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A post by Valerie O'Connor at Vals Kitchen


Happy New Year

A post by Irish Wine Contemplations at Irish Wine Contemplations

It’s been a very hectic week and I’ve been ignoring the internet and all other technological lures for the most part. So just a quick note to wish everybody a happy Christmas and a very prosperous New Year. Condolences to all those returning to work in the next few days!
It’s been a brilliant break from work and I have eaten some amazing meals, drunk some spectacular wines and had some excellent adventures!  Continue reading »



GAMBIENI’S SERVE UP A TREATIf ever confirmation were needed that a restaurant rather than a hotel is the place to go for group dining at Christmas, then I got it at Gambieni’s last Saturday night.
I had arranged for a group of 14 to dine at the Carey’s Lane venue and neither I nor my 13 companions (they all turned up) were disappointed. Both the service and the food were top class. The plates were polished off and everyone left with a smile.  Continue reading »


A post by Laura Boland at EAT DRINK LIVE

The Eat Drink Live year began with a sugar rush and I can’t think of a more fitting way to end it than on a chocolate high. A chocolate espresso Kahlua soaked high from Nigella’s Chocolate Cake Hall of Fame.  Continue reading »

 As we go into the New Year, I’m sure that many people have weight on their minds, so I thought I’d write about it. Of course, personal weight doesn’t interest me much, but using weight in recipes is another matter!
Specifically, I wanted to pass on an important tip going into 2008 and that is to always use weight as a measure for your dry ingredients. If recipes offer both volume and weight measures for things like sugar, chocolate, etc., use weight!  Continue reading »

*Scroll down for Menu Plan Monday*
Well, I hope you all had a wonderful and peaceful Christmas. We certainly enjoyed ourselves, as did the children. Dinner was a bit of a let down I have to say, but it would appear I’m the only one who thought that way.
I thought a fun way to lead into the new Year would be to go over my top favourite recipes of 2007!  Continue reading »

Pass the Sprouts

A post by Sarah Bell at Stuff yer bake

Unlike the vast majority, or so it seems to me, I love Brussel Spouts. It’s like declaring that you enjoy wading knee deep in manure, when you get that sour-faced, nose turned up look of disgust when they are mentioned. Infact I don’t know why I don’t have them more often.  Continue reading »

I thought, after two years of the same design, it was time for a new look for the blog. I wanted something a little more white and fresh. I’ve adapted it from Azeem Azeez’s White as Milk Wordpress theme. I’ll probably be tinkering away at it (and ironing out the bugs) for a while, but I hope you like it!
Technorati tags: website, software, design, wordpress.  Continue reading »

Having read the Online Inspiration series over at Irish Wine Contemplations, I’ll add another comparison to the mix: Wine Library TV versus the Berry Brother’s Podcask.
This time with a Christmas twist.
Alun Griffiths talks about his picks for Christmas Day.
In their latest video, Alun Griffiths talks about his Christmas wine selection.

Gary Vaynerchuk talks wine at Christmas.  Continue reading »

Happy New Year!

A post by Maxine at Chew On That

Like many of you, we here at Chew on That have gotten caught up in the holiday season and haven’t gotten to post as often as we would have liked. But we know you can understand the hectic-ness that is the holidays and hope you can forgive our lack of posts.
We are, however, extremely excited for 2008 and everything it will bring!  Continue reading »

Jamie at home with Val

A post by Valerie O'Connor at Vals Kitchen

Val’s Kitchen is adding a new category of Cook Book reviews, or occasionally a review of a book that features food. Buying cook books is a mine field and there aren’t really any extensive reviews out there.  Of course your own love of a particular book is so subjective, whether you are a meat lover or a veggie or a baker will determine how much you take to a read.  Continue reading »

I made some shortbread and chutney for people to have at Christmas this year. I had had a go at making shortbread before, but it didn’t really turn out quite as expected. I found a Jamie Oliver recipe, which he claimed was the best shortbread recipe in the world. Even though I didn’t quite buy his bold statement, I do like his easy to follow recipes and thought that I couldn’t go far wrong.  Continue reading »

Quick Christmas trifle

A post by Sarah Bell at Stuff yer bake

I really love trifle but I hate the ones with jelly in them. I’m probably being a bit snobby but I think jelly is a bit tacky and I also don’t really like the texture. This recipe is really quick and easy, which is a must for around Christmas when you have run out of time or can’t face any more slaving over hob.  Continue reading »

There are a lot of tired people in West Kerry today after yesterday’s Wren’s Day festivities. It was great fun as always. Here’s a bit of footage for you!
Technorati tags: wren, day, St. Stephen, Dingle, Kerry.  Continue reading »

Here’s a little bit of video my father took of the Christmas charity swim in Dingle. I’m in the last frame running out of the cold water as quickly as I can!!! I hope your Christmas day is much less severe than the Kerry sea in December…
Merry Christmas!
Technorati tags: Dingle, Christmas, swim.  Continue reading »

Happy Holidays!!!

A post by Irish Wine Contemplations at Irish Wine Contemplations

Arrived back in the motherland (Cork) this evening and I must say it is wonderful to finally be finished work and on holidays. I’m really looking forward to the next couple of days relaxation/food/family. Had a passable meal this evening in the Kingsley before arriving home for a bit of craic on the Wii. On a vinous note, it’s a quiet enough evening so just 1 bottle to kick off the celebrations (there’ll be alot more over the next few days).  Continue reading »

Oh here’s to my sweet Satan.
The one whose little path would make me sad, whose power is Satan.
He will give those with him 666.
There was a little toolshed where he made us suffer, sad Satan.

Apparently this is what you’ll hear if you play Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven” backwards. In a word, bullshit.
I’d first heard this rumour when I was a teenager, but couldn’t find the time, technology or the inclination to put the theory to the test.  Continue reading »

This is a picture, a lazy one, taken with my phone as I’m not up to getting out the camera and stuff and stuff. The boys have left out two mince pies, made by the Sage Cafe (I’m now converted to mince pies after years of being a non-believer), a cup of milk (sure to be pirated by the cat) and a big bowl of 12 carrots, one for each reindeer. they are tucked up in bed and so excited about the arrival of Mr. Claus in the wee hours. I’d better remember to remember Mr. Claus!  Continue reading »

 This is always a hectic but fun time of year for me, since yesterday is my Aunt Carol’s birthday, today is my mother’s birthday, tomorrow, of course, is Christmas, and then there is the wren on the 26th.
Today, despite dire weather forcasts, the sun shone brightly, the wind was slack, and the afternoon was much more like May than December.
With the shops closed and the deliveries done, we all went for a stroll on Ventry beach, including Ivan the ice cream dog (above).  Continue reading »


Just to underline my point in the previous post, that is better to visit a restaurant this time of year rather than a hotel, I was part of a group, close to fifty strong, that visited Mick Sheahan’s Killumney Inn (a bar cum restaurant in the Ovens area) for a Christmas lunch.
No problem. The food was good and so too was the friendly service from Tess and her staff. There were quite a few for lunch in the bar as well, so the place was very very busy.  Continue reading »