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The following is the content of a letter to be opened in the event of my arrest and possible conviction for the (admittedly difficult to comprehend and almost unpardonable) offence of, er, smuggling seed potatoes into Ireland…
In which I plead my case for clemency and understanding.  Continue reading »

Holy Eggs Benedict!

A post by aoifemc at I Can Has Cook?

A.  Continue reading »

Ginger is featuring a lot in my beer drinking. This time it’s a bit different. This is ginger beer in the true sense of the word – an alcoholic version of the stuff bought in the local shop. I suppose it’s a viable form of beer – it’s all too easy to get trapped into the restricted thinking of beer being composed solely of malt and hops, but ginger beer has neither.  Continue reading »

Beetroot Recovery

A post by aoifemc at I Can Has Cook?

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More on Garnacha/Grenache
Garnacha (in French, Grenache, in Catalan, Garnatxa) is probably the most widely planted variety of red wine grape in the world.
It ripens late, so needs warm, dry conditions such as those found in Spain and in the south of France. It is generally spicy, red berry-flavoured and soft on the palate with a relatively high alcohol content.
It tends to lack acid, tannin and colour, and is usually blended with other varieties such as Syrah, Carignan and Cinsault.  Continue reading »



Had an enjoyable family lunch at Glounthaune’s Rising Tide at the weekend.
Food and prices were good at this popular bistro and so too was the welcome and the service, the latter unobtrusively chatty and well tuned to the two kids, one of whom incredibly demolished that dessert Death by Chocolate.
Most started with the vegetable soup and a decent one it was. Lamb was the roast of the day and the two who choose that were very happy with it as was the punter who enjoyed the fish pie.  Continue reading »

The winner is…

A post by peter at CheapEats.ie

The winner of our champagne dinner for two…
True Random Number Generator Min:

Result: 5 Powered by RANDOM.ORG

That’s you, Peter, entrant number 5. Enjoy your meal for two: simply contact Gallagher’s on 016772762 with your name and the email address you used to enter this competition, and make your reservation.  Continue reading »


Les Gourmandises and Fenns Quay for great dinners, for sure.

Nash 19 for classy snacks and lunches; Cafe Gusto for the smaller bright bites.

Market Lane and the nearby Continental for excellent meals. 

Fishy Fishy in Kinsale for ..work it out!
Kudos (in the Clarion) for Asian at a great price.

The Brick Oven for Pizza and more.

Boqueria for tapas..

Find yourself east of the city?  Continue reading »

Gravad Lax

A post by Keith at Eat me Drink me

Gravlax/Gravad Laks/Gravlaks/Graavilohi(for Finno-Ugraic eccentrics….)/Graflax, or, in Ashkenazi cuisine, lox (though this can sometimes be cold smoked as well as cured)Fine stuff. Easy to make, and keeps for ages. And, in the Boys Own bumper book of Adventure that is my imagination, it gives endless and massive culinary kudos to the maker.The basics are simple. I went with the cooking for.  Continue reading »

Cycles Gladiator is back. Following from my tasting of their Pinot Noir, this time it’s their Cabernet Sauvignon. Available, most likely, soon from Bubble Brothers for about €15.
Please excuse the intro music, I’m assuming it’s good clean Alabama music.  Continue reading »

Click here to view the embedded video.
I came across this video on a very cool blog: Around Britain with a Paunch. I think it’s a nice tour (see the original post for more). Naturally quite thrilled to see we’re included!

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Enjoyed my two day stay at Bantry’s Maritime Hotel: spacious rooms, good service, regular bar entertainment and decent food.It is so central and not just to the town and the bay but to the spectacular peninsulas of Sheep’s Head and Beara and also quite close to the Healy Pass which takes you over the hills and into Kerry.If you want a change from the hotel food, then the Brick Oven (yes, they really have one for the pizzas) is just a short walk up the road.By the way, if you are going into Bantry (from the Cork side) watch out for the hotel’s underground car park which is on the left hand side (opposite the hotel itself).  Continue reading »

Last weekend, Linda, Wendy, Sue and myself decided to head up to Dingle. Linda’s sister got a lovely summer house up there and we kinda invited ourselves along. As Linda knows the way in her sleep, she was the driver for the weekend.
The weather in Cork wasn’t very promising but as soon as we were out of the city, the weather cleared up. Traffic was easy and we made good head. When we arrived in Dingle we stopped for a light lunch at the Apple Tree.  Continue reading »

You may have noticed all the different winter squash at the markets–acorn, butternut, spaghetti, kabocha, just to name a few. I absolutely love butternut squash, which is what I tend to use most often. I suppose we all tend to stick with what we know and like but lately I’ve had quite a few inquiries for what to do with a spaghetti squash, which is great because I really dig this squash too.  Continue reading »

I visited the Dublin Barista, Colin Harmon in his five week old establishment, the 3rd Floor Espresso, on Middle Abbey Street, across the Luas tracks from Arnotts. A more dedicated, passionate barista you will not meet. In a world of mediocre coffee, this is an oasis of great honest coffee.
You won’t get your Tall or Grande Decaff Skinny Soya Latte here. What you will get is a coffee made with the care of a skilled craftsman. And it’s only €2.  Continue reading »

As of Friday 29th January at 5pm, we have 13 people taking part in our Twitter Blind Wine Tasting, but it’s not too late for you to join in this Sunday (January 31st at 8pm) if you live in Cork, as our Bandon store is open until 6pm on Saturday evening. Feel free to pop in and collect your secret bottle from there.
All you have to do on Sunday is follow Brian (@brianclayton), Kevin (@kevatfennsquay), and/or ourselves (@curiouswines), and use the tag #twebt in all your tweets.
Have fun!  Continue reading »

Spotted on the YouTubes, a video from the Bibendum tasting of the 21 January, 2009. Worth a look-see.
From 3min 40secs in, how to taste like a pro, perfect for this Sunday’s Twitter Blind tasting.  Continue reading »

The Temple Bar Trad Fest is taking place this weekend in Dublin, with live music, trad events, a pub trail, and plenty of fancy food.You can check out gigs by We Banjo 3 and Finbar Furey alongside pipers, ceilidh, craft fairs, movies in Meeting House Square, culture workshops, and much more. Foodies will enjoy the food trail featuring restaurants from the Chameleon to Gourmet Burger Kitchen and the Tea Rooms in the Clarence. The festival kicked off on Thursday and runs until Sunday January 31.  Continue reading »

I apologise about lack of photos, but somehow I managed to head to Dublin without a charged battery for my camera.
However, I did have two memorable food experiences I wished to pass on:
1. Third Floor Espresso – 54 Middle Abbey Street. First and most important – THEY ARE ON THE GROUND FLOOR, NOT ON THE THIRD FLOOR! Barista Colin Harmon is far more obsessive than we will ever be – in a good way.  Continue reading »

Recipe: Tagiatelle

A post by George at Not Junk Food

Fresh (naked) Pasta

200g of Tipo 00 pasta flour or plain flour
2 medium fresh eggs
Olive oil
Serves 2
When I started writing out this recipe, it became clear that this is one of those things that is far better to learn by watching rather than to try and read a description of what’s involved.  Continue reading »