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When you get an invitation that has lunch at Eden Restaurant as part of the deal, you say yes and then ask questions later.
So it was that I found myself dining stuffing my gob at Eden during the launch by the Temple Bar Cultural Trust of their well-packed 2010 programme of events (which, I am delighted to report, includes the return of the Chocolate Festival, this time making a pre-Christmas appearance in December).  Continue reading »

A Relaxed Risotto

A post by Babaduck at Babaduck Babbles

This is one of my favourite meals to make. It takes a bit of time so I love Sunday nights, which are all chilled and relaxed – the perfect Risotto cooking conditions. It’s one of The Hubs top 3 dinners and I would get “the look” if I stopped making it.  Continue reading »

Ladybirds in my wine!!!

A post by irishwinecontemplations@gmail.com (Will) at Irish Wine Contemplations

Following on from Conor (Burgundy Direct) Richardsons blog about a taint in 2004 red burgundy http://burgundydirectwines.blogspot.com/2010/01/taste-of-2004-red-burgundy_07.html, Conor organized a tasting last Thursday in Ely CHQ in order to investigate this phenomenon further. The tasting turned out to be one of the most interesting and educational that I have ever had the fortune of attending but was ultimately unsuccessful in the search of the famous ‘coccinella‘.  Continue reading »

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Pie justice at M&S

A post by peter at CheapEats.ie

Regular readers will know that we’re big fans of M&S’s fantastic dine in for two offer. Yesterday, I picked up the main, side, dessert, and bottle of wine for just €12.50, a saving of €12.96.
My dinner, the Cook Menu Chicken and Wiltshire Ham Pie, wasn’t the nicest meal I’ve ever had in M&S. No, it was one of the nicest meals I’ve ever had in my life, and certainly the best ready meal I’ve ever eaten.  Continue reading »

We have received a box of the new Bridgestone Food Guide for our shops, and John & Sally McKenna’s book is a must for anyone who loves Irish food. I’m not just saying this because we’re still blushing here at the write up of our shops (photo above). This is the most comprehensive list of the best of Irish foods (by a long way), with where to go and what to find in all parts of the country.  Continue reading »

It may not look like it now but when I was younger up until the age of 5 or 6 I was completely blonde!  There was a brief few years in my teens where I tried to recreate this look, but this ended in tears and should most definitely not be revisited.  Anyway as a blonde kid people always seemed to make the association between me and the milky bar kid who also had bright blonde hair.  I blame these comparisons for my love of white chocolate from an early age.  I know white chocolate gets quite a lot of stick because it’s not as high quality as good dark chocolate but it is an ingredient that I love using in desserts, giving a great creamy sweet flavour.  Continue reading »

Last Week

A post by Elke at Dine & Wine Club Cork

The start of last week was very quiet, didn’t do much other than tomato chutney. Thursday I was suppose to go to Bubble Brother’s wine tasting in the castle but decided instead to pay Cork Free Choice Consumer Group a visit in the Crawford Gallery. Ann Crowley who spent years in the Middle East introduced vegetarian food from Lebanon, Egypt etc. She shared some of her early memories on how food played an important part of everyday life.  Continue reading »

Baked Veggie Meatballs

A post by Gavan at

We’re still at the tail end of heart month so this recipe is packed with heart healthy goodness in the form of kidney beans. Research has found that higher legume consumption was associated with a whopping 82% reduction in risk of heart attack. Beans are also a great source of protein and are a favourite of vegetarians instead of meat or fish. As a meat eater I love the variety so I use beans in some of my recipes as an added boost.  Continue reading »

Nostalgia, National Pride and Lamingtons.

A post by 'NEEN at 9 BEAN ROW at 9 Bean Row

Food is nostalgia. A reimagining of old loves, flavours, textures, celebrations of the past. I try to say this without pretention, and I am self conscious writing this, as I know it is also a great many other things: political, social, economic and ethnic. Despite this, I firmly believe food connects us to the places we are from, it tells us stories about our past and most importantly I think it speaks of who we are.  Continue reading »



When you walk into the Liberty Grill, you are struck by the happy buzz. It is full again this Friday evening (we started at 6.45pm), all enjoying the good food, well cooked, well presented and served by a smashing staff.

A share of people are dining en famille. Don’t come across it much around town. The well behaved kids are well catered for here; they even get their food ahead of the adults.

Are you to limited to burgers and chips here? No. Far from it.  Continue reading »

Val’s Flapjacks

A post by aoifemc at I Can Has Cook?

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In the absence of reports from those (unable to attend this time) who kindly usually review our meetings online in the blink of an eye after the portcullis at Blackrock has slammed shut, I’m posting a summary of Thursday’s meeting of the Blackrock Castle Wine Club, the second of the year and of the club, which looked at and tasted some wines from the world’s largest wine-producing region, the Languedoc-Roussillon in the south of France.  Continue reading »

Organico Baby Club Offers:
Little Comfort Nappies: 20% off the Full Pack
Bulk Buys – 10% discount if you buy 3 packs of Nature Care Disposable Nappies, natural Baby Wipes, any dried organic baby foods, Nanny Goat Formula or Hipp Organic Formula. Buy 10 pouches of Ella’s Kitchen Baby Food and get one free.  Continue reading »

I’ve recently had my first baby, so this month I am going to focus on all things baby-related! Everyone wants a healthy, happy baby. A calm relaxed parent is one important key to having a happy baby and I’ve found that by informing myself on all kinds of approaches to parenting I’ve been able to make my own way. When it comes to baby health, naturally I’m a fan of using natural products.  Continue reading »


Twebt Mystery Bottle
Have you got your hands on the mystery bottle for the Twitter wine event (#twebt) on Sunday March 7th? Time is running out if you want it delivered to your house for the fun event which apparently trended in Ireland last month. All the details are here while the wine (€19.00, inc. delivery) can only be ordered from Karwig Wines.  Continue reading »


The Crawford Cafe, in the art gallery of the same name, is a lovely place to visit, not least because of the friendly and helpful staff. With walls painted light blue and art works exhibited all around, the cafe is spacious and a great city centre spot to meet someone.

The menu is quite inviting with excellent lunchtime mains courses and plenty of drinks from water to apple juice to wine available also. The prices range from about ten to fourteen euro.  Continue reading »

Top five from recently visited restaurants in Cork:
Fenns Quay, Nash 19, Bramley Lodge, Liberty Grill and Continental.
Next five:
Boardwalk, Boqueria, The Brick Oven, Rising Tide, Farm Gate (Cork).
You’d expect the Farm Gate to be in the top rank but it is too bloody cold up there these days. I don’t fancy eating lunch, no matter how good, in my overcoat.  Continue reading »

Made by request for my friend’s daughter’s third birthday. Not everyday someone wants a baby goat cake! This is just about the tastiest chocolate cake on the planet. Super moist, my go-to chocolate cake. Below is the recipe for both the cake and the icing.  Continue reading »

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