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Roast Chicken

Photo owned by Jazreel Chan (cc)

What the Sundays said about food.

By Sinéad Keogh


In Tribune Magazine, Claire O’Mahony says Atkins is back and talks about the great carbo-loathing diet.They do work, and they also help lower cholesterol, she explains – but it’s all to do with your interpretation of low-carb. Taking this diet is licence to eat chipper-meats every day is nobody’s winning formula. The Trib feature also explains different low-carb diets from the ketogenic Atkins (which starves the body of carbs until it starts eating into its own fat reserves) to low GI (glycaemic index) Zone and South Beach which allow dieters to eat ‘good’ carbs like brown rice.


The World Cheese Awards will be hosted by the RDS, Dublin this week says the Sunday Business Post. 130 cheese experts will judge 2,500 cheeses from 125 countries as the awards take their first trip outside Britain. The winner will be announced on October 1st.


Also from the SBP, the Savour Kilkenny food festival will be taking place in the Cat county on the October Bank Holiday weekend, October 24th – 27th. The four day festival includes tastings, competitions and demonstrations from some of Ireland’s top chefs. More here.


Rachel Allen’s Trib column talks healthy food for credit crunch-ees. Allen recommends stews and casseroles made with cheap cuts of meat and bulked up with lots of cheap root vegetables. For bigger savings she suggests cooking big batches at a time for freezing. Mutton, says the lady, comes into its own when slow cooked, so there’s no need for more expensive cuts for this type of dish.


The Trib have the tale behind Bling mineral water – created by Hollywood producer Kevin G Boyd. It’s sourced in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee, purified in a 9-step process, produced in limited quantities and sold in bottles encrusted with Swarovski Crystals. It costs €44.99 for a 750ml bottle in Superquinn. Buy one and keep refilling out of the tap. A fiver says none of your mates could ever tell the difference.


Finally, the SBP makes mention of Bill O’Dea’s mushroom hunts which are taking place on Saturday October 4th and Saturday October 11th in Avondale Co Wicklow. It costs €90 to take part and there’s more info here.


The food reviews in brief.


The Sunday Independent’s Lucinda O’Sullivan tried the new Taste restaurant in Monkstown and was impressed with Jackie Murphy’s new venture. Dishes included pan-seared guinea-fowl and grilled fillet of seabass, with mains generally priced under €20. A 12oz sirloin steak goes for €19.95, a must for recessionistas, while O’Sullivan compliments the owner on her friendly approach to customers.


At the SBP, Ross Golden Bannon reviews Ranelagh’s Wild Goose Grill. Describing the decor as like that of a genetleman’s club, Golden Bannon was a fan of The Wild Goose from starter to afters. Dishes included quenelle of crab, baked halibut fillet with tomato herb crust and canon of lamb. Though a side of champ did not impress, the reviewer did want to take a vanilla and buttermilk panacotta home to be alone with it. He describes the offerings as “innovative but not poncy food”.

This week’s round up is over at Pam’s blog Sidewalk Shoes. (Thanks Pam!)
Go check it out!!!!

I’ll be back for next week’s round up!  Continue reading »

.  Continue reading »

Two out of Two Cats

A post by Kate at Lidl Treats

When it comes to cat food it may be the humans that pick they food, but you can be sure that their masters, the cats, will decide what’s good and bad. So how will they like Lidl’s offering?  Continue reading »

It’s into the West for me this weekend as I’m heading out the door on Friday after work in URRU and straight down to Kerry with the Husband for this year’s Dingle Food Festival. It all kicks off that night with a launch at the Dingle Bay Hotel from 10pm. If you’re about on Saturday and Sunday there are a series of cookery demonstrations, taste trails (watch out for the Mexican Fiesta at Murphy’s Ice Cream!) and farmers’ markets throughout the town.  Continue reading »

Table for 14… a cry for help

A post by noreply@blogger.com (John Ferris) at Food and Drink

My aunt and uncle have been over on holiday for about six weeks or so, but they return to Australia in a week or so.Next Saturday night we’re all going out for a meal, a sort of goodbye meal. So where the hell do we go when you need to book a table for 14 and it’s only six days (and counting) to the event. And it’s a Saturday night. We tried calling a few places on Friday night to try and book, but no luck. We’re looking somewhere half decent but reasonably priced.  Continue reading »

Sunday Business Post – Tomas Clancy
This weeks selections rom Tomas Clancy are,
Les Pierres Blanches, AC Pouilly Fumé 2006, €12.74 (down from €17) in Superquinn’s French Wine Sale, running until October 14 (89 Points)
“primary fruit flavours, green pea soup and gooseberry notes, but with a lean, savoury and bone-dry mineral wash with classical smoky touches.  Continue reading »

