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The Guardian reports today that the US chain Whole Foods is not doing well in the UK. This is not surprising – I’ve been in Whole Foods in New York and it’s one of those shops that makes you burst into incredulous laughter at the price labels.  
The Guardian thinks this means people are spending…  Continue reading »

Irish Times – Pat Carroll
In John Wilsons absence this week Pat Carroll selects some new world wines with Old world influences.
Gran Cuvée de la Vina William Fèvre Chardonnay 2007, 14%, €16 (Chile)

Franco-Chilean in name and nature: this richly textured wine is full of pineapples and tropical fruit, but William Fèvre’s decades of experience in Chablis show through in the steely backbone of acidity and the fine, layered finish. Mellow and delicious.  Continue reading »

Super Bowl Buffet – The Healthy Way

A post by Gavan Murphy aka the H.I. at The Healthy Irishman

Baked pita chips with hummus & guacamole, Lavash pizza and Apple Jicama slaw

I know what you’re saying…Is it possible to eat healthy on Super Bowl Sunday? Did you know that:

Nearly one in eight or 13% of Americans order takeout/delivery food from a restaurant for a Super Bowl gathering.
Most popular choices of takeout/delivery items on Super Bowl Sunday are pizza at 58 percent, chicken wings at 50 percent and subs or sandwiches at 20 percent.  Continue reading »

Sending home the busboys – Restaurants hurting from the economy are also making layoffs and the busboys are their first target.
Bacon “links” – 16,000 blogs and websites linked to a bacon sausage roll recipe, er…make that 16,001.
Get your “beer”ings – Chefs and experts give their take on what beer to enjoy with different cuisine.  Continue reading »

 One of the ingredients used in a lot of Japense desserts is kanten, also known as agar-agar. It’s a gelling agent made from seaweed, and not only is it flavourless and vegetarian (gelatine is derived from animal products), but it’s high in fibre, and contains 0 calories. In fact, it spurred a diet fad in Asia, known as the Kanten Diet. In Japan, we found it as jelly cubes in desserts such as Anmitsu, sometimes served with ice cream, or in traditional Japanese sweets.  Continue reading »

Weekly Roundup

A post by peter at CheapEats.ie

Weekly Roundup for the week starting January 26:
Babs won our chocolate giveaway, while we launched a new competition for an envy-inducing break at Temple Spa.
We started Wednesday Wind-down, a new feature helping you make quick and easy weekday suppers.
Peter and Paula were extremely enthusiastic about puy lentils, the ingredient of the week.
Top marks for new…  Continue reading »

Channel 4’s Great British Food Fight rounds off tonight with Ramsay’s Great British Nightmare, stock issue script by now but I have seen mention of it on Twitter and some blogs so thought it interesting from that point of view. The makeover restaurant is in Sheffield so “sheffieldblog” have twittered a link to their blog mentioning it, interesting to see if there will be any comments during or after the show runs tonight (Friday 27th).  Continue reading »

Market Lane


Tried to beat this gloomy weather with lunch at The Continental today but it was closed for a holiday break. Followed the Advisor and her brolly, what a lethal weapon, across to Market Lane and what a lunch we enjoyed.
Naturally smoked Haddock with sautéed potatoes, broccoli, Chorizo and an onion cream sauce, absolutely gorgeous, plates cleaned.
Desserts: a White and Dark Chocolate Mousse for me and a Pineapple capriccio with a Blackcurrant sorbet for herself.  Continue reading »

Sackcloth and ashes in hand…

A post by noreply@blogger.com (John Ferris) at Food and Drink

I’ve had it up to here (picture me putting my hand way above my head) about my no drinking. Jeez. The banking system as a whole has had an easier ride over the credit crisis than I have over staying sober.If it’s not people asking me why the hell I’d want to not drink, it’s people telling me that only alcoholics give up drink for a period to prove they don’t have a problem.So I’ve had it. Sunday night. Superbowl Sunday. My house.  Continue reading »

In our readers recommend post yesterday, we mentioned a special offer from Brasserie 66 on Georges’ St.  However! Another reader contacted us today to say that they tried to avail of the offer yesterday:
We knocked in [to Brasserie 66] yesterday evening when we were around town looking for cheap eats, attracted by the huge full…  Continue reading »

It’s a while since I posted. Sorry about that, but life has been totally hectic recently, leading me to forget two important events which took place on the same day. The first is DG’s birthday and the second is Jean, who lives in France’s birthday; both of which took place on January 27th. Ooops! Sorry Guy’s…
The reason is that I have been somewhat preoccupied with a new business concept and website recently.  Continue reading »

Sake tasting in London.

A post by noreply@blogger.com (mr fionn) at Irish Wine Contemplations

I’ve been attempting to write a blog for the past week now about a Sake tasting event I recently attended but could never make it interesting enough to warrant a posting.
Finding a sake tasting event in London is in itself not so easy as you may think. Whilst New York may have embraced sake like a long lost brother, London it seems is still searching for it. Google ’sake tasting event london’.  Continue reading »

I got a very lovely ravioli maker for Christmas and hadn’t actually made any with it yet, so I dug it out of the cupboard this week in an attempt to make pea and mint ravioli. As usual, I took the fly by the seat of my pants attitude to a recipe and had a crack at just making it up myself and it worked….sort of.

I used a basic pasta dough recipe from Jamie Oliver’s Italy.  Continue reading »

Every Wednesday evening, I drag myself up from hibernation in Wicklow to attend a class near Camden St. This is a pretty cool street, with its own style and personality, one-off shops, and good bargains. It’s also probably Dublin’s best drinking spot.
However, it’s always been somewhat of a culinary wasteland, with its eateries mostly consisting…  Continue reading »

I’m told that the Dinner for Two for €12.50 posters were being put up in M&S windows this morning…I will go down there at lunchtime and let you know what’s on. Yay!  So perfect for such a cold manky Friday.  Continue reading »

Courtesy of the heavenly Temple Country Retreat and Spa near Moate in Co. Westmeath, CheapEats.ie has a fantastic prize to give away. Temple is a truly special, exclusive, intimate haven of peace, relaxation and harmony – and their food kicks ass to boot! They’ve got some excellent value deals at the moment, and we’re delighted…  Continue reading »

I’ve really loved puy lentil week. I’m definitely going to use these little emeralds a lot more. To round off the latest “Ingredient of the Week” feature, I’m posting a recipe for a perfect, hugely comforting weekend dinner/ alternative Sunday lunch.
I know a lot of people can be reluctant to give lentils a go at…  Continue reading »

…and guess what…it is a food magazine. Is it better than the ones I normally have?? Nope it isn’t. This magazine celebrates itself and good old Jamie. He has also his own mail order service installed so that you can re-create all the dishes. You can buy infused sea salt (£3.50 for 250g) to cook the Fish baked in sea salt (and you only need 1kg of the salt).

I believe it is meant to be a very personal magazine but for my taste it is a bit OTT.  Continue reading »

Click here to view the embedded video.
In the latest of my video posts I taste a 10 year old Tawny Port from Fonseca in Portugal. If you have never tried a tawny port you really need to as they are fantastic wines to have with some nuts, a chunk of cheese or a nice chocolate dessert.
Check it out and see ya next time on robertfranciswine.ie.  Continue reading »

This Sunday, Aldi have some great special buys on non-food items. I love the randomness of these specials, and how they change every week.
You’ll often pick up brilliant bargains here, and it’s a good idea to offer them on Sunday, when many people will be heading to this German discounter for its brilliant value foods.
I’ll…  Continue reading »