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Happy New Year

A post by noreply@blogger.com (John Ferris) at Food and Drink

I’m getting very old…making it to midnight tonight won’t happen. I’m still fecked from Monday night’s escapades… But Happy New Year to you all. I’ll be back before Monday to discuss my drinks ban for the next five months!
Log on to our news sites: belfastmedia.com.  Continue reading »

With 2009 hours around the corner, I thought I’d take a moment to reflect on some tasty eats I enjoyed in 2008. It’s hard to believe the year is already over but I’m thankful for some of the delicious discoveries I’ve made along the way. Read along as I recap my top 5 favorite Chicago restaurants I discovered in 2008. And here’s to discovering more in 2009!

1. Cafe Iberico – This restaurant was solely responsible for cementing my love for tapas.  Continue reading »

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

A post by Valerie O'Connor at Vals Kitchen

It's that time of year again, when I wonder why I have hair growing in places I never got a health warning about and ….oh that's the birthdays, right.
It's that time of year again when we try and make sure we end up somewhere nice with friends and family, or whoever your favourite people may be. Staring at the hairy chin of your gran-aunt may not be ideal but if you love her then it's all good.
My culinary top ten moments for 2008 are:
10. Lots of pumpkin9.  Continue reading »

On Kansas City BBQ

A post by Hillary at Chew On That

In a recent trip to Kansas City, I had the opportunity to try the very cuisine the Midwestern city is famous for: their barbecue! If you like dousing your food with lots of sauce like me, you’ll love Kansas City BBQ – a city and a cuisine that is more than liberal when it comes to sauce. Here in Chicago, we have various barbecue joints like Carson’s Ribs or Smoke Daddy BBQ but nothing near as fun or as tasty as Gates BBQ, a famous Kansas City barbecue chain.  Continue reading »

2008 draws to a close and I’ve noted the usual TV adverts that come with the end of a year when folk are thinking of change. The main two are Nicorette to stop smoking and Special K for making you thin. Whatever about giving up the ciggies the Special K ad makes me mad and I’ll tell you why:
Special K is no better for you than Corn Flakes. Read the nutritional information and you will see they are surprisingly similar.  Continue reading »

I was thrilled to hear the first Foodtalk on Christmas Day at 1.30pm, just as we were basting the turkey, making gravy and chopping vegetables for dinner.That programme – very topically – was on Livestock, focusing on Irish pork.  Continue reading »

I was thrilled to hear the first Foodtalk on Christmas Day at 1.30pm, just as we were basting the turkey, making gravy and chopping vegetables for dinner.That programme – very topically – was on Livestock, focusing on Irish pork.  Continue reading »

Santa has been nice to me

A post by Cork City Slow Food at Dine & Wine Club Cork

…cause he brought me the new cookbook of one of my favourite cookbook authors (okay it was Linda). Tessa Kiros latest book is called Venezia and as her previous books, simply amazing. The photographs and the little stories set you in the mood for hopping on the next plane and discover all these little gems Tessa watch this space for some updates on the recipes.  Continue reading »

I’ve never been won over by Tesco’s own brand ready meals. They’re usually a worrying colour and, more often than not, have a surplus of ingredients.
Their bitesize party selection is a lot better. Like M&S and Dunnes, they also have a number of offers at the moment. Individual prices are shown in brackets. They include:
-…  Continue reading »


A post by Sadhbh at Truly Scrumptiousness

Finally….I am finished half of my finals….I have done all my Christmas shopping….Travelled all the way to Kerry to spend a super few days with loads of family….Arrived back in the real world and….Finally I have some free time to post some tasty treats!
Hope everyone had a super Christmas and really enjoys New Years Eve!!  Continue reading »

Lagerboy writes

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

On his recent visit, Velky Al donated some bottles of Primátor Excluziv to a corner of the Irish beer blogosphere (me, Thom and Adeptus). It looks like a junior drinker’s dream: a lager proclaiming itself, in massive Lolcat lettering, to be 16%. In ABV terms, however, it’s a mere 7.5%, though that’s still not to be sneezed at. It pours a lovely shade of amber and gives off heady boozy aromas. The overriding flavour is sweet – quite bubblegummish – malt.  Continue reading »

Along the lines that 73% of all statistics are made up, I’m going to make a brash guess that there’ll be as much Champagne drunk tonight around the world as the other 364 days of the year put together.
So what’s the big swizz about the French fizz?
It used to intrigue me why people would happily splash out €40, €50, €100 on a bottle of bubbly when their normal spend on a bottle of plonk was a tenner.  Continue reading »

Borgo Del Tiglio Collio Bianco 2005
Yet another wine from Friulli in North Eastern Italy – perhaps they might give me freedom of the city one day:). However this white was a the first white blend that I have tasted from this region.
The wine is a blend of Friulano, Riesling and Malvasia with very interesting results. This wine is a great example for anyone who thinks that Italian whites can only be clean, crisp and dry with no complexity or extra dimensions.  Continue reading »

Happy New Year!

A post by Gavan Murphy aka the H.I. at The Healthy Irishman

As the year comes to a close, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for spending time with me and The Missus on The Healthy Irishman.
We’re passionate about helping you and your family eat healthier by creating recipes that are quick and easy to recreate, tasty and of course healthy. Every day we search the markets for the freshest and coolest ingredients available and add helpful new tips and articles about them for you to share in our findings on thehealthyirishman.com.  Continue reading »

 Oz Clarke Pocket Wine Book 2009
 I have been a fan of Oz Clarkes for a long time now. Whether it is his old school footage on Food and Drink on BBC 2 in the late 80’s or him travelling various wine regions of the world with Top Gears James May it is always entertaining. Sometimes some of Oz’s descriptions can be a little over the top or even ridiculous but there is no doubting the mans incredible palate and passion for wine.  Continue reading »

The controversy about the pricing of gourmet burgers rages on, if only inside my own head.
A friend and I had dinner in the Gourmet Burger Co in Ranelagh on Sunday evening, and while the food was good it struck me as a little overpriced.  The cheapest burger was around €10, and the chicken burgers were…  Continue reading »

It’s New Year’s Eve tomorrow night and I bet you’re still recovering from Christmas, Hanukkah or whatever holiday it is that has you exhausted sick of food, and most of all: sick of cooking. It’s hard to muster up the will to cook or entertain again so soon but Recipe4Living has some quick and easy New Year’s Eve appetizer recipes that will make your preparations feel like a breeze.
Check out our list of 20 Last Minute New Year’s Eve Appetizers.  Continue reading »

Christmas Cakes

A post by Cork City Slow Food at Dine & Wine Club Cork

I have a Christmas Tradition for years. Every year I bake 3 Christmas cakes. One for home, one for work and one I give away to people who I want to make happy (Marjorie and Gordon were this years recipients). But this year I also made a cake for the CUH as the nurses in the ICU were very nice to me and my family when my mum was there in October (unfortunetely she passed away in early October).  Continue reading »

I was in two Cork hotels over the Christmas period for parties – the sit-down meals with crackers and hats varieties. In both, we indulged in some of the respective House Wines – you know, the stuff that smells of turps and takes the paint off skirting boards.
No, wait a minute, I’m thinking of actual turps – there must have been a mistake – surely the days of bad wine should be long gone, particularly when you’re paying €20 a bottle for it?

Well apparently not.  Continue reading »

New Stuff
The recent holiday season has been very kind to us here at robertfranciswine.ie !
With much needed equipment now added to our arsenal there will be no stopping us now on our road to global domination ! My fantastic wife gave me a glorious camcorder for Christmas so I am really looking forward to getting stuck into the wine videos with that !  Continue reading »