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A post by The Mood Food Blog at The Good Mood Food Blog

Well I’m back in the land of the living after a very spontaneous visit to the US, I booked the flights last Monday and found myself in LA the following day! It was my first time to visit LA and I had been promised it was the land of healthy eating, I later discovered this was pretty much as far from the truth as you could get. Perhaps it is the land of healthy eating in comparison to the rest of America, and that would be the only way I could believe this statement to be true!  Continue reading »

A day that starts at 6.30am (with a wake-up at 5.30am to switch on the immersion as its timer has refused to co-operate with its owners) and continues until I step out of the car at the cottage after 7pm is, naturally enough, very tiring. When it’s the first day of the 12-week course at Ballymaloe, it is also incredibly exhilarating.  Continue reading »

Goings On

A post by Deborah at The Humble Housewife

Well what a weekend!  It was fantastic.  Continue reading »


A post by Drew Shiel at Rocking Grass

I’ve just discovered to my delight that one of the local Middle Eastern shops – Spiceland – sells jalebis. Jalebis, for those who have never heard of them, are the unhealthiest food in the whole world; they’re essentially deep-fried sugar. Variants on them are called jangiri and emarti. I understand they’re North Indian originally, but have spread by now to Bangladesh and Pakistan as well – and now Ireland.  Continue reading »

Internet access is still sporadic, so forgive me if I haven’t been by your blog as often as usual or haven’t been online as much!
Well, as often happens in Ireland, the weather picks up in September. We’ve been blessed with some beautiful sunny days of late and I’ve made the most of it by cooking some lighter Summery foods.
On Tuesday my Grandma, her sister and brother-in-law and my parents stopped by for lunch. I had it on good authority that Nana loved coleslaw.  Continue reading »

Music, Food of Love

A post by The Fruity Cook at The Fruity Cook

Dublin, Ireland, Europe.  Continue reading »

Thanks to Catherine Fulvio and her team in Ashford, Co Wicklow Andrew and I had a fantastic day at this hands on Cookery School. As well as a beautiful setting, excellent recipes and realxed atmosphere – Catherine was keen to show us knife techniques, alternative versions of all 7 (!) recipes using different ingredients and treated us to a tour of the herb garden. The day was rounded off with a late lunch as prepared by all those attending. Well worth a visit!  Continue reading »

New features on iFoods.tv

A post by Private Chef at i FOODS

Couple of new things happening on the blog today guys! The first is that you can now take the member videos and “embed them” which means place them on your blog, myspace, facebook or bebo. The other exciting thing is that you can now win prizes on iFoods. All you have to do is collect “brownie points” which you will be able to read about on the site tomorrow. Basically the top users of the month will be rewarded! Look out for all the details tomorrow!  Continue reading »

Something a little different from just news about iFoods.tvtoday. All of us here in Europe have been watching the new F Word where Gordon Ramsey’s place has been taken but notorious 3 star Michelin chef Marco Pierre White and the public is split on what to make of him! Arrogant? Moody or my own particular view which hasn’t changed in 10 years, genius! Is he made for TV? Yes but like anything he has to learn and the biggest miracle is that he has not been on our screens before this!  Continue reading »

:: I’M IN LA!

A post by The Mood Food Blog at The Good Mood Food Blog

Bear with me I’ll be back next Monday with some more!  Continue reading »

nosh + coffee

A post by goodurs at Eating Out: Ireland

Ballincollig Town CentreMain St., Ballincollig
I will actually be making an effort to *not* go to this cafe again. It is conveniently close to work. Has a great selection of items: smoothies, sandwiches, bagels, cookies, coffee, juices, and so forth but the service was terrible and the food wasn’t that great either.
I went with Matilda, and we both decided to get the cranberry and brie baguette.  Continue reading »

Beloved Poster,

A post by The Fruity Cook at The Fruity Cook

Davimack, has started settling into a new life in Scotland.
Congratulations are in order.
Dublin, Ireland, Europe.  Continue reading »

Well folks a lot has been happening here at iFoods since our launch 3 weeks ago and as promised we have some very exciting news. We are very happy to announce that we have agreed sponsorship with a company and what makes it so exciting for you website visitors is that everything on iFoods will now be free to view! Yes FREE.  Continue reading »

For my 30th birthday, Nina brought me to Edinburgh, to stay in the Witchery’s Library Suite. It was fantastic beyond belief, and I recommend it to everyone. We’ll be going back as often as possible, I think, and not least because of the food in the restaurant. It’s often deemed the best restaurant in Edinburgh.
We had a table for two at seven on the Saturday evening. When we arrived, the place was very quiet, but by eight o’clock, it was essentially full.  Continue reading »

I’ve blogged before about the joys of making your own pasta.  It is time consuming, but it’s something the whole family can enjoy and get in on.  My three year old gets so excited when she sees the machine come out and is actually able to crank the handle with a little guidance.  Don’t go spending a fortune on a pasta machine either! I got mine at Aldi for €9.99 and it works just as well as the $100 one I had from Williams Sonoma when we lived in the states!  Continue reading »

I’m back, albeit sporadically, and we are moved in! We are settling in to our fabulous new house and love it!!! The best part was that the landlord wasn’t able to get any plasma tv lifts so they left us the biggest TV I’ve ever seen! Henry VIII looks good enough on regular TV, can’t wait to watch the Tudors this big!!! Internet is a bit iffy right now, but I’ll be around. Apologies for being so behind in both posting and reading all my other blogs.  Continue reading »

Media coverage

A post by Private Chef at i FOODS

We just thought that we would share this article we just had written about us in the Irish Times. Have a read and see what you think….  Continue reading »