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Pizza… revisited*

A post by gluttonyforbeginners at Gluttony for Beginners

* I have updated this post following the Twizzaparty – which was great fun to take part in and gave me lots of fabulous ideas for toppings, thanks to Reindeersp, Dinner du Jour, Babaduck, Like Mam Used To Bake, Bibliocook, Joanna Schaff, Clare Kleinedler, I Can Has Cook and of course our lovely judge  Lorraine at Italian Foodies!  The pictures  are my chosen pizza for the evening with parma ham, mozzarella, chilli oil and fresh basil (I put the basil on towards the end of cooking to avoid burning but in future I think I would just scatter on when the pizza is removed from the oven completely as basil tends to get too crisp).  One difference to my method was only part rolling the dough and then using my hands to shape and stretch the pizza.  This I found gave a slightly thicker, chewier crust whilst still keeping the base nice and thin – this is definitely the way I will make pizza in future. The more you make it, the better you will get.  I would still love to learn to spin it like the pros though!  Continue reading »

This Thursday. Circle it on your calendars, put it in your iPhones (I know you have em, I was at the #irishfoodies event), for it is a Thursday to make all other Thursdays look small and pale in comparison. Why you ask, why? Well good sirs, I shall tell you why… It’s the world’s first…  Continue reading »

Pretty in Pink

A post by Babaduck at Babaduck Babbles

Yesterday morning, I was accosted by a pair of 5 year old maniacs, one of whom demanded I paint her nails in a Skittles Manicure style, but with just pink and coral polish.  The other one just wanted to put pink princess stickers all over me… so what had I done to deserve this treatment after just 4 hours sleep?  We had been at Gift Grub on Saturday night in the Grand Canal Theatre & stayed the night in my parents house where my two nieces Lulu and Sheesha, together with S’s brother Handsome Man were also having a sleepover.  Little Sis is on hols in Sunny Spain (the cow) so Lulu is on a week’s holidays with Nanny & Grandad and loving every minute of it.  I had promised her that she could tickle Uncle Hubs until “he screams like a girl” so they were all highly excited at the thought of a grown up getting tickles!  Himself eventually rose from the dead at about 10.30 and was pounced upon.  Sheesha & Handsome Man knew the drill by heart and began the “all around the garden, looking for lots of TICKLES” routine while Lulu watched in awe.  The Hubs tried to ignore it, but it was no use… they had him bang to rights.   We even did part of Lulu’s turn as Gaeilge – it’s a bit mad when only one of the nieces & nephews goes to a Gaelscoil as I’m so used to switching between Irish & English when I’m talking to her, that I do it automatically with the other two as well!  Continue reading »

While I know there has been very little recipes on the blog recently, hopefully I can keep you going with another tasty competition!  The lovely folks at Lindt, have tickets to give away for the Taste of Dublin Festival to celebrate the launch of their brand new range of excellence milk chocolate varieties, the lucky winner will also get a big bloody hamper of chocolate, the kind of prize that will brighten up the most miserable Irish summer day!  Lindt will also be down at the festival itself, so if you really get hooked after eating all the chocolate in the hamper, you can pick up more when you attend Taste with your free tix!  Continue reading »

A.  Continue reading »



WEEK 3, DAY 16Rainy Day SarlatJ Grolier Foie Gras24260 Le Bugue05 53 07 22 64www.foiegras-groliere.com
If all the restaurants in the centre of Sarlat are serving up Foie Gras, then all the shops seem to be selling it. But are they? You need to read the labels carefully, otherwise you could well be presenting Aunt Mary with a Terrine du Canard.We had an idea of what we wanted by the time we called.  Continue reading »

Just a reminder that Bloom is here! Not sure if I’ll get out there myself even though I’ll be in Dublin for the Flora Mini Marathon– but it sounds like an event not to be missed!

Bloom, Ireland’s largest gardening, food and family event, returns to the Phoenix Park Dublin this June bank holiday weekend for 5 days (Thursday 3rd – Monday 7th June). This year’s event will include over 20 spectacular showgardens, 50 floral displays and a large scale artisan farmers market.  Continue reading »

It’s hard to come up with a name for this one as you can’t really place it from a country, though I suppose that it is mostly Italian in flavours. I tried a dish similar to this one while visiting Isaac’s mum a few weeks back and loved it. I changed a few things that needed changing and I feel now it’s a perfect light (but at the same time filling) summery dinner. This would also be great as a cold side salad as part of a BBQ or picnic.  Continue reading »

It’s hard to come up with a name for this one as you can’t really place it from a country, though I suppose that it is mostly Italian in flavours. I tried a dish similar to this one while visiting Isaac’s mum a few weeks back and loved it. I changed a few things that needed changing and I feel now it’s a perfect light (but at the same time filling) summery dinner. This would also be great as a cold side salad as part of a BBQ or picnic.  Continue reading »

Until tomorrow at Tesco, you can pick up any three of 17 meats for €10, as well as six bottles of Bud/ Bud Light/ Heineken/ Bulmers/ Carlsberg for €7.
Some other offers, valid until Saturday June 5, include:

Keeling’s strawberries – half price – now €2.49
Tesco quality Irish pork chops (875g) – reduced from €9 to €6

There’s loads more on offer with varying expiry dates. Click here to browse through all the specials.  Continue reading »

Men’s health is often ignored, both by our men and by our society. To start to redress this balance locally we have designated June Men’s Health Month in Organico. Click here for the list of events we have planned. We already get a lot of men calling in and asking for advice on health issues, but we know that there are many who need some encouragement to ask!
Martin Mulchrone from EmployAbility Services in Bantry is a customer who came to us for advice on reducing his cholesterol levels.  Continue reading »

Calling West Cork men!

