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With the surprise arrival of my girlfriend into Curious Wines on Saturday afternoon after a 4 hour drive from Armagh (she must love me), I decided a night out in Cork City was required. I called Fenns Quay restaurant to book a table for two. We needed a food and wine fix fast, and boy we got it.
I had confidence in this choice of restaurant because of the recommendations from previous clientèle and I knew Kevin at Fenns Quay is a passionate man for his wine.  Continue reading »

Strong team from Barry’s, plus regulars Gold Blend and Classic.
BARRY’S TEA Strong Line-Up For Competition
Barry’s Tea have been regular sponsors of sports events over the years so it is only fitting that our current competition has a sporting theme. 
Whatever the result between Cork and Down later this month, Barry’s will always put a full team out for you. The prize, on this occasion, is a.  Continue reading »

A gentle introduction to Italian cooking, Catherine’s Italian Kitchen is the companion book to Catherine Fulvio’s well-received television series, which was nominated for a World Food Media Award earlier this year. Fulvio, who runs the well regarded Ballyknocken Cookery School at her family home in Wicklow, is married to Sicilian native Claudio. With this connection and her teaching experience, she is well placed to translate Italian recipes to an Irish audience.  Continue reading »

Raspberry Swirls

A post by Nessa Robins at Nessa's Family Kitchen

Rachel Allen was recently on Market Kitchen and demonstrated these swirls as an interesting alternative to the humble
scone. This is a basic scone mixture and jam is used as a delicious filling. A firm favourite for my boys, and one ingredient they try to include the most in their diet, is Nutella. When I put a restriction on it they are quick to point out that it’s full of goodness -according to the ads it is packed with only the best ingredients.  Continue reading »

I’ve always felt that it’s nice to be nice and one way of doing this is to champion other peoples causes! Today, the Kitchen Dresser in Portlaoise is offering readers the opportunity to win a gift voucher worth €50.00 to be spent in her lovely, lovely shop!
To enter, just answer this question by e-mailing it to competition@kitchendresser.ie and then leave a comment on their Facebook page advising them that you’ve entered. It’s as simple as that!  Continue reading »

Thinking about Meat

A post by George at Not Junk Food

It’s a really strange thing I’ve noticed but most meat eaters don’t really think about the meat they eat terribly much, in fact from talking to vegetarians I know and have known over the years it is clear to me that they actually think more about the meat us meat eaters eat than most of us do.
For a lot of us the most we think about meat is will I have beef, lamb, chicken or pork for my lunch/dinner?  Continue reading »

Milano Create Your Own Pizza Competition

Passionate pizza fanatics are being given the chance to star on the Milano menu for the first time. Milano has just launched a nationwide challenge to cook up the ultimate pizza idea and is inviting everyone to come up with imaginative suggestions that will stimulate the taste buds of its loyal customers who really know their pizza.  Continue reading »

IN JARS    Bought a lot of stuff in jars on a recent visit to East Cork and must say now, a few weeks after, that I’m quite happy with the loot.
Perhaps the real star was Darina Allen’s Ripe Tomato Chutney, bought at the Garden Shop in Ballymaloe. Absolutely brilliant as a dip or with pates, cold meals, cheese, foie gras (if you’re lucky enough to have it) and so on and quite reasonable at €4.20.  Continue reading »

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to meet Catherine Fulvio and have a quick chat, she mentioned she was filming a new tv series for RTE, but never mentioned the fact that she had a brand new fantastic book hitting book shops this month.  I got a copy from the folks at Gill and MacMillan to flick my way through and it is packed with great Italian recipes and lots of lovely food shots.  I have three copies to give away this week so you can try and grab a copy via twitter, facebook or on the entry form below.  I’ll be posting a few of Catherine’s recipe here on the blog this week and remember to check out her RTE show Friday’s at 8.30pm!  Continue reading »

“Trust me, I’m a brewer”

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

We all, I’m sure, have our own little pre-conceived notioons about beer, beer drinking and beer quality. There are brewing practices, ingredients, dispense methods that we will trust implicitly or decry the evils of, even if our views are not shared by everyone else. It’s all part of the wonderful complexity and diversity of beer and beer culture. Statements beginning “Everybody knows…” are rare among the cultured zythophiles.  Continue reading »

50 Questions

A post by upliftingfood at Uplifting Food

A.  Continue reading »

Dinner these days is a challenge.
Being in a new kitchen, I mean. With not everything in its right place. Yet.
So when Milano’s invited me to take part in their create your pizza challenge, I recall thinking that might just be a challenge too far under present circumstances.
Fortunately, they did send me the pizza dough, which, one would have to admit, helps a lot.

A kind of blue pizza

So pizza was duly made with what edibles I could lay my hands on.  Continue reading »

Weekend Away

A post by upliftingfood at Uplifting Food

A.  Continue reading »

CAFE GUSTO(Lapps Quay)
Enjoyed the coffee, the blueberry muffin, the ladies knitting, the talent kids strutting and the views at sunny Lapps Quay on the weekend.
Was on the Heritage Day trail around town and decided to take a break and it is hard to find a better place than this waterfront cafe. Not just for the coffee and service, always top class, but also for the ambiance of the area.  Continue reading »

Unfortunately the last of the Swedish summer hasn’t been as kind as I had hoped, with most of my time being spent dodging the rain, it all feels very much like home. However, the bad weather hasn’t dampened our spirits and we soldiered on, enjoying one of the more traditional events of any true Swede’s summer calendar, the highly regarded Kraftfest!  Continue reading »

 One of the trickiest parts of our business is the following conflict/contradiction:
People always want new ice cream flavours, but they also hate losing flavours they like.  Continue reading »

Figures show more shoppers buying Irish goods | BreakingNews.ie.  Continue reading »

This is a play on the classic soup & sandwich lunch special. The problem I find with most packaged deli meats is that they’re full of sodium and fillers so I decided to use a real turkey breast. Turkey breast is pretty easy to cook and really fast (around 3-5 minutes fast, I kid you not). This light seasonal version of soup & sand is perfect on a hot day so while we still have them left, get on it!  Continue reading »

As I recently had a Hawaiian party at my house, I’m still in a bit of a tropical mood. I also happen to still have leftover pineapple juice and flavored rums and vodkas all over my house, so I decided to use them up and make a Hawaiian Martini!
I’m not gonna lie; I was a fool when I picked this drink.  Why?  Well, I picked it by just looking at the ingredients and not actually reading anything about it.  Big mistake for 2 reasons:
1) The recipe makes 36 drinks.  Continue reading »

A couple of weeks back, we told you how you could arrive on foot, by car, by train, even by boat at the Quays Bar and Restaurant
And the probability of yet another mode of arrival drew closer today when a small sea-plane arrived in Cork Harbour and taxied to the pontoon of the popular Cobh Restaurant.
Read all about it at Sea Plane Service
The sea-plane docks at the.  Continue reading »