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I’m very proud of this one because it’s the first recipe that I thought up from scratch myself. When in Italy I purchased a bottle of limoncello and I’ve been thinking of ways to use it (other than the obvious aperitif). So here it is – lemon raspberry tirsmisu.  Continue reading »

I got a call during the week from Mark Paul, a journalist with the Sunday Times, who wanted to ask about why I’d largely deserted Superquinn and now do my main shop in Lidl. I would have thought the reason was pretty obvious, but was happy to expand on it for him.
His article, in today’s…  Continue reading »

Pork: Take 2

A post by noreply@blogger.com (Will) at Irish Wine Contemplations

I had a lovely Saturday afternoon swanning about Bellinter House in Co Meath. We had a lovely lunch in a modern styled old irish manor house that was both decedent and relaxing. If you are ever looking for a break an hour from the city I’d recommend it. After the experience I was feeling rejuvenated and was in the mood to take on Pork again. I revisited Dunnes butcher in Donnybrook, which.  Continue reading »

I knew this month was going to be crazy busy what with Tech Camp, Holiday Bible Club and now tomorrow heading off to Youth Ministry Summer School so when I was waiting to hear what the Daring Baker’s challenge would be for this month I was praying hard that it would be easy to fit round my schedule and not too complicated. God answered my prayers with Pierre Hermé’s Chocolate Éclairs picked by Tony and Meeta (thank you so much!!!).  Continue reading »

The onion is one of my least favourite things to chop, so lets get it out of the way early, eh?
The beauty of this method is that it helps to minimise the streaming, stinging eyes that usually accompany onion-chopping. I think this is because the onion is pretty much held together in one piece until the final cut. So by the time the majority of the fumes can escape, the job is done, and you can set it aside (or bang it in the pot).  Continue reading »

Just back from the Mallow Food Festival and it was a lovely event. A lot of stalls were there – most of them home baking and breads. Since I am a mad baker myself, I past on them but got some lovely cheese and stocked up on spices from Green Saffron. A company called Nibbles had a stall where they sold lovely food. Mallow restaurants offered some yummy lunch and Urru had some lovely cakes and chorizo boxes for eating on the go.  Continue reading »

A habit that needs indulging only once a year; that, I can just about manage. (What an ugly sentence. Barely even typing.) So I’m still in the Blogday habit. It’s very easy, despite what the www has to offer, to keep the horizon narrowed down to show just the bit that frames your intended destination and its accessory short cuts and scenic routes.  Continue reading »

<!  Continue reading »

This is something of a detour from Lidl, since neither of the two main ingredients in this cake – almonds and raspberries – are available there.
I mentioned previously that ground almonds are flour to those of us who eat low carb, and this cake, which I made this morning, is a good example of how…  Continue reading »

We’re heading out for the afternoon so want something that can be put together quickly and cook on its own when we’re sitting the car queuing to get into Mahon Point. A casserole is just the thing. The following is for four so adjust accordingly. By the way, this is great for dinner parties. Gotta dash!  Continue reading »

As remorseless drizzle takes the shine off  yet another day in Cork, here are some jolly photos from the inaugural European wine bloggers’ get-together that is currently taking place in Rioja. They could cheer you up, or the opposite, depending on your disposition. I am wondering if my lazy suggestion that a future meeting take place in Cork can possibly ever be worth repeating, in the circumstances.  Continue reading »

Urban Gardens – Transplanting a Plumeria Tree

A post by Gavan Murphy aka The Healthy Irishman at THE HEALTHY IRISHMAN™

.  Continue reading »

Image via Wikipedia
I don’t usually do meme’s on this blog, but if it’s got a foodie side to it I am always open to exploring!  This is a particularly fun one.
Very Good Taste blog came up with a list of foods that they feel every omnivore should eat in their life time, and they labelled it the “Omnivore’s 100“. They challenged bloggers to copy the list, mark everything we have tried and cross off anything we wouldn’t.  Continue reading »

Irish Soda Bread

A post by Drew Shiel at Rocking Grass

Soda bread is one of the most essentially Irish foods that I can think of. Indeed, it’s one of the few foods that both Irish people and the world in general see as Irish, unlike corned beef. I, however, have never really mastered making it. I’ve tried a few times before, and generally decided after trying to chew through the stodgy, slightly odd-tasting results, that it wasn’t worthwhile.
However, this time, something went right.  Continue reading »

The First Annual American Slow Food Festival – The unlikely host of Oakland, California hosts our nations’ first eco-food movement’s get together.
Two out of three restaurants don’t make it – That’s a huge percentage! (New York Times)
Onion goggles – Remember our video about “How to Chop an Onion Without Crying?” – well now, you don’t have to watch it. You can just buy onion goggles.  Continue reading »

The mackerel are in!

A post by Ummera at Ummera Weblog

It wasn’t so long ago that a call like that brought the farmers and their families down to the strand to fill up bags and boxes of all shapes and sizes with the dashing, darting, almost suicidal mackerel as they came close inshore chasing the shoals of sprats into the shallow waters.
These mackerel were destined to be salted away in barrels to help eke out the lean winter months.  Continue reading »

Fascinating isn’t it? My own shopping is boring as it changes so little so I can never resist a peek at someone else’s trolley.
Today the trolley I picked at Lidl had someone’s till receipt in it, a very long one, so obviously someone shopping for more people than I do. In fact it looks like…  Continue reading »

RTE’s call for amateur cooks with outstanding signature dishes wishing to become household names has been followed up with the following flyer; which will probably make things even clearer!  Continue reading »

 One of the best things to open in Killarney in a long time is Miss Courtney’s Tearooms on College Street. It’s a great addition to the town, I wish her the best of luck, and I would highly recommend to all my readers that they check it out.
I’ve just come from an encounter with their cream tea. With a steaming pot, warmed scones and clotted cream, it naturally reminded me of a trip I took to Devon, as would the decor of the shop with its frills and lace.  Continue reading »

:: Off On Holidays!

A post by noreply@blogger.com (Donal) at The Good Mood Food Blog

I have been super busy writing the book for the last two weeks in order to be able to head off on holidays! Were off to Turkey sailing, so I’ll be hoping to have lots of great pictures for you when I get back.
See you soon! Happy Holidays!  Continue reading »