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Cocktail Hour: The Michilada

A post by KathrynSteed at Chew On That

In anticipation of Cinco de Mayo, I wanted to make a Mexican cocktail this week.  Margarita?  No, too boring.  Tequila sunrise?  Again, pretty dull.  When I found this recipe on Recipe4Living, I knew it was “the one.”  The combination of beer, lime juice, spices, and steak sauce sounded too bizarre to pass up, so I assembled the ingredients and got started!  Continue reading »

Oatmeal and Raisin Cookies

A post by thelovingspoonful at The Loving Spoonful

This recipe comes courtesy of, erm, Rachel Allen. Okay, okay – I might as well admit to being utterly enamoured of the whole entire Allen family.
This cookie recipe – along with the one for my most favourite and oft-cooked dinner of all time, which I will share soon – are taken from Rachel Allen’s Bake. Thery are utterly delicious, and outrageously quick and easy – I decided to make them on a whim, and had them in the oven in less than 10 minutes.  Continue reading »

Those lyrics are from the rapper Young Jeezy, and while I don’t think I have a lot in common with him, we both seem to have a fondness for that wonderful green dip know as guacamole!
Now that Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner, I’m preparing for some serious margaritas, ridiculously tasty guacamole and my all-time favorite, quesadillas! Maybe I’ll throw my own Cinco De Mayo party.  Continue reading »

Simple Garlic Mushroom Bruschetta
I love quick and tasty snacks like this which are easy to throw together and are packed full of flavour. Garlic is one of my favourite ingredients, and the fact that it has so many healthy properties, is one of the biggest reasons I justify the amount I use when I cook! Getting some decent quality bread makes all the difference for a bruschetta, you want something that has a nice crisp crust and a soft but chewy inside!  Continue reading »

Photo: phoenixdelite.templates.ie

Now, I don’t want to cause any offense to diabetics or those who are cutting out sugar from their diet. But we all have our unfounded food prejudices, whether that’s my (now corrected) ignorant belief that Mexican food is “samey” or that diabetic friendly chocolates and jellies are as delicious as a pile of concrete.  Continue reading »

Parsley Sauce

A post by Supper Satisfaction at Supper Satisfaction

This parsley sauce recipe is an ideal accompaniment for steamed fish or perfect with gammon or grilled bacon. The light creamy sauce also works great served with mashed potato or as a dip for vegetables.

When making sauces, many people worry about lumps forming. I find that warming the milk first, then adding the other ingredients eliminates lumps every time. 

The recipe will give 2 generous portions.  Continue reading »

Taster lunch at Koh

A post by peter at CheapEats.ie

We’ve featured Koh many times on this site, mostly with good things to say. It’s been open for two years now and it’s emerged as one of the best Thai restaurants in Dublin.
I went there yesterday for a celebratory lunch with my parents and two friends, and was immediately drawn in by a very tempting lunch offer.  Continue reading »

Another lively session of the Blackrock Castle wine club took place last night, with eight wines under discussion and a startling number of items in ‘other news’.  Continue reading »


A post by lors at italian foodies

A.  Continue reading »

It’s not just its mountainous heritage that makes Blue Moon a watershed beer: it marks the separation point between people who like to drink beer and people who live to drink beer. In my experience, the norms universally love it while there are few beers that inspire such invective from the geeks. I’d never had it before so bought a bottle to give it an honest assessment. And I found that really difficult.  Continue reading »

Recipe: BBQ Ribs

A post by George at Not Junk Food

BBQ ribs hot from the oven

1 portion BBQ rub
BBQ sauce
500ml apple juice
Cider vinegar
2 racks pork back ribs (approx 400g each)
Serves 2-4

Start by getting a roasting tin large enough to hold both racks of ribs and adding the apple juice and a splash of Cider Vinegar to the tin. Next take a chopping board and sprinkle some of the BBQ rub on to it.
Now place the racks into the roasting tin and make sure they are well covered in the liquid.  Continue reading »


A post by lors at italian foodies

A.  Continue reading »

Don’t forget – Dine In Cork Restaurant Week starts today, Friday 30 April, and runs until next Saturday, 8 May. A total of 25 restaurants in and around Cork, including Bibliocook favourites Star Anise, Liberty Grill, Fenn’s Quay, Jacques (all in Cork city) and Over the Moon in Skibbereen are offering a three course dinner, plus tea or coffee, for just €25. You’ll find more details, including menus, here and on Facebook/Twitter. Book early, book often!  Continue reading »

For this weeks foodie post we’re delighted to welcome one of our curious customers onto the Curious Wines blog. Triona, a former professional chef, has been tasting her way through our range for some time now, and she’s even brought us some yummy treats into the shop for us to try, including this Caesar Salad. Take it from us, ditch the squeezable sauce and the pre-packed croutons for a class above.  Continue reading »

… what more does one need. Since living on my own I haven’t cooked much (it is really boring to cook for oneself) so I was worried that I have lost my cooking mojo (I had Andrea and Anita over recently and made a boondoogle of the food) so I decided to grab the bull by its horns and give it another try. So I invited Caz, Jan, Anita and Andrea over last Monday. I wanted to keep it low key as it was the start of the week and I didn’t want my friends to be overstuffed.  Continue reading »

Supermarket Sweep

A post by Sharon Hearne Smith at Sharon Hearne-Smith

I spent a whopping 4 hours shopping in the supermarket on Monday. One supermarket. In one go. Head went into melt-down so I had to leave for a few hours and come back and finish off for another couple. Spotting these packs made me happy though. Even had the store manager (my new bessie mate) round to have a look. Poor man.

I know. Talking about Denny yet again.  Continue reading »

Dog Beer

A post by Thom at Black Cat Brewery

I’ve been a away a while. Partly taking a break from the world of the internet and also because I was busy working on other things. This is not the best beer to give my blog the kick start it badly needs, but it’ll do. Gimmicky doesn’t begin to cover this stuff but I was unashamedly drawn right in. I bought it for the hound dog that patrols the land around my in-laws farm in Mayo. He loved the stuff, as well he might because there is a healthy does of beef extract in it.  Continue reading »

Best Restaurant in the U.S

A post by AllisonEvans at Chew On That

On Monday, April 26, 2010, the S. Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants were announced.  While a U.S. restaurant didn’t top out at number 1, I am happy to announce that the best restaurant in the U.S is…Alinea, in my lovely home, Chicago! Alinea moved moved up the ladder 3 spaces this year and has been voted best restaurant in the U.S., at number 7.  Not too shabby.  The photo I’ve used in this post is apparently a picture of course 14 at Alinea.  Continue reading »

Some super cheap fruit and veg at Lidl this week:

Avocados for 39c
Aubergines 69c
Three cloves of garlic, 69c

More weekly offers from Lidl
Super Saturday offers include Pinot Grigio for €4.19 and 32% off Sirloin Steaks.
The current special buys are still all outdoor themed: they’re offering barbeques, sleeping bags, tents, camping cookers and portable toilets at the usual knock-down prices.  Continue reading »

Wholemeal Wraps

A post by Supper Satisfaction at Supper Satisfaction

Wholemeal wraps on the menu today! When trying to loose weight, wholemeal options are the best ones to chose. Wholemeal bread, pasta or cereals are better for you, fill you up more and keep you full for longer.

These wraps are kept on the light side by using low fat milk and only one teaspoon of olive oil. They are great served with some cooked chicken, lettuce and a little low fat mayo.

The recipe will give 4 wraps.  Continue reading »