E. Guigal Cotes du Rhone 2005
Entry level wine from one of the most famous Rhone Valley producers.
A medium bodied blend of Syrah, Grenache and Mouvedre that is perfect for casual drinking, however has enough class to comfortably handle a dinner party scenario.
A nose of blackfruits, bramble, and a touch of spice from the oak barrels, which is well integrated. This wine is warm, rich and beautifully balanced.
This wine goes down equally well with or without food.  Continue reading »

2007 Telmo Rodiguez Basa
Hailing from the Rueda region in Spain, Basa is a excellently priced white.
A big favourite at robertfranciswine.ie, this is a fantastic value driven alternative to New Zealand Sauvignon.
This wine is a blend of Verdejo, Viura, and Sauvignon Blanc, and is perfect for summer drinking. Enjoy on its own or with summer salads, or lighter fish dishes.
A pale greenish yellow coloured glass of wine, with a fresh nose of green fruits, citrus and zinging acidity.  Continue reading »

Jean Louis Denois Brut Pinot Noir – Chardonnay NV

Jean Louis Denois is one of the rising stars of the Languedoc and this Sparkling Wine is a perfect example of why. Denois vineyards are located in the very southwestern corner of the Languedoc region sitting at the foot of the Pyrenees. 
This wine is a 50/50 blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay and it is aged for 18 months on it lees for increased complexity of flavour.  Continue reading »

Jacobs Creek Chardonnay Pinot Noir NV Sparkling Wine
Probably the best selling Sparkling Wine on the Irish Market today, and with good reason. For the price [approx €14] this is seriously good juice. Check all wine snobbery at the door, sit back and enjoy a cool glass of fun bubbles from down under !
Jacobs Creek is a world famous brand hailing from South Australia.  Continue reading »


A post by Valerie O'Connor at Vals Kitchen

I been a sick bunny for almost a whole week now, sniff (violin please).But it is self inflicted after wearing a dress with no back on a chilly night outside the Wicked Chicken. One of them colds that thinks it a flu then masquerades as a cough for a day or two. After a twelve hour sleep (the joy of older kids and the child-minding of Playstation), I woke up today with a head like a plane crash, and about as cheerful.  Continue reading »

South Wind Blows

A post by Kieran at Ice Cream Ireland

For anyone wanting to listen in, I’ll be on the South Wind Blows on RTE Radio One with Philip King this evening at 8:00 talking about the food festival, the food awards, ice cream, and playing some of the music we play in our shops….  Continue reading »

Irish Times – John Wilson
This week John Wilson focuses the Piedmont region in Northern Italy. Which produces interesting White and Red Wines.  Continue reading »

I like a strong flavored coffee and have been stocking two that I am particularly fond of in my hampers for the last few years. Recently one of them has been discontinued and I was keen to find a replacement. 

I discovered this product at ‘The Organic Supermarket’ and was immediately delighted to find an Irish roasted and blended organic coffee. I was even more delighted by the lovely aroma which wafted tantalisingly from the bag.  Continue reading »

We normally take a trip with the kids on Saturday morning to O’Sullivan’s (otherwise known as John O’s or Sully’s) in Douglas. A corner-stone of the village since 1955 it’s been recently refurbished and is now a bright and airy 21st Century pub/cafe, it even has free wifi for the web nerds.  Continue reading »

This month’s Daring Baker challenge was hosted by Shelly and Natalie who decided to do a gluten free/vegan recipe – Lavash Crackers from Peter Reinhart’s The Bread Baker’s Apprentice (pp 178 – 180) and to create a dip to go with them.
There was a lot of creativity to this challenge. I decided to make a roast sweet pepper dip and used a variety of toppings on the crackers – poppy seeds, salt & pepper, paprika and dried basil.  Continue reading »

French Food Fight – France makes plans to reclaim its culinary heritage. Save the croissants!
New takes on Rosh Hashanah dinner – Try some Osso Buco, or how about an Iraqi dish made of chard, beets and sour cream?
Guide to the good fats – Yes, it’s true, there are good fats. You just have to know which kind they are!
McD’s burger preserved after 12 years?! – Supposedly this burger from McDonald’s is from 1996 and looks exactly the same as it did when purchased.  Continue reading »

The organic guide to Ireland has just become available. Well worth buying, the book is a directory with some interesting articles about issues in organics as well as info on state and other supports.
Declaration of interest: I wrote a couple of the bits, so I can’t claim to be neutral!
Also, check out their site as an excellent directory: boom!
And you can buy the guide here: spend!
Marella (from Omagh hostel) did a great job on this – the snaps looks great too!  Continue reading »


A post by Kieran at Ice Cream Ireland

 It’s been a while since uncle fever has hit this site, so here are a couple of photos of my niece Una.

The background:
We ordered some props for our Mexican Flavour Fiesta (hats, ponchos, and even mustaches – spare a thought for our poor staff), and when I arrived at our Dingle shop this afternoon, I found Una trying on one of the hats.
I thought it was so cute, I had to bolt home to grab my camera.  Continue reading »