

Just a quick update for you all. We are working around the clock and have the site nearly ready to go. We are talking a few hours at the most! Thanks for the patience.  Continue reading »


A post by Private Chef at i FOODS

Three months of hard work, sweat, tears , grilling, poaching and filming are set to be revealed tomorrow!! The beta version lands in 24 hours and you lucky blog readers are going to be the only people in the world to exclusively test out iFoods.tv for the first week! Hope you are all as excited as we are!!  Continue reading »

A baking revolution!

A post by The owners/managers at The Natural Foods Bakery

The Natural Foods bakery is a small bakery in Blackrock, a beautiful walk away from Cork City centre, along the marina walkway. Run by two sisters and a scottish fella, we believe passionately in good bread baked in the time-honoured traditional fashion.
For too long, Irish people have suffered the adverse effects of eating white sliced pan. Produced in factories, this product is squidgy, tasteless and full of additives to keep it feeling “fresh” for longer.  Continue reading »

The Glenlivet

A post by Abulafia at Eat me Drink me

.  Continue reading »

Barbecue Sausages

A post by Nina Shiel at Rocking Grass

In Finland, barbecuing in the summer is very popular, but it is perhaps less of an art than in many other countries. I have no doubt that the food product that gets most outing during these sessions is the barbecue sausage. For many, they would even be the only product cooked on the barbecue.  Continue reading »

Done and dusted,

A post by Abulafia at Eat me Drink me

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Michie Sushi

A post by Drew Shiel at Rocking Grass

Michie Sushi make the best sushi in Dublin. I realise that’s something of a broad statement, but I’ll stand by it – I’ve tried pretty nearly every other sushi maker in the city, and Michie Sushi stands head and shoulders above the rest. They’re tucked away in Chelmsford Lane in Ranelagh, and they do both sushi to take away, and catering.  Continue reading »

Friends came over last Sunday for lunch and this quick pizza received rave reviews:We fed (with salad) 6 adults + 4 toddlers using a deep oven tray to Take all the toppings!
For the dough you will need:2 pkg. active dry yeast2 cup warm water (50% boiled 50% from the tap)2 tsp. sugar2 tsp. salt4 tbsp.  Continue reading »

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