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:: Soft Boiled Egg with Home Fries

A post by noreply@blogger.com (Donal) at The Good Mood Food Blog

Even the most easy going people are always quite particular when it comes to how they like their eggs.  Scrambled, fried, over easy, poached, baked, everyone has their favourite.  Continue reading »

I had the pleasure of staying down in Carton House (Leixlip, Co. Kildare) a couple of weeks ago. With two golf courses on the grounds it gets plenty of golfers.

I had a meal in the clubhouse and noticed some familiar names on the wine list – Palmer (the golfer, not the Chateau) and David Frost (the golfer, not the detective).
This reminded me of an email I got from Wayne from Celebrity Wines some months ago.  Continue reading »

The picture doesn’t do it justice, but what you see above is possibly the simplest, tastiest, most addictive appetizer I have ever had. It’s simple because all it takes is pouring a jar of Trader Joe’s apple cranberry chutney over a log of goat cheese and serving it with crackers. It’s tasty because the chutney is made from all sorts of delicious spices I can’t stop thinking about. And it’s addictive because, well..I just can’t have enough.  Continue reading »

It’s Taste and Create time again. This month I was paired up with Tara from Eat, Be and See who is a woman after my own heart being a Harry Potter Fan and by having this cake on her blog that I have made for this month.
Rainbow Cake!!!! Check out Tara’s (on her funky Harry Potter plate –
How could you not be excited by that?
So the recipe calls for a box of cake mix.  Continue reading »

This is a recipe from the book, and it is a flavour we haven’t made for a while. The reason I’m posting it now is that we had a customer asking for it, but it’s one of those flavours that just doesn’t seem to sell in the shop. French people like it, which is why we call it “pistache,” but otherwise it seems to have a very narrow appeal.
I think this is a shame, because pistachios are delicious nut and make a delicious ice cream.  Continue reading »

Everyone who grew up around south-east Dublin will remember Blake’s restaurant in Stillorgan. It was the local default restaurant: You’d go there for your communion, confirmation, or birthday.
Green’s restaurant at the Leopardstown Inn is just a few minutes away. When my dad is dragged out for dinner, this is usually his default restaurant, the first…  Continue reading »

Nuts are a relatively cheap – and healthy – source of protein and fibre. Cashews are rich in mono-unsatured fat and are full of B vitamins, magnesium, phosphorus, selenium, and potassium. I often roast cashews and add them to a Thai vegetable curry or throw them into a soup. Or eat them raw instead of…  Continue reading »

With Easter just around the corner it’s now time to start planning the long weekend and, hopefully, a lent-busting, chocolate-laden, recession-forgetting big family hooley!
If (heaven forbid!) you’ve abstained from wine for lent, you can now start thinking about leaping head-first off the wagon with some perfect wine matches for a slap-up Easter dinner.  Continue reading »

Sunday Business Post – Tomas Clancy
TO TRY : Seifried, Nelson Gewurztraminer, New Zealand 2007 (88), €16 from Booze.ie and independent off-licences nationwide
“The primary flavours here are cinnamon, apricot and just-turningbrown apple.  Continue reading »

Winner of a bottle of Tanqueray gin

A post by noreply@blogger.com (John Ferris) at Food and Drink

Congratulations Paddy T. You’re the winner of the bottle of gin this month for your nice recipe for Oysters Kilpatrick. Send me an email and I’ll arrange to get it to you – j.ferris@belfastmediagroup.com.
Log on to our news sites: belfastmedia.com.  Continue reading »

Some new offers at Tesco, valid until Sunday April 5:
Half price Petits Filous 12 x 60g – reduced from €4.05 to €2.02
Comfort Concentrate Conditioner – reduced from €9 to €4.99
Small Easter Egg range – buy 3 for €4
There’s also half-price Pampers Giga Packs until Wednesday April 2 only, and buy one get free Ballygowan, from…  Continue reading »

When I bought my wee little house I was determined to have a summer house warming and a massive barbeque, unfortunately after agreeing to purchase in May it was almost Christmas by the time I got the keys and far too cold for al fresco dining. My house is also far too small for more than a handful to dine inside.

It took me over 6 months to get my act together and organise the house warming perfectly in time for summer.  Continue reading »

The first of April will be here in T minus two days. Have you planned your foodie joke yet? How about baking up a meatloaf in the shape of a rat or a batch of “rotten” potatoes! Surprise your family with a special Wednesday evening dinner full of jokes! For a full April Fool’s Day menu, consult our “The Joke’s On You” April Fool’s Day Party Planner! (I’m not kidding about the recipes).  Continue reading »

Sponsored Post

Get this fab
hessian shopping bag full of goodies and samples when you spend just €20 at
Just Health, Northtown Shopping Centre on the Ennis Road.  Continue reading »

This is a great store cupboard dish. Excellent for a lazy supper, it would also make a cool starter if you’re entertaining. Make a sauce by heating 1 tbsp clear honey and adding 1 tbsp of grain mustard. Season with a little salt & pepper. Make some well-seasoned mash or champ and top with a couple of pieces of fried Clonakilty black pudding. Drizzle a little sauce over the dish.  Continue reading »

Roast Carrot and Parsnip Soup

A post by Gavan Murphy aka the H.I. at

Although Spring is upon us, some of you are still knee deep in the white stuff. This recipe does double duty by warming you up while using what’s left of winter veg. Parsnips are one of my faves and is no stranger to Irish kitchens. They lend a lovely sweetness to the carrots and when paired with brown bread, the business!  Continue reading »

Last year I tried to make some Gorse wine out of the gorgeous, yellow, coconut-scented flowers that invade the Wicklow countryside in spring time. I didn’t sterilise the bottles or use the right equipment, so the “wine” ended tasting distinctly of an old drunk’s wrung-out sock.
In today’s Pricewatch, Conor Pope has some helpful information about…  Continue reading »

A few weeks ago, we started a list of resources for children, parents, teachers, and anybody who wants to learn a bit more about healthy eating and growing your own food. Food doesn’t get much cheaper – or better for you – than that.
Teaching Resource #2: Irish Seedsavers
Irish Seedsavers is an absolutely essential organisation dedicated…  Continue reading »

If you are like me and keep recipes on bits of paper torn from newspapers and the like then you probably think the system works quite well and won’t be interested in kitchen gadgets. However, between messy-chef.com, my laptop, my USB key and binder full of paper I suddenly have multiple locations to keep recipes which is a constant source of annoyance to Mrs Messy-Chef (what isn’t?). Maybe I should think about getting a Demy and try consolidate?  Continue reading »

All you can eat, or all you can puke?

A post by noreply@blogger.com (John Ferris) at Food and Drink

We finally made it to China China, down University way last week (yes, that’s another one chalked up to you, Spy).Mrs F was hungover. I was hungry as hell, as usual, so we decided the allure of an all-you-can-eat Chinese restaurant was too good an opportunity to pass up.We turned up at 2.30pm on a Sunday afternoon and even then it was packed. I’ve got to be honest, I wasn’t expecting a lot. Well, you wouldn’t, at £5.99 for an all-you-can-eat lunch.  Continue reading »