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Grim… the view from Diep At Home

There’s a street in Dublin 8 that runs from South Circular Road at Dolphin’s Barn down to the canal, that has to be one of the most desolate stretches of retail I’ve ever seen anywhere.  Continue reading »

THE WEEKEND CATCHRestaurant & Bar Scene in Corkvia Twitter & FacebookLIBERTY GRILL and FENNS QUAY UP GRADE, REVAMP
Liberty Grill We will be closed Monday the 2nd to Thursday the 5th of August for a little TLC. We reopen 8am Friday the 6th.
We will be upgrading our disabled toilet facilities, reupholstering our banquette seating and chairs, re-varnish the floor, painting plus numerous repairs and.  Continue reading »

The folks over at Robert Roberts have been in touch and they are very excited. Too much coffee? No, at least not this time, it turns out that they have been quite successful in the recent Great Taste Awards where Robert Roberts products celebrated a haul of 12 Gold Stars. Apparently stars are awarded via blind tasting with the amount of stars meaning a particular number of judges agree on the product’s merit, 8 judges for one star 20 judges for 2 stars, and so on.  Continue reading »

To save time you can use ready-made fresh pasta sheets for the ravioli

Last week I gave a gushing review of ‘Made in Italy – Food and Stories’ by Giorgio Locatelli and my admiration for this Italian recipe book has not waned. In fact, since trying out a few more recipes, I have not stopped banging on about it to friends. I think they’re still my friends.  Continue reading »

Steak Taco

A post by Nessa Robins at Nessa's Family Kitchen

Each month I receive Easy Food- A brilliant Irish food magazine that’s packed with a vast variety of lovely recipes.  Continue reading »

After a long, hot, relaxing day at the beach, the last thing I wanted to do was turn on the oven, stand over a simmering pot, or even think much about dinner. I also needed to use up at least one of my numerous bulbs of kohlrabi. This simple yet elegant dish was the perfect solution. If you are not familiar with kohlrabi, the slaw is a nice way to try it. I prefer it in salads like this one, raw and thinly sliced.  Continue reading »

Shortly after finishing university my girlfriend and I bought two round-the-world airline tickets, with the first stop being Thailand. After a few days we flew north from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, where we attended a one day cookery course at the Thai Farm Cooking School. This is where I picked up one of my most treasured cookery books – a 31 page Thai recipe book with the cookery school’s most popular dishes. Every student gets a free one.  Continue reading »

August is National Sandwich Month, and I’m glad! Sandwiches are the quickest and easiest meals out there. Most of them don’t even involve cooking. I bring a sandwich for lunch at least a couple times a week, and I’m thankful it doesn’t take me longer than 5 minutes to make most of them. But I’m getting kind of tired of my typical sandwich. I found a terrific list of 15 sandwiches that don’t take longer than 5 minutes to make at Recipe4Living.  Continue reading »

Exciting News!  Continue reading »

Ah Superquinn, Superquinn, Superquinn. They really are super. Their special offers are even more super. And I may be about to move in just across the road from a branch- but I’m only going to buy the odd exclusive Superquinn treat, like Crabbie’s alcoholic ginger beer, or all their special offers.
The current set includes:

Any 3 of 7 selected meats for €7.97
50% off selected summer fruits
Half price freezer deals

The offers are valid until August 10. Click here for details.  Continue reading »

I was looking around online the other day and found that ESPN had compiled a pretty interesting list.  They actually looked at the health inspection reports from various sports stadiums around the country and saw how many food vendors were in violation of health codes.  Check out the results; you may be surprised!  Continue reading »

The M&S dine in for two for €12.50 offer is back – just in time for the Bank Holiday weekend!
The selection of mains includes ginger, lime and coriander chicken, ready to roast honey glazed gammon, and seabass with a roasted pepper dressing. The full menu can be seen on the M&S website.
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M&S Dinner for Two for €12.50
M&S Dine in for Two is Back!
M&S Dinner for Two for €12.50.  Continue reading »

More Pizza

A post by George at Not Junk Food

A few Weeks back, I did a post about <a href="http://notjunkfood.net/2010/07/08/proper-pizza/"proper pizza and highlighted some of my favourite pizza places in Dublin. Since then I’ve visited a few more and want to add to that post a little.
In particular I want to mention two restaurants; one fantastic and the other a bit of a let down. I like to finish my posts on an upside whenever possible so I’ll start with the disappointment.  Continue reading »

Current specials at Aldi include:

Adventure set for kids – €19.99
Natural extracts (vanilla extract in particular can be really hard to track down; I’m going to stock up) – €2.79 per pack
Organic whole almonds/ walnut halves/ cashew nuts

Click here for details.
The current Super6 at Aldi – a selection of fruit and veg for just 79c – includes asparagus, pineapple, and tomatoes.
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Special offers at Aldi
Specials at Aldi
Special buys at Aldi.  Continue reading »

So maybe I was a little harsh on Lidl last week. Then again, I probably wasn’t.
Food offers
This week is more appealing. You can pick up ten veg items, including aubergine, lettuce, and onions, for just 50c each – click here for details.
Other current food offers include price reductions on bread, ice cream, and selected beers and wines. There’s a new set of food offers every Saturday. Click here for details.  Continue reading »

Francis of A Sissy

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

They were a little sheepish, the Cork contingent of ICB when the local brewery launched a pink beer. While new brews are always welcome, it’s best not to get too excited in case someone thinks you’re a bit… you know. Me I’m always ready to embrace my fruity side, so it was on with my most flamboyant outfit and off down to The Franciscan Well to see what all the excitement manly banter was about.  Continue reading »

While the New World continues to take the fight to the traditional, some might say, awkward and one- dimensional, Old World producers, it is perhaps the New World who should also be watching their backs, as two of our close neighbours, England and Wales (pictured), are preparing to shake the industry worldwide.  Continue reading »

Last Thursday, 22nd July, myself, Babaduck Babbles, the Beau and one of his friends, went on an adventure to Dun Laoghaire to learn the art of curing bacon from the gregarious Ed Hicks of J Hick & Sons.

We arrived at the factory shop of Hicks which is located in the laneway behind Upr George’s Street and were warmly greeted by Ed and met the rest of the people taking part in the course that evening.  Continue reading »

I have heard of some strange things in my life, but I have never heard of a hot dog that costs more than $5 (and that’s including professional baseball games!)  I’m a big budget cooker, so to hear about a hot dog that will have you shelling over $69 was appalling to me!  Continue reading »

Good evening m’dears! You might have noticed that on Adventures in Veg I try and have as many gluten-free posts as possible, as though I’m not a coeliac I like the blog to appeal to as many people as possible. I read lots of great gluten-free blogs and have so much respect for coeliac bloggers because they are often the most important source of gluten-free information for their readers.  Continue reading »