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iFoods is getting bigger and bigger and we are getting some really good coverage in the press and on the web. The good news for all you people who have signed up is that there is a massive announcement coming from us about the future of this site next Wednesday at 12 o’clock Irish time. You would not believe how big this is going to be and we would love to tell you right now but it’s just not possible!  Continue reading »


A post by Gerry at Eating Out: Ireland

BennigansMahon Point SC.021-4515682
Bennigans styles itself on an American diner or pub, serving up the wings, burgers and sandwiches you’d expect here. Walls are plastered with posters and tvs showing music videos. Sunday to Thursday they run a Movie meal deal, main course and a ticket for the cinema upstairs for €20 a head. Somehow it just fails. The burger I had there last night, their BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger was pretty flat and lifeless.  Continue reading »

This is still a fairly experimental dish, but the idea is similar to the duck salad I posted earlier this month, but without the noodles. It’s really easy, quick and spicey! If you have a cold this will really clear those sinuses!  Continue reading »

We have just been put forward something that is very important to us. It is basically called a “killer start up”. We need all your support and help to vote for us in this one! Just click on the link below and give us a “killer”.
Click here to vote
This would be a great help to us guys so thanks a million!
In other news we are just finalizing the plans for our next set of videos to be filmed in September.  Continue reading »


A post by Gerry at Eating Out: Ireland

Boqueria6 Bridge StCork
This is a tapas bar on Bridge Street I’ve been meaning to try out for ages. Especially since Ursula thought I called it a topless bar. Even after I repeated myself. Damn Monaghan accents. Even without the toplessness it’s still worth a visit.It’s usually packed at the weekends and you have a long wait to get a seat, but on the Tuesday night we went it was quiet enough.We ordered five mains and two desserts and they were all good. Very good.  Continue reading »

Eating porridge in the morning is one of the most perfect ways to set your body up for the rest of the day. It is high in complex carbohydrates and provides the body with slow releasing energy. In the last few years porridge has slowly become one of the hottest super foods, and understandably so, the oats have so many health benefits that they are often linked to long and healthy lifestyles.  Continue reading »

iFoods Pro Arrives

A post by Private Chef at i FOODS

After a lot of hard work we are happy to announce that the cooking videos that started here 6 months ago as a hobby as now turned into my full time job!
Check them out and let us know what you think.  Continue reading »

Review of Cookes Restaurant

A post by The Mood Food Blog at The Good Mood Food Blog

Cookes Restaurant,14 South William Street , Dublin, Ireland
A quality restaurant, very tasty and inventive food.

We went out for dinner in Dublin on Thursday evening, to celebrate Sofie getting a job! We hadn’t booked anywhere so we ended up going for a bit of a walk to find a place we both liked!
After a walk down South William St, up Georges St, and through Georges St.  Continue reading »

Well today is the birthday. I feel old, but happy! The husband and children made these. Incredible, although too much! All three are napping now – go figure!
I have been beta testing a new networking thing called Cre8buzz. Think Facebook for bloggers – at least as far as I can tell! Blogs are highlighted and directly linked to and rateable and no personal info is necessary on your profile. If you want to check it out, leave me your email and I will send an invite.  Continue reading »

Well, it’s been a weird summer. Constant rain and clouds meant being confined to the house as the husband has the car. It meant using the imagination to keep the kids occupied. It meant a touch of SAD! I know I said before that I liked the weather here, but three months of constant gloom had even me wishing for the heat we experienced last summer in St. Louis. Well at least for a day or two! However the miserable weather also meant an abundance of delicious local strawberries!  Continue reading »

Up and running smoothly

A post by Private Chef at i FOODS

Well guys we have been up and runnig for a week now and are happy with the progress we are making! More and more of you are signing up and the feedback has been good. The next step is promoting the site for the next month before we film our next batch of 50 videos in September. We need everybodies help with getting this off the ground cause unlike big sites our budgets are tight and we would rather spend our money on making the site better and filming more videos for all our users to enjoy.  Continue reading »

The Victoria Plum has produced a glutof well flavoured fruit.
When I bought this tree years agomany of the experts explained that itdoes not have the flavour ofCoe’s Golden Drop or of the variousgages.
However, in our windy climate it seemed a better optionat the time.
Time has proved this was a wise choice.
Dublin, Ireland, Europe.  Continue reading »

Table Top

A post by The Fruity Cook at The Fruity Cook

This dramatic table decorationreminds the creative hostessthat taking a bit of timeto arrange flowersis a worthwhile activity.
Dublin, Ireland, Europe.  Continue reading »

I was away for the past few days for what is fast becoming my monthly trip to Sweden! Just to give you a brief history about my obsession with the home of europop, I love the Eurovision and in Sweden unlike Ireland it is widely accepted to enjoy that style of music, they also produce the best of it!  Continue reading »


A post by Deborah at The Humble Housewife

I am having computer issues of late and have not been able to post. Am also super busy in terms of moving, so please accept my apologies. Will most likely be little going on here for a few weeks.
Also of note, is the fact that I am not getting emails and some of mine are not being received. Back in my working days outlook was my best friend. Since installing the latest version it has become my sworn enemy.  Continue reading »

.  Continue reading »


A post by The Mood Food Blog at The Good Mood Food Blog

This is such a tasty, fragrant and fresh dish, I have had the idea for this dish for a while now and eventually got round to cooking it last night. The whole process took about 30 mins and was pretty hassle free.  Continue reading »

Subscribing problems

A post by Private Chef at i FOODS

Just a quick update to all of you who have been trying to subscribe to the videos and having problems. Our Web guys are working on it today to make it more clear but basically there will be 25 free videos and a further 55 subscribed at 4.99 a month. To subscribe at the moment you need to go to your profile and “renew subscription”. This will be made a lot clearer and easier to use by the end of the day! Why subscribe? Well you would buy a cookbook wouldn’t you?  Continue reading »

60 new videos on iFoods.tv

A post by Private Chef at i FOODS

After a lot of hard work and planning we finally have 70 videos up on the iFoods.tv site. The site is practically ready with just a few more little tweaks to ne made before our official launch on Thursday! So you can all uplaod your pictures, videos, join discussion forums and make other foodie friends in your area now!  Continue reading »

::Stir Fry Lunch

A post by The Mood Food Blog at The Good Mood Food Blog

This is a great little lunch you can prepare the night before, it’s simple fresh, tasty, and can be eaten hot or cold! I’ve started taking lunch in every day to work so it’s become interesting experimenting with what works being bundled in a bowl and reheated!  Continue reading »