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This is what we woke up to this morning. Now if that doesn’t get you going on a Monday morning I don’t know what will! After a pretty unsettled couple of weeks were back on track with a healthy lifestyle starting with a nice healthy jog last night, unfortunately I know it’s going to be broken up yet again when we hit Sweden on Friday!
This is a great breakfast to start the week. So many people forget about breakfast, but when your mother told you to eat it, she was right!  Continue reading »


A post by The Mood Food Blog at The Good Mood Food Blog

I’ve been planning to experiment with this for a while, ever since the girlfriend dropped the bombshell that she was allergic to both soya and nuts (I think I mentioned that before?).  Continue reading »

Once more I find myself apologizing for my absence around here lately.  It has been a bit crazy trying to organize the move for September 1.  I was also in Dublin most of the day Thursday for a makeover for the Daily Mail!  I was contacted to be part of a feature on women bloggers which then turned into a makeover of women bloggers!  It was an interesting experience.  I loved getting my hair done by a sweet Italian stylist from Aveda and I learned a lot about applying make-up from Bobbi Brown stylist Dave.  It was very fun.  I was not wild about the clothes chosen for me, but I suspect it’s hard for a wee skinny girl to go shopping for someone more… uh… big boned!  Continue reading »

Pizza Stop – Ristorante Italiano 6/10 Chatham House, Chatham Lane, Off Grafton Street, Dublin 2

We had visitors this weekend so things got very touristy! We visited The Boyne Valley, New grange, Malahide castle, Howth head, and even ended up going to river dance which was staged at the Gaiety theatre in Dublin which is a pretty small venue and I felt took away from the colossal event, the name river dance normally conjures.  Continue reading »

:: Basic Soup Recipe

A post by The Mood Food Blog at The Good Mood Food Blog

Soups are one of the healthiest and versatile meals you can produce, not only that, they can be frozen and reheated for a quick and simple lunch! There are so many soups that I love, that this post could be extremely long, but as I said already making soup is so versatile and once you have the basic recipe you can adapt it however you wish.  Continue reading »

.  Continue reading »

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Lennox ChipperBarrack StreetCork
Not the usual restaurant for this blog, but one of those you just have to try. Arguably the best chips in Ireland. Chips, not fries. Proper spuds cut into long strips and deep fried. This chipper on Barrack Street in Cork is the one to try. Don’t try the other Lennox’, it just doesn’t cut it. Forget all the takes of Burdocks in Dublin, this is the place. Perfect for on the way home from the pub.  Continue reading »


A post by Private Chef at i FOODS

Thanks to all you guys who are going to see the site! Couple of problems at the moemnt but should be ironed out by early next week! Watch the video and i’ll tell you whats happening!  Continue reading »

::The Asian Pantry

A post by The Mood Food Blog at The Good Mood Food Blog

As I think I mentioned before I am a HUGE fan of Asian cuisine, so I thought I would write a post about the essential ingredients for your very own Asian pantry.
I have been having a terrible time recently when it comes to cooking Asian inspired dishes because my girlfriend is extremely allergic to soya and nuts. Soya is a staple part of Asian cuisine and in many recipe’s hard to avoid.  Continue reading »

Well after many false dawns and months of hard work i am very happy to announce that the brand new iFoods has arrived! Only 5 minutes ago we signed off on the final stages of the site and it is about to go live to all you loyal fans. We are starting with a “soft launch” which means for the next week we will only be running with 10 videos to iron out any little tweaks in the site. Next week we will add a further 70 videos and we will be up and running at full speed then!  Continue reading »


A post by The Mood Food Blog at The Good Mood Food Blog

OK I KNOW I KNOW THIS IS MEANT TO BE A HEALTHY BLOG! But this recipe is not my fault, I made it to cheer someone up! I could play on that whole chocolate is good for you crap but realistically, there are no health benefits to this at all. They do taste great and sure your grand once you eat things like this in moderation! I can’t help feel I’m contradicting myself in posting this but here it comes:Gooey Chocolate Pudding!  Continue reading »