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There’s a nice piece on an Irish food tour for kids in the Guardian, which includes a mention of us!

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BALLYMALOE COOKERY SCHOOL GARDENS Made a very enjoyable visit today to the Ballymaloe Cookery School Gardens (and Farm Shop). Arches of traditional varieties of apple, with a few hens and cocks resting and scratching, lead you on the way. Highlights for me were the Herb Garden and the Herbaceous Border. Other gardens are the vegetable garden, the fantastic Maze (planted in 1996) and the.  Continue reading »

The Fourth of July is rapidly approaching, and we all know what that means.  Eating outside is a must, so it’s time to get out your barbecue and start grilling!  Because I’m not a grilling pro, I went into the Recipe4Living Encyclopedia of Tips to see if I could get some last-minute tips before Sunday’s party.  Here’s what I found:
Here are some easy and useful grilling tips that I found on Recipe4Living.  Hopefully, they’ll give me the edge I need to throw the world’s best Fourth of July BBQ!  Continue reading »

CheapEats Holidays!

A post by peter at CheapEats.ie

You may have noticed a slightly quieter site lately. Jean is off gallivanting around Mexico with our friend J. Headen Esquire, while I’m preparing to pack up for my own overseas adventures.
We’re leaving the site in Rercy’s very capable hands and scheduling a few of our own posts (ah, the magical wonder of Wordpress). There will still be posts most days of the week – just not as many. Normal service resumes later this month.  Continue reading »

Cost of Compliance

A post by admin at Ummera

We have just had another visit from our veterinary officer to make sure that we are compliant with the tomes of legislation that seems to grow and expand on a daily basis to ensure, apparently, that you, the consumer, do not suffer from any known or unknown disease, parasite or bacteria that might harbour in the deepest recesses of the sanitised smokehouse.  Continue reading »

Gardens and food in the sunshine: what’s not to like? The Husband and I – Little Missy landed with the Little Sister for a day’s worth of chasing the dog in my parents’ garden – headed up for the Friday of this year’s Bloom festival. It was a day for sunscreen and sunglasses as we sat under umbrellas in the beer garden, enjoying Dungarvan Brewing Company’s Helvick Gold and, although there was an unfortunate lack of ice, Llewellyn’s Double L cider.  Continue reading »

Yes, I am still alive

A post by likemamusedtobake at like mam used to bake

I know, I know I should have called or sent a text or let someone know where I was.  I’m sorry.  I know the cost of a phonecall is a small price to pay for your peace of mind.  I won’t do it again.  I wasn’t in a ditch somewhere, or in the hospital.  I hadn’t been kidnapped, nor had I run away to join the circus.  No, honest to God.  I just had a few lazy days.  Shocking, isn’t it.  Ah don’t be like that now, come on.  It was nothing to do with you, I swear.  I was a bit tired and then there was the heat and sure you know yourself, I’m no good to anyone in that heat, so I had a bit of the old foggy brain syndrome and nothing was computing in there.  I thought about baking.  I willed myself to bake.  I flicked through various books and drooled over the scrummy pictures.  I lay like a star fish on my bed staring at the ceiling thinking of all sorts of gorgeous concoctions, real and imagined.  I even stood in the kitchen, poised and ready to start, but alas my brain would not allow it.  It wanted time to do nothing, sit and ponder, look at the pretty flowers, eat chocolate and drink ice cold drinks.  It wanted to lie in bed and dream wondrous dreams full of far off destinations, dazzling jewels, luxurious clothes, lotions and potions that hold the key to eternal youth, and a kitchen with all the storage and work top space it’s buddy the heart desires.  I had no choice but to indulge it and without instruction my limbs were unable to move in such a way that would produce a cake of scrumptious proportions. 
I am back now and am ready to bake once more.  I have a teeny problem though, I have so many cakes I want to bake and devour I don’t quite know where to start.  I will come to a decision soon, and you lovely people will be the very first to know.  I promise.  Continue reading »


A post by Ealaprincess at foodyblog

First of all, I’m sorry that I don’t have my own picture of guacamole, I really thought I had one but I can’t find it. Next time I make some (and if I remember to grab my camera) I’ll put up my own picture.
Guacamole is amazing!!! That’s really all I can say about it. Other than try this recipe out, add it to Mexican food, use as a spread on sandwiches or as a dip or even just toast some fresh bread and place some on top.  Continue reading »


A post by Ealaprincess at foodyblog

First of all, I’m sorry that I don’t have my own picture of guacamole, I really thought I had one but I can’t find it. Next time I make some (and if I remember to grab my camera) I’ll put up my own picture.
Guacamole is amazing!!! That’s really all I can say about it. Other than try this recipe out, add it to Mexican food, use as a spread on sandwiches or as a dip or even just toast some fresh bread and place some on top.  Continue reading »

Adventures in Veg on Facebook

A post by Sweet @ Adventures in Veg at Adventures in Veg....

