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I have the full range of Lilly’s Eco Clean products up for grabs this week for Irish readers. Lilly’s Eco Clean manufactures and sells a range of high quality household cleaning products which are human, animal and environmentally friendly. The Good Mood Food Blog is all for the environment!
The products are 100% natural and contain no chemicals that can damage you or the environment.  Continue reading »

Fig Salad with Homemade Balsamic Vinaigrette

A post by Gavan Murphy aka the H.I. at

Fig season is winding down but would you believe I still have some on my tree, which I’m either giving away as tips/birthday/wedding/(early) Christmas pressies or I’m making something with them. This is a salad that my missus made herself for lunch the other day. The toasted walnuts really add a great flavor to this salad.
Serves one
large handful of fresh lettuce leaves
3 fresh figs, sliced in quarters
1 oz.  Continue reading »

Green With Tomatoes

A post by Daily Spud at The Daily Spud

Let’s face it, I am a bad tomato farmer.
I don’t know why that should be – I mean, tomatoes and potatoes are family. Be that as it may, the tomato branch of the clan comes in for the poor relation treatment in my garden. I never pinch out the tomatoey side shoots as they develop, even though I know I should.  Continue reading »

Dine In Dublin Week is back. After a very successful run last April, over 60 restaurants will take part in the initiative, offering three course dinner menus for €25-30, from October 12-18.
The Irish Times reports that participating restaurants will include Saba, Bleu Bistro, and Marco Pierre White’s Steakhouse. I’m very keen to try the latter eatery, so here’s my chance.
Dine In Dublin Week is a great idea.  Continue reading »

.  Continue reading »


Read the Curious Wine series on Regional Heroes
Dermot Nolan (Master of Wine) is recounting his experience of the Landmark Australia tutorial on Nov. 13th
Excellent interactive resource over at wineaustralia.com/regionalheroes.  Continue reading »

The bento at Sushi King

I’ve recently had two very satisfying, tasty and cheap Japanese lunches in Dublin for only €10 apiece.  Anyone who’s a fan of Japanese food will be familiar with bento boxes: compartmentalised lunch boxes containing a variety of snacks, arranged in the aesthetically appealing way we expect from Japanese cuisine.
A couple of weeks ago, I tried the lunch bento in Yamamori.  Continue reading »

We’re hitting the road for Dublin, a year after our first, much lauded public tasting in Cork. As a result of being inundated with requests from our loyal customers in our nation’s great capital, we just had to bring the party north – and believe me, you’re going to love it.

We’re delighted to welcome back Joyce Austin of New Zealand Boutique Wines, all the way from Auckland, to host a seated tasting of New Zealand’s most exciting new wines.  Continue reading »

Goodness, Gracious, Garlic

A post by jacqueline at CheapEats.ie

Kick that cold to the kerb

This year, I had an evil chest infection that would NOT go away. I am not normally ill, so lurching around feeling like my days were numbered really got me down. After trying all the usual weaponry – antibiotics, bedrest and weeping – my sister, over from New York to visit, imparted her solution. Garlic soup. Garlic soup so garlicky you could kill any nearby teen vampires with one single sickly sigh.  Continue reading »

Meetforeal organised a Taste and Smell – The Chemical Senses on Saturday 26th September.
For those of you who missed my previous post – here is some background on the presenter
David Jackson is a Chemist (BSc, MSc, HDipBrew, WSET Cert Wines & Spirits) and has worked for the Diageo (Guinness) Research Department for over ten years specialising in Flavour Chemistry and Flavour Analysis.  Continue reading »

For retailers, loyalty cards are about increasing profits and rewarding the customer with freebies or cash when they sign up. But are we really making as much savings as we could be by committing to these cards? I figure shopping around easily outweighs the savings made by a loyalty card. Yet the cards are designed to stop you from shopping around.

The answer I suppose is to sign up to as many cards as possible and cover all bases.  Continue reading »

El Corte Alemán

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

You have to love El Corte Inglés. Well, if you’re a beer lover and you’re in Spain you do, because as a ready source of commonplace quality beers, and the occasional oddity, it’s hard to beat.
Where I found it most interesting on my recent trip to Madrid was the German selection. There was a range from Hofmark and Schwaben Bräu, neither of which I’d ever heard of, and all of which were standard German styles. But look: swingtops!  Continue reading »

We’ve just made our first video starring… Me! I promise not to get all big headed and abandon my friends!
It’s produced by Hedgehog Productions and is designed to promote the newest hamper in the Feelgood Organic Hampers range: “The Snack In A Box“
Keep an eye on our brand new YouTube channel for further videos.  Continue reading »

With apples just about everywhere you look, fall is the time to take advantage of the popular fruit. So what’s your favorite? Is it the Granny Smith, the Jonathan, or how about Fuji? Full of apple recipes and helpful tips, Recipe4Living put together an apple guide to help you spot the perfect apple for your fall cooking. From Braeburn apples to the Golden Delicious variety, we’ve got specific recipes for 8 different types of apples!  Continue reading »

LIVE Chat Today!!

A post by Gavan Murphy aka the H.I. at

Hey Guys,
Just a quickie to let you know that I’m going be LIVE again! As you know, my good friend and celebrity trainer, Valerie Waters and I have been working together on her last couple of fitness programs. She’s launching her brand new and BEST program to date, TODAY at 3:30PST. We put together a e-cookbook full of great recipes (27 to be exact) as part of the Action Hero Babe offer.  Continue reading »

Damn this stuff is bitter. I mean coat the top of your mouth make you pull a funny face, still in the back of your throat an hour later bitter. It makes even the most intense American hop bomb taste like a pint of mild. It’s hard to see the point of it. I read a while back that plenty of rich malts were used to balance the intense hopping in this lightweight beer, and at the time this intrigued me. Was it possible to add that much hops to a beer of a mere 3.5% and make it any way balanced?  Continue reading »

The Blas na hÉireann National Irish Food Awards have announced the shortlist for 2009. The products in each of the 28 categories – ranging from soups and cheese to biscuits and sausages – were chosen from a blind tasting of almost 800 entries, which must have been a whole lot of fun for the first round of judges!  Continue reading »

One of my favourite food related movies has to be “Waitress” it’s full of beautiful imagery and has a cute little story to match! The story is based around Jenna who is a waitress, trapped in an unhappy marriage, her one escape is creating and baking the most amazing, inventive pies you could imagine.  Continue reading »

We have a winner!  Random.org selected Aoife Mc from I Can Has Cook as the winner of the brand new Levi Roots cookbook!
Congrats Aoife!  Thanks for all the entries, and thanks to Octopus Books, there’ll be lots more competitions coming up so don’t despair!  Check out the amazing list of everyones favourite cookbooks here in the comments section.  Continue reading »

As part of the Dingle Food and Wine Festival, we’ve decided to do an Irish theme. It seems especially pertinant in these times, and we should be able to have some fun with it. We are going to do specials like Barry’s Tea Ice Cream and a Biscuit, Dark Chocolate Ice Cream with Irish Whiskey Cream, Bailey’s Ice Cream with Dingle Blackberry Sauce, and Brown Bread Ice Cream with Caramelised Orange Marmalade.  Continue reading »