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The Real Presidential Cookie Poll – These aren’t cookie candidate representations ,we’re talking about, these are the types of cookies American Presidents have enjoyed over the years.
Cherry Good For Your Heart – Studies show cherries ahave been found to prevent heart disease by lowering cholesterol, cutting body weight and fat, and reducing inflammation.  Continue reading »



When in Cork, do as the Romans do…
I don’t think there is much point in going to an Italian Restaurant in Ireland and ordering Salmon or Steak (unless they have Florentine steak on the menu).
Following my own advice, at a far from full Ristorante Rossini this Friday night, I picked Cannelloni alla Bolognaise as my main course while the Advisor went for the Homemade Lasagne. We had no regrets whatsoever.  Continue reading »

The Candy Corn Debate

A post by Hillary at Chew On That

[Images via Serious Eats]
Yesterday, October 30th,  was National Candy Corn Day, but today we’re going to dish about how we really feel about candy corn. Are you anti-candy corn or pro-candy corn? Serious Eats, one of my favorite food blog communities, posted arguments both for and against the candy corn phenomenon. It’s clear by the amount of comments that readers prefer the anti-candy corn stance, but where do you stand?  Continue reading »

Click here to view the embedded video.
In the latest episode of www.robertfranciswine.ie I try an interesting white blend from Umbria in Italy.
Make sure to leave a comment or send me an email if you have any feedback !
See ya next time on robertfranciswine.  Continue reading »

In Newry last weekend I was surprised to find that the only customer in Sainsbury’s with a northern accent was me, just off the train from Dublin. I only had time for a quick raid on the small-but-decent decent beer selection which I’ll be working my way through over the next few weeks.
Last year at Halloween I drank Wychwood’s Pumpking, which Adeptus had picked up for me on a Sainsbury’s raid of his own.  Continue reading »

I donated a cake for a ‘Guess the weight of the cake’ competition recently, and was surprised at the result. Four people (out of 40) correctly guessed the weight, measured to the nearest pound. Considering that I guessed wrong myself, I was duly impressed. No pictures unfortunatley as I forgot, but I made a fruit cake and arranged almonds in a starburst pattern on the top. I was hoping to make it more decorative, as fruit cakes, while nice to eat, don’t look spectacular.  Continue reading »

Transporting a cake recently I pondered on the skills and tactics needed to bring it safely on its journey.
It really does depend on the cake. A sturdy fruit or Madeira cake for example will happily slide around the footwell of the passenger seat without coming to much harm. This is the best place for it, as it can’t drop off the seat and come to harm, and the seats usually have a camber, so decorations may slide.  Continue reading »

These buns were for a family Christening. They took me ages, but mostly because I kept changing my mind about what went on the top. They are plain sponge buns, but I accidentaly dropped some cocoa in when I was prepping other ones, so they came out slightly darker and sweeter than normal, but it wasn’t too much of a difference.

I think the fluted cutter really made a difference.
When I was in the shop buying the blue sugarpaste I saw this little cutie and couldn’t resist.  Continue reading »

Tardis Cake

A post by Sio at Cake Creations

Apologies from the delay, but I’ve been busy baking so I hope you can forgive me.
I bought this cake for a birthday, and thought I’d show you all. I was planning to make it myself but seen this and thought I couldn’t do much better! It was from Sainsbury’s and was a jam filled madeira cake. It was cut into small bits luckily, as I’m sure the blue icing wouldn’t do you much good!  Continue reading »

Staying healthy and free from infections is so important in the winter. Getting plenty of sleep is vital, as well as not eating too much sugar or drinking too much alcohol or coffee. Sugar in particular depresses the immune system which allows viruses and bacterial infection to get a hold of us.
I’m doing a few different things to stay healthy this winter.  Continue reading »

At the National Organic Conference in Waterford last month it was suggested that we should change Bord Bia’s slogan from  “Ireland, The Food Island” to “Ireland, The Organic Isalnd“.  Continue reading »

After leaving the festival we moseyed back into town to see what was happening and somehow ended up in a packed bar with poor beer. The place was heaving with no room to move. The antithesis of what I was looking for.
Not my kind of place.
I made my excuses to all and left by myself for a better look around town.

 I decided to cross the river and head towards the Bierhaus. It was busy there too but at least you could get a drink at the bar.  Continue reading »

An Investment

A post by Maxine at Chew On That

It’s no secret our economy hasn’t been thriving. Just about any money manager or neighbor or stranger on the street will tell you to steer clear of risky investments for a while. That is why I’ve chosen to invest my money in something really solid. Something that, with proper care and adoration, will last forever. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you to……

…… my very own Le Creuset dutch oven!  Continue reading »

Southwestern Pumpkin Burgers

A post by Gavan Murphy aka the H.I. at The Healthy Irishman

I know this recipe might sound like a strange concept. I, too, was skeptical about trying this one out but to my delight it was extremely tasty. I got the idea from EatingWell.com as I was doing some research about pumpkins. Pumpkins are those things we tend to hack up and carve vs. eating (unless…  Continue reading »

Over at frenchmalbec.com, Evelyne Resnick interviewed me for a podcast (4 min) on wines from Cahors.
Why Cahors?

A gift of the book Families of the Vine by Michael Sanders piqued my interest in the wines from Cahors.
The book centres around the lives of some the Cahors winemakers.
With summers that are too hot, when hail or gales damage their crop just before harvest, the book highlights how their livelihoods are at the mercy of the weather.  Continue reading »

 My brother lives in Ballymore, which is between Dingle and Ventry and quite isolated, and we used to share the house before he married. One day, a utterly malnourished and distressed ginger kitten turned up in the driveway, and we managed to keep him alive and nurse him to health.
I have him now, and he’s Gatsby, the ice cream cat.  Continue reading »

Gnome place like home

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

My bottle of McChouffe had been sitting in the fridge for quite a long time. I don’t really get to use my fridge much, or any other household appliances, which have either been mothballed since May or are still in their original wrapping. As the builders gradually clear out of the house, more things become usable, and yesterday evening the fridge door was unobstructed and inside, among all the trapped children and mysterious fungi, was this Ardennes Bruin.  Continue reading »

Fresh Roasted Pumpkin Puree

A post by Gavan Murphy aka the H.I. at The Healthy Irishman

I bet most of you already have your pumpkins for Halloween. Some of you have already chopped them up with faces, but if you’re house is like mine, they’re plain, untouched, hanging out on the front porch for decoration. And that got me thinking, why not grab an extra one and actually cook it? Bring…  Continue reading »


A post by lors at italian foodies

A.  Continue reading »


A post by lors at italian foodies

When we were in Italy this summer this was our new drink of choice, I love it as an aperitif as it’s so light and refreshing. We had friends over for dinner last week so we decided to try it at home, we couldn’t get any Aperol so we used Campari instead which was a perfect substitute. I don’t like Campari on it’s own but it really works in this cocktail but I do think you have to like bitter drinks so all you G&T lovers will probably love it.  Continue reading »