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A post by lors at italian foodies

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A Dark Day

A post by noreply@blogger.com (Will) at Irish Wine Contemplations

It’s been a tough few months for the Irish wine consumer, with the closing of a good few wine stores throughout Dublin (Berry Brothers, OnTheGrapevine Booterstown, Claudios). Today marks another black day with the following announcement on the Irish Wine Boards website:
30th June 2009
Wine Board of Ireland – Announcement
Due to a precipitate decline in student numbers a decision has been taken to cease the educational activities of the Wine Board of Ireland from 31st July 2009.  Continue reading »

3 for €7 at M&S

A post by jean at CheapEats.ie

Marks and Spencer are currently running a 3 for €7 promotion, which covers a wide range of foods.  You can pick up three deli, ready meal or salad items items for €7 .  Today I got a lovely spinach and ricotta quiche (that will do for two lunchtimes), a portion of prawn cocktail and some…  Continue reading »

It’s been gazing at me for a while from our fine wine shelves, and I’ve been sorely tempted to open a bottle myself – but despite temptation I have a strong will, so I’ll be putting it aside, along with Glaetzer’s 100 Parker Point Amon-Ra and Farina’s Monte Fante Amarone for a very special occasion.  Continue reading »

Prices in the grocery sector continue to plummet. Today, Tesco announced the expansion of its Change for Good programme to nine Tesco shops in Dublin’s northside. The company promises a saving of up to 33% on your weekly shop, over 12,500 long-term price cuts, and a bigger choice of products than ever before. According to…  Continue reading »

The stones of the path crunched beneath my feet, the sun’s rays were sliced by the forest, and coconut gorse and syrupy sweet foxglove scents filled the air. Above me, the sky was cloudless. I skipped along like a pixie in a Disney movie.
A cute little rabbit crossed my path and darted into a sloping…  Continue reading »

I’m too surprised even to make a smart-alecky remark about “precipitateative”.
This is really very bad news.

30th June 2009
Wine Board of Ireland – Announcement
Due to a precipitateative decline in student numbers a decision has been taken to cease the educational activities of the Wine Board of Ireland from 31st July 2009. We greatly regret this decision and the impact it will have on our employees, tutors, members, students and all other stakeholders.  Continue reading »

People living or working in Dublin city centre who are tired of paying outrageous prices for coffee should check out this offer: €1 for takeaway coffee from Cafe Divino on Bachelor’s Walk. I picked up one of their lattes the other morning on the way to work, and they’re perfectly good – there’s no difference…  Continue reading »

Two years ago – back when everybody except me ate gold for breakfast – takeaways were just another dinner choice, whatever day of the week. But now, I reckon people see them more as a treat; when you factor in your main meal, plus rice or naan, it can easily work out at €12 for…  Continue reading »

Sunday Business Post – Tomas Clancy
TO TRY: Torres Vina Esmeralda, 2007 €11 from O’Brien’s Wines, Booze.ie and selected wine shops nationwide (87)

This exotic gewurztraminer and moscatel blend from the well-known Torres Winery is as adventurous and novel as any white wine blend on the market. Unfortunately, being famous, many of Torres’ experimental and risk-taking wines tend to be ignored.  Continue reading »

The Perfect Steak

A post by Conor at Toasted Special

I’ve eaten beef all over the world and nothing comes close to good Irish beef; it’s the best. I recall tucking into a chateaubriand in Spain a couple of years ago and I couldn’t get over the fact that despite the fancy cut and that I had perfectly seasoned and cooked it table-side on a hot stone, the flavour wasn’t a patch on anything I could get at home.
I’m sure everyone has their own way to cook what they think is the perfect steak.  Continue reading »

Last year I visited the Organic Supermarket in Blackrock and wrote a review of it for Organic Yum-Yum. I was very impressed with the place and the range of organic produce, I was particularly impressed that all the food was organic and that Darren Grant, the owner, had gone to the extra effort of getting the premises certified organic.
The one disadvantage was that it was in Blackrock. Living in Kildare this meant I was unable to do my weekly shop there.  Continue reading »

Need cookware to accompany these delicious recipes? Want to test the products we recommend here at Chew on That? Now you can find all of these items all in one place: The Recipe4Living Cooking Store! The perfect accompaniment to our site, you can access the store at any time by clicking on the tab you see above.
Check out our favorite cookware, cookbooks, food items and more!  Continue reading »

Is it worth considering the organic option if you are a diary farmer? And if so, how does the day to day practice of farming differ from conventional farming?
First, the organic option for diary. The the formation of a new company for the organic dairy sector, called the Irish Organic Milk Producers (IOMP), will certainly help. From launching a new product range, to pooling resources and lobbying, the benefits of the company will be numerous.  Continue reading »

We?re back?

A post by thedublingobbler at the Dublin Gobbler

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On Sunday – yesterday – it was a privilege and an honour &c. to sponsor the wine at the inaugural GrowBakeCook awards ceremony, held at Cork Coffee Roasters’ shop in Bridge Street, Cork.
The award seeks to recognize and promote the excellence of hitherto unacknowledged food folk in a spirit of companionable rivalry, though I understand judging was as serious and strict and heated as anyone could wish for.  Continue reading »

 One of the flavours we made for the Powerscourt Centre launch was chocolate truffle ice cream using  Lorge chocolate truffles. Benoit Lorge is making some of the best chocolates in Ireland, and we’re delighted to support him. This ice cream really is one that creates “wow” factor.
Since I posted a recipe for chocolate truffle ice cream in the past, I’ll simply point to it here, and you can use Lorge’s excellent truffles if you wish!  Continue reading »

Enowine Burgundy Tasting

A post by noreply@blogger.com (Will) at Irish Wine Contemplations

Last Thursday evening saw the most recent Enowine ‘ICON’ wine tasting. This was to my mind the best ICON tasting so far as the wines on show were an exceptional range and pretty much all of the wines were showing excellently. I arrived for the tasting a few minutes early and, to my amazement, the shop was empty. I worried that the attendance might be poor but after a few minutes the place filled up (I think there were about 40-45 tasters in total).  Continue reading »

After the success of matching wine with food for Daily Spud, we thought we’d set ourselves up for a new challenge with another shining star on the Irish foodie scene – everyone’s favourite English Mum!
So she sent us a cracking recipe for Butternut Squash Risotto and in return we sent her two bottles of New Zealand’s finest, in the form of a dry Waipara Riesling and a top-notch Nelson Pinot Gris. I gather that she was surprised at how good the Riesling was.  Continue reading »

The Irish Times’ Pricewatch column has lots this week for the food and value-obsessed: Conor Pope looks at money-saving guides, taste tests ready-made lasagne and reveals that supermarket salads can often be just as fatty as a fast food burger.
The money saving guide info comes courtesy of mad collector Hunter Davies, who has a huge…  Continue reading »