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A week ago, I was lucky enough to chat with Melissa and Joey Maggiore, stars of the new Food Network program “Family Style,”which premiered on August 26. The show follows the Maggiores, a brother and sister team who opened up Tommy V’s Urban Kitchen, an Italian restaurant in Carlsbad, California.  This unscripted “odd couple-esque” series documents the mayhem, mishaps, and hilarity that come with working with your sibling. Read some of the interview highlights after the jump!  Continue reading »

I was sure I had blogged this before but it seems I dreamt that, so now to rectify the situation because this recipe definitely needs shared and devoured!

Here be my lovely and simple and ever so tasty recipe for mars bar krispie treats
Mars Bar Krispie Treats
Makes 16 2″ squares
Ingredients75g unsalted butter5 x 58g Mars bars3 cups of rice krispies/generic puffed rice150g milk chocolate30g unsalted butter
Recipe1. Melt together the Mars bars and 75g butter in a double boiler.2.  Continue reading »



Fenn’s Quay terrace pictured Oct 1986; the book shop on extreme right is now the restaurant.
A truly great dining experience. That’s how Matt of Curious Wines, our guest blogger, described a recent visit to the city centre restaurant….
With the surprise arrival of my girlfriend into Curious Wines  on Saturday afternoon after a 4 hour drive from Armagh (she must love me.  Continue reading »

Picture courtesy of Gill & Macmillan

When the lovely people at Gill & Macmillan sent me a copy of Catherine Fulvio’s first cookbook Catherine’s Italian Kitchen I was delighted and immediately flicked through the pages eagerly picking out recipes to try.  The first thing I noticed is that the book has a very fresh and light feel to it, both visually thanks to the vibrant photography and physically – it’s a paperback and good size for the kitchen.    
Catherine grew up in Ballyknocken House, Co Wicklow, which she now runs in addition to the very successful Cookery School and this experience together with the Italian influence from her Sicilian husband Claudio, makes for an informative and easy to read guide to basic Italian cooking.  Catherine’s first cookery book follows on from her very successful RTE TV series, Catherine’s Italian Kitchen’, which aired last year, and a new series, Catherine’s Roman Holiday, will air on RTE this September.   
As I do with most new cookbooks I set aside some time where I could look through in more depth and mark the recipes that will be first on the list to try – before I knew it I had several tabs running through the book.  The recipes are easy to read and there is nothing too complex or off-putting for anyone to try.   Whilst this book isn’t a heavy tome it is quite comprehensive – with a note on ingredients, a conversion chart and an impressive selection of recipes covering a wide array of dishes from Antipasti and Starters, through Pizzas and Calzones, Soups and Pastas and Risotto, on to Fish and Poultry and Meat finishing up with Desserts, Baking and Drinks.   This book covers everything from simple but tasty bites like bruschetta and roast stuffed peppers to easy midweek suppers such as the delicious looking Aubergine Parmigiana (a definite on my list of dishes to try), right through to an impressive Roasted Pork Belly with Lemon, Honey and Thyme, which looks perfect for a slow-paced weekend meal for family or friends, and then of course on to the beautiful Italian desserts such as Catherine’s take on an Italian classic – a divine Raspberry Tiramisu.  It seems that Catherine’s recipes favour simplicity and there is definitely something here for everyone.   
One thing that immediately struck me, perhaps because I live in a fairly rural location, is that most of the recipes require ingredients that are easily obtained and won’t require an additional trek to a specialist store, you will most likely find what you need for the majority of these dishes in your local supermarket - an important factor for many busy people with not so much time on their hands and those of us with limited access to specialist ingredients.   
The first recipe I have tried from the book is the Tuscan Bean Soup, which apart from celery, contained ingredients that I already had in the cupboard or fridge.  This is a robust, deep flavoured and nourishing soup that makes you feel good just to look at it.  The use of pancetta and parmesan gives a wonderfully savoury depth to the soup and the addition of beans (I used Cannellini) and macaroni transforms this to a most satisfying, hearty lunch or if served with some rustic bread would make a wonderfully simple supper.  
A lovely book for simple, everyday Italian cooking Catherine’s Italian Kitchen is available now priced at €19.99 and if you buy direct from the publishers Gill & Macmillan you can avail of a very generous 20% discount.  Continue reading »

We gave you a rundown on salmonella last week, since millions of eggs have been tainted. Now we’re giving you an update, and we’re sorry that it isn’t a happy one. It’s actually really gross, and it will probably make me think twice about eating eggs for a while. Government reports made a grim discovery regarding the conditions at the two Iowa egg producers that are at the forefront of the egg recall. Filthy doesn’t even begin to describe what they found. More after the jump.  Continue reading »

On The Way…

A post by Babaduck at Babaduck Babbles

The car was packed, filled with diesel and headed in the direction of Rosslare Harbour.  The crossing was smooth, the food was oh so average and the wifi was €8 per hour (no thank you very much).  We arrived in Cherbourg at 11am on Sunday and thanks to paying a mere tenner extra for speedy exit, were off the boat in 90 seconds!  Continue reading »

