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Tonight is ladies night in at the Hot Dog Lover’s house and I’m having a sleepover! Being the nice polite guest that I am, there’s a large box of wine chilling in my freezer and I made cake.

Not just any old cake, mini chocolate loaf cakes inspired by Leila Lindholm and The Good Food Mood blog. I wasn’t in the humour to make loads of meringue topping, so swapped it out for a lemon cream cheese frosting instead.  Continue reading »

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Lovin’ the Soupbox

A post by svenetos at Chew On That

Every Tuesday morning, I’m stuck driving into downtown Chicago, attending three back-to-back classes at Loyola University Chicago, hanging around and doing homework for about an hour and then going to a meeting. It’s a long day, to the say the least. Although I usually pack a light lunch to get me through that second class, during my break between classes and my meeting, I always make sure to head down the block to the wonderful little restaurant, the Soupbox.  Continue reading »

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Italian Spicy Roast Chicken

A post by Supper Satisfaction at Supper Satisfaction

This dish is another great favourite that is on the table in no time, with very little prep. 

The great combination of chicken, roasted with garlic, tomatoes and peppers in italian seasoning, served on pasta is ideal to heat you up on a February evening!

When roasted, the tomatoes and peppers in this dish char and release a delicious sweetness that really adds to the flavour.

The following recipe makes makes two portions.  Continue reading »

Sometimes, in this house, baking is not just for the bigger members of the family and, along with the Flapjacks and Shortbread, there’s even a tin marked with Little Missy’s name. It’s currently filled with these twice-baked Banana Spelt Biscotti, which I love because they are easily made, contain no sugar and it’s up to you about the kind of flour you use.  Continue reading »

I’m home alone for a few weeks, so I’ve doing a lot of cooking for one. Soups have become my staple: make a big batch and it lasts for a few days lunches and dinners.
With no less than three open bags of red lentils recently discovered in the back of my press, I was determined to get through at least one of them.  Continue reading »

Nothing gangsta to be seen here, a four minute video on how to become a kitchen ninja while not losing any digits in the process:

How To Learn Basic Knife Skills from Apartment Therapy: The Kitchn on Vimeo.  Continue reading »

FairTrade choices

A post by peter at CheapEats.ie

FairTrade Fortnight runs until March 7, and this year’s theme is the Big Swap. Organisers are encouraging people to swap their usual shopping choices for FairTrade products.
I always buy FairTrade whenever I can: bananas and chocolate being one of the staples. It was great to see Cadbury make thier Dairy Milks a FairTrade product, but other mass-produced chocolate manufactuers still have some way to go.  Continue reading »

This recipe is adapted from Rick Stein’s “Food Heroes” book and was given to him by Mumrez Khan when he visited Bradford’s Karachi Restaurant when filming his TV series of the same name. If you’ve been disappointed with home-cooked curries in the past, then give this one a try – the results are superb.  Continue reading »

Freshly sliced Banana Bread

2 cups flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup butter, softened to room temperature
3/4 cup brown sugar
2 eggs, beaten
2 1/3 cups mashed banana (approx 3 bananas)
You will need 2 bowls and a 2lb loaf tin. The older and browner the bananas, the better this recipe will turn out.

Preheat your oven to 190 C.
In a large bowl, mix together the flour, baking soda and salt. Set aside.  Continue reading »

I hope you have been encouraged to get your hands on this book after all the fab recipes, I have been posting this week.  If you are looking for a great baking book this is it!  It’s filled with delicious recipes for everything from biscuits, pastries and cakes to breads, crisp breads and accompanying jams and sauces.  Continue reading »

As a nice way to finish off the Leila Lindholm week here on the blog, Lorraine from New Holland publishing organised a phone interview with the lady herself!  I was very excited on Thursday morning to be able to call the lovely Leila, to have a quick chat about baking, the muffin mafia and of course her next book!  Enjoy! 

So you grew up in a family with a mix of cultures, tell me a little about the kind of food you had growing up, did you find you learned a lot about Morroccan cooking when you were growing up?  Continue reading »

Originating in Mexico, papaya is now grown pretty much wherever the climate allows. I started to like it when I was in Thailand, where I was fortunate to enjoy the sweetest, most beautifully ripe fruit. It’s got quite a unique flavour. Another memorable fruit in South East Asia was mango. Mango and sweet rice is a Thai speciality and I’ll post the recipe for it in the coming weeks.  Continue reading »

Chicken with Lentils

A post by Kristin at Dinner du Jour

I know this dish doesn’t sound like much. In fact, on the night I had planned to make it, it suddenly sounded so boring and unappealing that I briefly debated ordering take-out instead and wondered what I’d been thinking when choosing to make this earlier in the week as part of my weekly meal planning. But I’m glad I resisted the fleeting urge to order pizza — it was surprisingly delicious, and we liked the leftovers the next day even better.  Continue reading »

Dunmanway’s small scale Baking Emporium makes a variety of cakes, breads, confectionery, muesli and seed breads. So do other bakeries. So what is different about Dunmanway?
I put it to the taste recently when I bought some of their stuff in the city. My choice was Emmental Cheese and Pumkmkin Seeded bread. Loved it and will be buying more, for sure.
This is organic seed bread and the range has won awards. They make four Wheat varieties and two Spelt varieties.  Continue reading »

Tadka Dal

A post by Toasted Special at Toasted Special

Dal is often consigned to the “side dishes” section on restaurant menus, but this hearty lentil curry deserves to take centre-stage. It makes a fantastic meal accompanied by some bread or rice. I think lemon rice makes a particularly nice accompaniment, though this is not very authentic. Tadka dal is more a north Indian specialty, lemon rice being from the south.  Continue reading »

Yuk Sung

A post by Supper Satisfaction at Supper Satisfaction

Yuk sung is a traditional Chinese dish that’s usually made with pork mince and fried noodles, served in iceberg lettuce. In this lower fat version, I swap the pork for turkey and fried noodles for brown rice, the result is just as as nice!

We’ve joked that this dish should a be the chief recipe given by the lettuce marketing board!  Continue reading »

You’ve probably seen Olly Smith, or Jolly Olly as he’s better known on the Beeb and elsewhere on the telly.
He’s the Duracell bunny of wine and love child of Matt Lucas, Boris Becker and Boris Johnson. Most importantly, he’s now on the internetz, with his Drink Tank series.
Below, the first episode on aromatic whites. The second episode is all about spicey reds including “Shiraz-ama-tazz”. Vintage stuff.  Continue reading »

Weekly food offers at Lidl include:

New season potatoes (2kg) – half price – now €1.49
Utterly Butterly – reduced from €1.49 to €1
Hovis Best of Both bread – reduced from €1.49 to €1

There’s a new set of weekly food offers every Monday. Click here to see them all.
You’ll find even more specials at Lidl this Saturday, with the Super Saturday offer including reduced price cheese, turkey breast, Walker’s crisps, and apple juice.  Continue reading »