If you would like to avail of our Free Men’s Health Consultations call in to Organico for your free Men’s Health Information Pack, or make an appointment with one of our Health Advisors who are available on the following dates for consultations:
9th June: Miram O’Shea (Higher Nature specialist)
10.00 to 12.30 free consultations on health weight management, cholesterol and men’s reproductive/sexual health.  Continue reading »

That’s more like it, SuperValu. There’s plenty of enticing offers this week, including:

SuperValu thick cut rashers (330g) – half price – now €2.44
Mix and match fruit and veg – galia melon, rhubarb, nectarine punnet, mushrooms, peach punnet, peppers, bananas, and tenderstem broccoli for – any 3 for €4 (€2 each)
SuperValu BBQ meat range – any 2 for €6 (€4 each)

Offer expiry dates vary. Click here for more details.  Continue reading »

I think it was The Glutton who mentioned homemade pizza on Thursday afternoon.  I had a huge longing for that exact thing earlier that day but as it was Thursday and as I try to eat healthy meals on weekdays I banished all such yummy thoughts from my head.  Then she just had to go and dangle it in my face again.  A little discussion arose on Beaut.ie with some of the lovely ladies advising that as it was homemade it couldn’t be all that bad for a person and to go on ahead and indulge myself.  I held my resolve though and decided no, not a morsel of pizza would pass my lips before the officialdom of the weekend.  A request was then submitted for a pizza base recipe which I duly posted and on Friday morning I was informed by Emz that she had made said pizza and twas yum and munched with great appreciation from her Mr. I caved and decided that instead of waiting until Saturday night as I had resolved to do I would have to, HAVE TO, have pizza on the menu for Friday instead.  It was gorgeous, so much nicer than any shop bought, frozen or takeaway options.  Continue reading »

Banana & Raisin Bread

A post by Supper Satisfaction at Supper Satisfaction

A bit of baking on the menu today to ease you into the new week! This banana and raisin bread is light and moist and delicious with a cuppa. Great served on it's own, even better with a little low fat butter on top. The loaf will keep perfectly for a couple of days if stored in an airtight container or biscuit tin. 

The recipe will make a small loaf.

• 75g raisins
• 150ml unsweetened orange juice
• 50ml low fat milk
• 2 medium bananas. Peeled and mashed
• 1 egg. Lightly beaten
• 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence 
• 4 sweeteners. Crushed with a spoon
• 2 teaspoons of honey
• a couple of sprays of Fry Light One Cal spray oil
• 225g self-raising flour
• ½ level teaspoon of salt. (Low sodium salt would be best)
• 50g low fat butter. Chilled. (You can pop it into the freezer for a few minutes before using)

Well I have promised you recipes, and so here is a yummy one for Honey Mustard Marinated Pork cutlets, courtesy of Bord Bia, and their fabulous quality assured Irish Pork (Irish baby, it’s all good). This is super simple and just lovely. I recommend making the marinade on a Sunday so you have an easy…  Continue reading »

Exams are over! Hurrah, Hooray, all other words that mean similar. That’s not to say they were fantastic now, but sure what can you do. I got a bit unlucky with the old questions, and as lovely as schistosomiasis sounds, it’s not my specialty area. It’s just not as rotten as Amoebiasis, and thus less…  Continue reading »

Announced quietly on Twitter a number of weeks ago, it’s official: we’re moving!

With just a tinge of sadness, just 18 months after opening our Bandon wine warehouse, it is testimony to our wonderfully supportive customer base that we’ve outgrown it and are moving to the city.  Continue reading »

A flowchart that helps you find somewhere to eat in New Orleans (click for larger version)

From Berning Marketing.  Thanks to my friend John H for sending this on.
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Kids’ Menu in Milano
CheapEats in The Sunday Tribune
Coffee at Dublin Airport.  Continue reading »

Sweets of sin

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

At a piddling 9.5% ABV I was half expecting Dieu du Ciel’s Péché Mortel to be a bit of a light affair. On pouring from the 341ml screwtop I got gentle whiffs of café crème, though a proper sniff reveals a distinct hoppiness to the aroma as well. On tasting, all illusions of this being the more vapid sort of imperial stout disappear.
The body is huge and treacle-thick, with just a gentle prickle running through it making the flavours dance.  Continue reading »