Ananda: lifting the veil on Indian food

I’m always dubious when someone tells me they’ve discovered the best Indian restaurant in Ireland. More often than not, it does indeed turn out to be very good indeed, but very, very similar to most of the  Indian food served in Ireland. Seven pieces of identically shaped chicken or lamb, swirling in lots of sauce, and served in a silver bowl with rice on the side.  Continue reading »

Vicky Beresford was the winner of the Bibliocook/Barry’s Tea competition with her recipe for Barry’s Tea Very Berry Tiramisu. Congratulations Vicky and hope you enjoy your tea hamper. Special mention has to go to Aline Lambert. Her recipe was for a Taboulé Salad which, when she was stuck for fresh leaves one day, was perfect when made with Barry’s peppermint tea.  Continue reading »

The results for Sancerre 2009 have been published in Decanter’s September issue, with the vintage being described by judges as atypical and inconsistent, despite some very attractive, drink-now wines. One critic described it as “a Jekyll and Hyde vintage”, although Loire 2009 as a whole was considered a good year.
Sancerre is known for its terroir and is believed by many to be the world’s best region for Sauvignon Blanc.  Continue reading »

The Guardian – home of the wonderful Word of Mouth blog, publisher of the Observer Food Monthly magazine, and my favourite newspaper for food journalism – has just launched a handy online search guide for its recipes.  Continue reading »

Pork chops… perfect (Photo: sxc.hu)

By Mitchell O’Brien
We’ve been doing this one at home for ages. The kids love it, but it works for a dinner party just as easy. Have a go!  Continue reading »

Pitta Pizzas

A post by sheila kiely at Gimmetherecipe

A.  Continue reading »

Frittata Chistorra

1 Handful of fresh herbs (parsley, oregano, thyme) finely chopped
2 x onions, finely diced
2 cloves garlic, finely diced
1 stick of celery, finely diced
1 x sweet pepper, finely sliced
Approx. 20cm Chistorra finely sliced (substitute other dried meat if unavailable)
4 x eggs
30g Pecorino cheese, grated
30g goat’s Gouda cheese, grated
30g Red Leicester cheese, sliced
Serves 2

Get your frying pan on to a medium high heat with a little olive oil.  Continue reading »

When I go out to eat, I love to deconstruct the menu and take away all the adjectives. Things that sound fancy are oftentimes actually pretty basic. Pan-fried and corn-fed? That’s all well and good, but it’s still just chicken. Likewise, this dish sounds impressive, but is a cinch to make. For example, the tomato confit is nothing more than a can of chopped tomatoes that’s simmered for an hour to reduce it down.  Continue reading »

Most people have heard of the spork, the spoon/fork hybrid utensil that comes in handy on many occasions, but today I learned about some other crazy eating utensils that I’ve never heard of before!  Introducing…the knork and the spife!  Continue reading »

Organic is Best Slogan Competition
Using one of the following starting points tell us why you think organic is best! (Under 50 words)
‘I love organic because…
‘I eat organic because…
‘Organic food makes sense to me because…
The winners will be published on Organico’s website and will receive an Organico Apron (made from Organic Fair Trade cotton) and an Organico bag filled with organic goodies. (All together worth over €55).  Continue reading »

The Taste of Greece

A post by svenetos at Chew On That

Over the weekend, my boyfriend, Paul, and I visited the Taste of Greece in downtown Chicago. We were both craving some Mediterranean food, and this was a perfect opportunity for a midday date. Located on Halsted St. in Greek Town and running about 4 blocks, the Taste of Greece was dominated by food stands. Vendors were also selling jewelry and religious items and there were lots of disc jockeys and bands. Find out what we ate, and how the Taste of Greece rated after the jump.  Continue reading »

I posted last week about Catherine Fulvio’s new book, Catherine’s Italian Kitchen.  The lovely people at Gill & Macmillan were kind enough to send me a copy prior to release helping to feed my cookbook addiction.  I pretty much want to try every recipe in the book and will do, eventually, but spotted a little something that I knew Mr Boo would like.  That night I popped on my apron and whipped up Catherine’s Apple Cake with Olive Oil.  Continue reading »

Offers this week at Dunnes include:

Snack pack apples, pears, and oranges (1kg) each – €1
Mix and match any 2 selected meats for €6
Johnson’s selected baby toiletries – half price

And there’s loads more, on everything from the essentials to the treats. Offers are valid until Saturday September 4 unless otherwise stated.
Click here for details.  Continue reading »

Loads of tempting offers this week at SuperValu, including:

Mix and match any 3 selected fruit and veg for €4
SuperValu chopped tomatoes (3 tins x 400g) – reduced from €2.15 to €1
Mix and match any 3 selected meats for €10 (save €8)

You can also pick up the ingredients for a family dinner for €5.
Most offers are valid until September 4, the meat offer is valid until September 11. Click here for details.  Continue reading »