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Autumn Cooking Plans

A post by Drew Shiel at Rocking Grass

So, as documented last year, autumn is when my interest in cooking starts to rise again. This year is just the same, and possibly more so, since I’ve become more interested in the actual food ingredients as well as the cooking process.
Last weekend, I constructed two pies – one vegetarian, and one with the same filling, but added pork steak, for seven people, and they were very favourably received.  Continue reading »

Don’t forget that the Food Festival in Mallow is on this Sunday. Caroline from Bibliocook told me that it is the second year running and last year it included 30 stalls….so worth a visit….  Continue reading »

R.T.E is on the look out for amateur cooks

A post by noreply@blogger.com (Yann_Chef) at Food Lorists

R.T.E is looking for amateur cooks for a new cookery television show that will allow an amateur cook with a great recipe or signature dish to make it big in the market place. The more unique or innovative the idea the better!
So if you think that you have it  contact the RTE at http://www.rte.ie/recipeforsuccess or recipe for success, RTE, Father Mathew Street, Cork before the 28th of September 2008.  Continue reading »

Sushi is a notoriously difficult food to prepare and professionals train for years to be deemed sushi chefs.  I have tried to roll my own sushi before and whilst tasty, it was certainly not aesthetically pleasing.  I came across a recipe in my hors d’oeuvres bible, (everyone should own this book!) that looked both beautiful and doable, so I did it.  Continue reading »

Do you think you’re an adventurous eater?  Are you the type of person who would you eat a snake, or an insect?  Would you embrace a bowl of raw ground beef and bite into a snail with excitement? Well we’re about to find out just how adventurous you really are.
Very Good Taste blog came up with a list of foods that they feel every omnivore should eat in their life time, and they labeled it the “Omnivore’s 100“.  Continue reading »

The Good Mood Food Blog
The last couple of months have given us “nice weather for ducks”, so let’s get our own back and roast one of the little blighters using the Duck Noodle Salad recipe from Donal at The Good Mood Food blog.
The duck would go really well with a nice Shiraz. The Salena Estate Shiraz (available from Dennison Fine Wines, Waterford) I had recently would be a fantastic match, even more so if you were to add a bit of plum sauce to the mix.  Continue reading »

the chance of a lifetime for all home cooks.  Continue reading »

I was lucky enough to visit the new ‘Organic Supermarket‘ in Blackrock last week. The store which has been open for 7 weeks now has been attracting quite a lot of media attention recently and I was keen to check it out, particularly as the owner Darren Grant had gone the full hog and got the place certified organic.

The store can be found next to the old post office (now Starbucks) on the main street.  Continue reading »

We like to oblige. Here, in response to RTE Cork’s request that we help to spread the word about their new wheeze, is the flyer announcing a new “cookery business show”. At least they’re thinking of bloggers when it comes to letting people know about things, and fair play to them for that. Nicely inexpensive, too, on the assumption my goodwill is cheaply bought or gratis.

I hope this is of interest to all you food tycoons out there.  Continue reading »

I’ve just received a request from Aisling in RTE to mention that they are developing a new cookery business show and will be looking for applicants over the coming weeks.
“We’re looking for amateur cooks with a great recipe/ signature dish they think could make it big in the market place. The more unique or innovative the idea the better!”
Now if your signature dish requires Smoked Chicken, Smoked Salmon, Smoked Rashers or even Gravadlax, it had better be Ummera’s!!  Continue reading »

On Thursday next, Waterford is destined to be the focus of anyone with an interest in food with a capital “F”.
To find out full details and how to participate go to www.terramadreireland.com
One interesting aspect is an Online Forum where you can leave a comment on up to 50 different topics. These comments and contributions will be incorporated into the 50 workshops that will be held on the Friday.
In order to make it a real forum, please log on and add your twopence worth.  Continue reading »

Yesterday, I posted about Michael Pollan’s rules from In Defense of Food. Today, I poked around the Tesco in Baggot Street, picking up things I like to eat and looking at the ingredients.
This one is going to be more difficult than I thought, at least if you apply it strictly.
I looked at six different packs of rashers, for instance. All of them had more than five ingredients. I thought they were slices of bacon, maybe smoked if you’re into that.  Continue reading »

Boxing and Podcasts

A post by noreply@blogger.com (John Ferris) at Food and Drink

It’s been a few days, I know… But I’ve been very busy. Plus it’s the end of the month and Mr Ulster Bank doesn’t seem to want to fund my attempts at a lavish lifestyle right now. I’ll be back next week though when the funds go back in the black with some more reviews. In the mean time, I started the new Food and Drink Podcast today. First up is Paul McCann, owner of Temple Restaurant on the Andersonstown Road.  Continue reading »

Mmmm brownies. These were to celebrate my brother’s fantastic exam results, so I went ahead and made the indulgent and not the (entirely relative) ‘lighter’ version in my trusty Mary Berry Book. Oh, making them made me feel sinful. They’re basically chocolate, margarine and sugar, with a few other ingredients added in for fun; they really do deserve the name. The recipe can be found here. I omitted the nuts.  Continue reading »

Not tasted by us on this occasion, but by the ebullient Gary Vaynerchuk (here’s a recent mention from the Guardian). He’s probably right about Puckertown, and I nearly entitled this post something like ’stuck in pucking Puckertown’ in honour of John Cooper Clarke’s Chickentown and its forebear Bloody Orkney. But then I thought of the pukka celebrity cook, and let the whole thing drop.  Continue reading »

I’m going to allow myself to step outside the quadrant for this one: that ’s because it is one of Gaby Wieland’s raw food recipes. Gaby, a real raw food aficionado runs courses in the Organic Centre, and will do a raw food demo at the upcoming Harvest Feast . She’s releasing a raw food cook book soon, and this and many others will be in it.  Continue reading »

May I introduce you to my selection of bottle stoppers??? I started the collection 3 years ago when I saw some funky Christmas stoppers at Brennans in Cork City…at this stage it is more about Christmassy stoppers but I am always on the lookout of some more….what do you think??  Continue reading »

I never thought much about fruit sherbet before. Even though it’s something that functions in the same way that ice cream does,  I always forget about it when I’m choosing what to have for dessert. There was never anything truly exciting about it, it was just sort of there. But the Hola Fruta company has changed my perspective.  Continue reading »

Sale Wines…

A post by noreply@blogger.com (Irish Wine Contemplations) at Irish Wine Contemplations

For some reason wine drinkers are generally serious bargain hunters always on the look out for value. You often read about terms like QPR and see critics talking about quality relative to cost. I got a little rush of blood to the head recently and bought some very expensive wines, all of which were real bargains. A few weeks before I was in BBR and ended up heading home with a couple of their.  Continue reading »

Willie Healy, owner of URRU Mallow and one of the organisers of the Mallow Food Festival, was on RTÉ Radio 1’s Mooney Show today, talking about the festival, farmers’ markets and local food. You can listen to it here – it’s the programme from Wednesday 27 August – and Willie is 46 minutes, 50 seconds in to the recording.  Continue reading »