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What the Sundays said about food. 

By: Sinéad Keogh 


The Sunday Business Post has a quick round up of the different types of Easter egg available this Easter.Some of their inclusions are Aldi, who have a design you own easter pack out and Harvey Nichols, who are selling limited-edition run of 200 Easer eggs created by Enric Rovira, the Spanish chocolatier. One of the Nichols’ eggs will contain a golden ticket for a trip to Barcelona to visit Rovira’s workshop. The prize also includes hotel accomodation for the night and a meal at a top restaurant. More than Charlie Bucket ever got! 


Also from the Sunday Business Post, news of Mr Kipling’s new oversized cakes. The large versions of the traditional mini-cakes include the French Fancy with jam filling which are in pink raspberry or yellow lemon flavours. The SBP suggest that they are a great alternative to featuring cakes make up of dozens of cupcakes, as has become popular at parties. She also says that rhubarb is very easy to grow in even a small space – but advises that the leaves should not be eaten as they are poisonous and that to develop a good root system, you shouldn’t pick too many stalks in the first year. Go ahead and have a little of what’s in season! 


From T2, the new version of Tribune magazine, Rachel Allen’s column features rhubarb this week. She advises that rhubarb is very versatile and great for both sweet and savoury recommdations, naming crumbles, ice-cream, sorbet and sauce to serve with roast pork or duck as but a few options. 


Finally from the Sunday Business Post, Castlefarm are running a workshop showing attendees how to build a pizza oven from natural materials. At their base in Athy, Co Kildare, the course will be held over two days (April 18th and 19th) and will include lunch on both days. Course leaders Christian and Louise built their own house and constructed a pizza oven at Electric Picnic! More info from Jenny Young on 087-6785269.


The restaurant reviews in brief. 


At the Sunday Business Post, Ross Golden Bannon reviews Swords’ Indie Spice. Visiting with his brother and his brother’s fiancee, he had a pre-stater of pyazu (like an onion bhajee) which was described as tasty but salty and followed with a portion of vermicelli and then a main course of sheek kebab. He says that the vermicelli “had an edge that worked well with the wine” while the kebab “was as succulent as it was flavoursome”. The foodie also has good words for Indie Spice’s decor, mentioning the screens used to make the large space seem more intimate. Mentioning the tandoori jhinga makhani, he pegs it “a rich and skilful dish which got the thumbs up from us all”. He also comments on the rarity of experiencing the results of good training in Ireland and says that restauranteurs should be going there to see how it’s done. 



From T2 (the artist formerly known as Tribune magazine) Katy McGuinness writes of her visit to Milano in Dun Laoghaire. Coming away much impressed, it seems the reviewer may have left somewhat the leaning tower of pizza after she and the rest of the table put away orders of dough balls, bruschetta, and pizzas ranging from the Soho to the Panda, Padrino and Sloppy Giuseppe. Pegging the restaurant as “crowd-pleasing, quality food” she notes their good value and in particular the fact that a €30 chocolate birthday cake ended up as a remarkably good value dessert for 14. Recommended!

Half Price at Dunnes

A post by peter at CheapEats.ie

Still at Dunnes, they’ve some good half-price offers this week:
Cookstown Premium/ Oven Baked Ham 120g – reduced from €3.35 to €1.67
150g King Prawns – reduced from €4.99 to €2.49 (you’ll find some recipe ideas in our archive)
Salmon en-croute – reduced from €4.99 to €2.49 (recommended by my sister)
Irish Cauliflower – reduced from €1.49 to 74c
You’ll…  Continue reading »

We mentioned last week that Dunnes cafes are offering tea or coffee for just 1c with any other food purchase. This week, their “Credit Busting” lunch for €6.95 includes Ham Hocks with Cabbage and Potatoes, Bangers and Mash, or 2 Burger and Chip meals. The offer is valid until Tuesday April 14.
The saving is an…  Continue reading »

Beaujolais is a good place to find reds that don’t have to be taken too seriously. These particular wines of Burgundy, from the Gamay grape, are naturally relatively light in both colour and acidity, making simple easy drinking, fresh fruited reds that are usually to be drank young and often at their best when served relatively cool.  Continue reading »

SuperValu Specials

A post by peter at CheapEats.ie

Some half price offers at SuperValu this week:
Frozen turkeys – reduced from €17.99 to €8.99
Irish Leg of Lamb – reduced from €13.29 per kg to €6.65 per kg (butcher counter only)
Lyon’s 40 tea bags – reduced from €1.69 to 84c
Meanwhile, Pampers Jumbo Pack nappies are reduced from €14.99 to €10.49. You’ll find full details of…  Continue reading »

Irish Times – John Wilson
This week John Wilson focuses on wines from the Lebanon.
Château Musar 2001, Bekaa Valley, 13.5%, €20.95.
An attractive lifted nose of violets; the palate has lovely, slightly raisined, sweet red fruits, with notes of spice, leather and dark chocolate. The finish is dry and long. Try it with roast or grilled meats. Stockists: Widely available from wine shops and off-licences nationwide, as well as Berry Brothers Rudd.  Continue reading »

