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Not going to the Kentucky Derby this year? Me neither. I went last year and had so much fun that I hoped to make it a regular occurrence, but circumstances like  getting my wisdom teeth taken out tomorrow are getting in the way. Fortunately for me, this authentic Kentucky Derby Mint Julep recipe can help me live vicariously.Thank goodness mint juleps fit in with the liquid diet I’ll be on!
Recipe after the jump!  Continue reading »

One of the hardest desserts that you will ever have to make is a soufflé but we have cracked it and made a super simple recipe here. If you are panicking about making a soufflé and that you will see it collapse, don’t worry because you are not alone, as every chef in the world holds their breath as a soufflé comes out of the oven, even if they have made them 100 times before.  Continue reading »

The April 2009 challenge is hosted by Jenny from Jenny Bakes. She has chosen Abbey’s Infamous Cheesecake as the challenge.

I’m a little late posting this despite having made the challenge the day after it was announced! I need to get more organised.
When I read that this month’s challenge was to be baked cheesecake I have to admit I was a little sad – I’m not a big fan of baked cheesecake.  Continue reading »

My mum, Jean McGuire, passed through Adare in Co. Limerick last week. She and her sister Diane stopped in The Good Rooms Cafe for a bit of lunch.
You can enter our competition to win a two-night break at the beautiful Woodlands Hotel in Adare by clicking here. In the meantime, here’s my mum’s review:
On exploring…  Continue reading »

I’ve slightly overcooked the title because the post itself is being served rare.
I was giving a talk about wine yesterday at the Cork Institute of Technology, in the course of which there was discussion of how some of the components of wine can be identified in the mouth: sweetness or dryness (the degree to which the fruit sugars of the grape have been fermented into alcohol) and tannin (the woody astringency that comes chiefly from grape skins and sometimes stalks) were the main ones.  Continue reading »

Lidl vs Lidl

A post by peter at CheapEats.ie

Bored in my sick bed (sniff, poor me, etc etc), I did some price comparisons on Lidl in the Republic of Ireland and Lidl in Northern Ireland. As you’ll see, there isn’t price parity, but the sterling/ euro difference isn’t too severe:
Lidl Northern Ireland Price
Lidl Republic of Ireland Price
Exact …  Continue reading »

The Daily Spud has an inspiring post up at the moment on paneer cheese: it seems it is not just possible but easy to make exotic Indian cheese at home.
She has suggested some very clever variations – add in a cinnamon stick at the boiling stage, or mix in toasted cumin seeds.  Yum!  Continue reading »

How’s this for an afternoon on Saturday the 16th of May?
Delicious cheeses from Sheridans, home-made Antipasti by Massimo from Enowine’s restaurant, and some icon wines on tasting, guided by Hakan Eriksson, Manager at enowine and Jacqueline Stedman, Winemaker/Viticulturist, and currently a lecturer with the Wine Board of Ireland.
A fantastic way to explore a huge variety of stunning wines from all over the globe in a relaxed setting amongst fellow wine lovers.
When?  Continue reading »

Special Buys at Aldi

A post by peter at CheapEats.ie

Specials at Aldi this Thursday include:
Ice-cream maker – €29.99 (and if you buy this, check out Kieran Murphy’s great Ice Cream Ireland blog)
7 port USB Hub/ Combination Card Reader – €12.99
42 litre Garden Tub – €5.99
More information here.
Meanwhile, this Sunday’s offers at Aldi are all about BBQs and picnics:
Lunch Break Boxes – €1.99 each
Charcoal Kettle…  Continue reading »

Since starting Curious Wines, we’ve had so much fun being a part of the ‘blogosphere’. The Wine Blog has received tremendous feedback from all corners of the blogging community, even from those who would admit that wine wasn’t their gig! Twitter has also been a blast, giving us plenty of laughs and allowing us to make loads of friends along the way.
It’s only right that Facebook should now be graced with the presence of Ireland’s mixed case wine specialist.  Continue reading »

More Tweating

A post by jean at CheapEats.ie

I posted last week about the various ways that Twitter can help you find recipes and food bargains, and the Twittery goodness keeps coming in. Today I read about a Canadian woman who is tweeting entire recipes in her Twitter feed.  For example:
“Butterscotch Pudding: mix.5c packed brwnsug/3T cornstrch/dash salt; +1.5c milk/.5c cream. Boil/whisk1m; +2T buttr/T…  Continue reading »

Do you think Cinco de Mayo celebrations will be quieter this year because of all the swine flu controversy in Mexico? Poor Mexico City! As for the rest of us, we can still celebrate the holiday this coming Tuesday with our own homade Cinco de Mayo Recipes!Are you Hosting A Fiesta for Cinco de Mayo or do you need help Putting Together Your Cinco de Mayo Menu? Just click on the links!
More tasty Mexican treats after the jump!  Continue reading »

Last Thursday I had the pleasure and privilege of being invited to a particularly special dinner by Stuart Smith from online wine retailer, FromVineyardsDirect.ie. Fallon & Byrne’s function room was the venue and alomg with me there was a great collection of Stuart’s colleagues, friends and customers.
Who are From Vineyards Direct?  Continue reading »


A post by Laura Boland at EAT DRINK LIVE

I'd love to say I've been doing something glamorous for the last yearish offline but to be honest apart from baking the odd tower of cupcakes (such as the one below) I've been camera-less while reading, sleeping, neglecting my e-mails, doing a spot of gardening (see below below) and baking the odd tower of cupcakes.  Continue reading »

Veggie Tortilla Soup

A post by Gavan Murphy aka the H.I. at

It’s Cinco de Mayo time again and that means gorging on Mexican food, margaritas and beer! Last year I wrote about how to save calories by making smarter choices during this gorge-fest. This year I’ve made some delicious recipes which are healthy while encompassing the South of the Border flavors.
Thanks to the Missus for channeling her inner Tex-Mex-aholic, helping me make this recipe a winner.  Continue reading »

…or so goes the line from Monty Python’s achingly funny and irreverent Life of Brian.
And let it be known that I’m quite happy to give it up for cheesemakers everywhere. I can’t really imagine life without cheese (and I’m sure that Grilled Cheese Shane would agree with me on that). I’ve even dabbled in rudimentary cheesemaking myself, at least to the extent of making homemade Indian cheese or paneer a few times.  Continue reading »

 Just a little reminder that there are only three days left to vote for the Irish Internet Association’s Net Visionary Awards. 
I do have an interest in this, since I’ve been shortlisted. The winner will be decided by votes from people such as you, so please click here and have your say!  (Closing date for votes is May 1st.) Thanks!  Continue reading »

It was my privilege and pleasure to take part in today’s Food Festival at the Cork Institute of Technology.
Despite the drizzle, the coming of summer was enthusiastically celebrated by the Culinary Arts and Bar Management students, whose hard work in organizing the event reunited such local specialists and English Market neighbours as Kay Harte from the Farmgate,  Declan Ryan of Arbutus Bread, and Isabelle and the good folk from On the Pig’s Back.  Continue reading »

*** No time for text today***i’ll update this post tomorrow with a tale, in the meantime here aree some pictures:.  Continue reading »

M&S are currently running an offer with their ‘Ingredients’ range – if you buy three items from the range, you get a free M&S cookbook.  The ‘Ingredients’ selection comprises loads of store-cupboard basics, like spices, bags of seeds and baking ingredients such as icing sugar.  They’re pretty reasonably priced, and there’s some very cheap items…  Continue reading »