Hey folks! If you use Facebook, you might be glad to hear that Adventures in Veg now has its own Facebook page -http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Adventures-in-Veg/103603963023940Pop over and say hello!
In other news, I’ve just joined a group blog called The Anti Room. To say I’m excited is an understatement, as it was one of my favourite blogs before it wound down last year.  Continue reading »

Time magazine had a very interesting and revealing piece on the world’s worst fast food – most of which was in the States. The meals included a particularily revolting looking ‘Outback Steakhouse Aussie Cheese Fries’ which was a whopping 2,140 Calories – more than the recommended daily allowance.  Continue reading »

L’apperot a la francaise

A post by noreply@blogger.com (Yann_Chef) at Food Lorists

Despite our football history, greatfood.ie and sopexa are celebrating the French apperitif way of life.
Visit the L’Aperitif section on www.Greatfood.ie or on Facebook (www.facebook.com/aperitifalafrancaise) to get some superb, yet simple, French recipes. If you live near an outlet of Donnybrook Fair, pop in during July to pick up any of the French ingredients required for the recipes, check out their price offers, enjoy the free samples and enter their great competitions.  Continue reading »

Today at 8.34am Tiarnan turned 5. Such excitement, he suddenly had a super strenght that only a 5 year old and definitely not a 4 year old could have and as we sang Happy Birthday he displayed his new “strenght” by doing cart wheels across the kitchen floor. Don’t you just love the enthusiasm that children have for all things new and how every day is potentially a new adventure!!Tiarnan is a great man for food. He’s constantly wondering about his next meal.  Continue reading »

Minty Pea Pasta

Pasta for 4 – I used fresh spaghetti
1 onion, finely diced
2 large handfuls of peas
1/2 cup butter, softened
A large handful of fresh mint leaves, finely chopped
1/2 teaspoon dried mint
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 teaspoon paprika
Large pinch of salt
Serves 4

In a bowl mix the butter, lemon juice, mint (fresh and dried), salt and paprika until well blended.  Continue reading »

Well ok not completely free but it is freeish, as long as you dont mind a bit of a wait. Given that you probably still have elderflowers somewhere near you I recommend you get out and pick them now and youll have your freeish booze in 2 weeks!
I saw the first elderflowers in bloom two weeks ago and was so excited that I immediately grabbed some and brought them home. Then they sat in my kitchen for 2 days and promptly went quite smelly.  Continue reading »

I absolutely love 4th of July. Since I was a kid, my uncle would set off fireworks in the backyard as we’d run for cover and pray we wouldn’t get hit. This holiday means fun, delicious food and best of all…fireworks. The weather is always pretty toasty too!
Usually my aunt and uncle, the same one who’d set off fireworks, host a barbecue. They do a fabulous job, grilling burgers and hot dogs. Other relatives bring the potato salad, other salads and a ton of desserts.  Continue reading »

For this Meatless Monday’s inspiration I focused on the upcoming 4th of July holiday, which primarily belongs to us meat eaters and our grills. Since we’re all making our efforts to go without our beloved meat on Mondays (well we’re trying anyway!), I wanted to showcase a super easy and pretty tasty way to still get your protein through soy beans (aka tofu) vs. animal protein. If you’re new to tofu, this is a great way to try it as bbq sauce makes anything taste good.  Continue reading »

It was The Hubs birthday on Friday and not only did I create a monumental cake to celebrate, I also made him a special birthday dinner of his choosing.  He asked for steak, and possibly chips.  So, I bought two gorgeous T-bones from the Butchers Block in Dundrum and Lulu helped me to select the vegetables to go with them – asparagus and tenderstem broccoli.  Continue reading »

Just got this late message from Barry’s Tea. If you want your face on their new packs, act now. Read on….
Just thought I’d let you know, since you’re a Barry’s Tea fan and everything, that dreams are about to come true!! As a big thank you to everyone who voted for Barry’s Tea in the SuperValu People’s Choice Awards Barry’s are offering all fans a chance to send in their pics to be immortalised.  Continue reading »


A post by Ealaprincess at foodyblog

So I have a lot of excuses about why I haven’t posted in a month!! :O but I won’t go into it. What I will go into are my brand new recipes to come!
I have 6 planned so stay posted!
Also I wanted to say something about trying new foods. For a long time when I was younger I was beyond a fussy eater. Unless I knew I liked it I wouldn’t even try it. This element of my personality thankfully has changed and now I will now try almost everything!!Food is so amazing!!!  Continue reading »