Refusing Brussels stouts

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

I have not, hitherto, felt particularly positively disposed towards the stouts of Belgium. Hercule is often lauded as the finest of the genre, and while I appreciated that it was well made and did everything a very strong Belgian stout is supposed to do, the thick sweetness of it meant I just couldn’t warm to it as a regular. It’s still streets and streets ahead of Leroy Stout, a saccharine bomb I picked up in Ypres and which I really should have left on the shelf.  Continue reading »

…the new series of Great British Menu starts tonight at 6:30 on BBC2. This time they will be competing to cook for the soldiers who return from Afghanistan to welcome them back to the UK.
Tonight, the chefs of the Central Region prepare their Starters: Glynn Purnell makes home corned beef with English mustard cream and textures of beetroot and radish, with brown sauce, whilst Daniel Clifford cooks asparagus with crispy hen’s egg with smoked duck and fresh truffle.  Continue reading »

:: Homemade Paprika Roast Potato Chips

A post by noreply@blogger.com (Donal) at The Good Mood Food Blog

Homemade Paprika Roast Potato Chips
When it comes to snack foods, everyone has their weakness, mine just so happens to be these homemade potato chips. 
Makes enough for 4 portions, or one giant selfish one!
5 rooster potatoes cut into chips.
3 tablespoons of olive oil.
2 teaspoons of paprika.
1 tablespoon of ground black pepper.
1 tablespoon of sea salt.
Preheat the oven to 200oC.  Continue reading »

 There’s been so much talk in Ireland recently about prices and about cutting back – companies cutting their cost base and consumers reducing their spend. While this is natural in a recession, and while both consumers and companies have to adjust their outlays to match their means, it doesn’t mean that everything has to be cheap or that it needs to come from abroad, where cost are much lower.  Continue reading »

It’s safe to say that my father knows a lot about potatoes. He has lived long enough to remember an Ireland where most people grew their own and where the potato really was still a hugely dominant part of the rural diet. “Praties and dip”, he tells me, was a style of eating potatoes still prevalent when he was a boy growing up in Kerry. And no, it’s not remotely like anything you might be imagining right now.  Continue reading »

Setting up the Tracking Code

A post by noreply@blogger.com (The Fruity Cook) at The Fruity Cook

Here’s hoping to find who reads this blog, and why.
Tracking is always fun…
var gaJsHost = ((”https:” == document.location.protocol) ?  Continue reading »

Slow as Molasses in January…

A post by noreply@blogger.com (The Fruity Cook) at The Fruity Cook

… is probably the best description of my food blogging over the past few months.
I’ve been spending so much time on serious eating that the thought of writing it all down is definitely “de trop”.
Today’s news, which is certainly not new, is that Italian Foodies is now to be found on the Wordpress platform.
One of my favourites… please to hit the title bar and enjoy.
Dublin, Ireland, Europe.  Continue reading »

The March 2009 challenge is hosted by Mary of Beans and Caviar, Melinda of Melbourne Larder and Enza of Io Da Grande. They have chosen Lasagne of Emilia-Romagna from The Splendid Table by Lynne Rossetto Kasper as the challenge.
There’s big news in the world of the Daring Bakers.
1.  Continue reading »

A name like Brutal Bitter might get you into trouble these days. Couple that with 6.9% abv and you’re certain to piss someone off, especially if you live within the reactionary reach of the Portman Group or Britain’s Independent newspaper.  Continue reading »

For those of you who haven’t been following online the adventures of Fearghal O’Nuallain, sometime Bubble Brothers staff member, and Simon Evans, as they bicycle around the world raising funds for the charity Aware, raising awareness about climate change and raising (here literally) the global profile of sponsors Bubble Brothers – today’s Irish Times magazine prints Fearghal’s summary of the first five months of adventures.  Continue reading »

For those of you who haven’t been following online the adventures of Fearghal O’Nuallain, sometime Bubble Brothers staff member, and Simon Evans, as they bicycle around the world raising funds for the charity Aware, raising awareness about climate change and raising (here literally) the global profile of sponsors Bubble Brothers – today’s Irish Times magazine prints Fearghal’s summary of the first five months of adventures.  Continue reading »

Veal with Mediterranean Veg

A post by Gavan Murphy aka the H.I. at

You won’t believe how quick, simple and delicious this recipe is. Veal is one of the most tender, flavorful and versatile meats you can get. It’s very popular in Italian cuisine and is used in dishes like Veal Parmesan, Veal Saltimbocca or the classic Osso Bucco. Although veal is a good source of protein it is also high in cholesterol so remember the old adage, ‘Everything in Moderation’.
Continue reading ‘Veal with Med. Veg.’ on Healthhabits.  Continue reading »

I recently became a member of the daring kitchen, previously the daring bakers, who have taken the food blog and put it on steroids. Hundreds of people now take part in a monthly challenge to further their culinary skills and learn from each other.
For my first challenge we were asked to make a lasagna, from scratch! Now I have made lasagna many times before, even making my own pasta too, but I found this lasagna very time consuming and challenging.  Continue reading »

A warm (gooey) welcome – After weeks of hearing about salmonella outbreaks in the news, peanut butter is finally back (and restaurants are thrilled!)
Meat murder? – The consumption of red meat is said to prematruely curtail your life’s longevity.
Beard Awards Praise Chicago – The fine city has been getting a lot of recognition over the years but none tops the amount of nominations Chicago received from this year’s James Beard Awards (see the list here).  Continue reading »