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Quick snippet of video interview which is coming up on my favourite Irish wine blog, sourgrapes.ie. In all seriousness, I got to spend a bit of time with Tim Adams while he was over. Top bloke, so stay tuned for the full interview. In the meantime, here’s a brief intro on what Tim was up to on his recent visit.  Continue reading »

This is one of the first recipes that I was determined to try from Catherine Fulvio’s wonderful book Catherine’s Italian Kitchen.  I loved the idea of aubergines and melting mozzarella with tomato sauce and this dish was every bit as tasty as it sounded.  It is so simple and the ingredients are very easy to get hold of so it is a definite winner for me.  Continue reading »

Im recently back from a few fantastic weeks in Vietnam and as half my photos are food related Im going to have quite a few posts to put up over the next week or two. I also have a special competition prize carried back from Vietnam which Ill post among the photos so keep an eye out.

The first thing that hit me as our bus left Ho Chi Minh City was how green the countryside was.  Continue reading »

Blueberry Traybake

A post by Arlene at The Fuzzy Times

A.  Continue reading »

So handy having a place such as the English Market  (or any decent market) on your doorstep. Visited there yesterday with a short shopping list.
The essential item was sardines and got seven plump fillets (c. €3.50) at O’Connell’s. Then over to ABC for a loaf of Focaccia bread and picked up the last piece of the puzzle, a little box of juicy Cherry Tomatoes (€1.29), at Superfruit.  Continue reading »

It’s apple-picking season and everyone is out gathering as many apples as they can!  Whether you’ve got Red Delicious to McIntosh to Granny Smith, they won’t last very long unless you know how to store them properly.  We Chew on That editors decided that we’re sick of rotten apples, so we put together a video to help you learn how to make your apples last for a looong time.  Continue reading »

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Clontarf Bridge, Cork
I am a specials kind of guy.
I always check the specials when I arrive in a restaurant; experience has taught me that it is a worthwhile practice.
Take the last week or so as an example. Let’s start with my visit to Fenns Quay, who have daily specials. Last weekend, I thoroughly enjoyed their Duck Confit and also the Tarte aux Pruneaux,.  Continue reading »

It is been a tough job trying to pick a winner for the competition on my 1st birthday blog post. There has been mucho deliberation on my part. Feelings of guilt for not having a prize for everyone overwhelmed me. The hubs got drafted in at that stage and he declared his favourite memory came courtesy of Orla and her block of HB and a Cadbury’s flake. I think we all have fond memories of seeing a block of HB in the freezer when we were young.  Continue reading »

For as long as I can remember I have had a crush on caraway. Maybe it’s because growing up there was always a loaf of Rye lying around and as I recall it was also often sprinkled into various suppertime dishes. The distinct anise-y flavour is delicious and always brings back fond memories of home. In researching this post, I discovered that caraway is a member of the Apiaceae plant family, which also includes fennel, anise, cumin, licorice-root (Ligusticum), dill, and coriander (cilantro).  Continue reading »

Sadly this my last post – boo! I have recently taken on a full-time job on top of my usual art conservation and freelance writing so my work load is full to capacity which means that I can no longer contribute to this awesome site – sniff sniff!
It’s a sad ol’ affair because I have really enjoyed writing about my foodie goings-on and have loved the banter back and forth from you lovely people.  Continue reading »

Our favourite special offer, the M&S dine in for two for €12.50 deal, returns again today and runs until next Tuesday, October 5.
The current selection of mains includes wild Alaskan salmon, gammon steaks with toffee apple butter, and seafood pie.
Click into the M&S website for full details.
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M&S Dine in for Two for €12.50
Special offers at SuperValu, September 27-October 2
Special offers at Superquinn, September 22-October 5.  Continue reading »

Current special buys at Aldi include:

Salami selection – €1.99
Rye bread selection – €1.29
St. Amandus Reisling Steillage – €5.99
Thermal underwear – €9.99
Heat keeper food jar (0.5L) – €6.99

Click here for details.
The Super6 offer – a selection of fruit and veg for just 69c – currently includes pineapple, carrots and parsnips, and mushrooms. Click here for details.  Continue reading »

Food offers
Current food offers at Lidl include:

Round lettuce – reduced from 79c to 49c
Hovis Best of Both bread – reduced from €1.39 to €1
Colgate toothpaste – reduced from €2.48 to €2

There’s a new set of food offers every Monday at Lidl. Click here for details.
This weekend’s Super Saturday offers includes Finish All in One dishwasher tablets (30 pack) reduced from €8.49 to €5.49. Click here for details.  Continue reading »

I feel like chicken tonight… thanks to the great Supervalu 3 for €10 offer where I stocked up on a lovely Irish chicken & some pork chops (which I will probably turn into the Saltimbocca again).
The weather is changing by the day with daylight disappearing in the evening at a frightening rate, so I decided to make Poule au Pot – a fancy French phrase for a pot-roasted chicken casserole.  Continue reading »

If you’re a Starbucks addict who can’t start your day without a hot cup of joe, today is definitely your day.  It’s national coffee day!  What a great excuse to drink as much coffee as you’d like and even bake some coffee-infused desserts!  We have some caffeinated recipes that you’ll adore after the jump.

Coffee Desserts
Throw together fabulous desserts for your friends and family today!  The secret ingredient is (you guessed it) coffee!  Continue reading »

I’d like to start a new section of the website devoted to Simple Meal Ideas, meaning not quite recipes but more inspiration to help you decide what to eat at those times when you just can’t think! I’m planning to invite customers and friends to add theirs also so we all get to share each others’ tasty, quick and easy meals.
Tonight I made a warm Puy lentil rice salad with caramelised onions and loads of herbs, with veggies and feta cheese.  Continue reading »

Easy Snack Recipes!

A post by svenetos at Chew On That

It’s difficult for most people to eat just three full meals a day. Unexpected events occur all the time, and sometime you just get hungry out of nowhere. That’s where snacks come in and here are our favorites!

Avocado Fries with Chipotle Ketchup – You’ll hardy remember why French Fries are so appealing when you try these!
Caramel Apple Buns with Pecans – These are a delicious bun with the taste of caramel apples. A great treat for this time of the year.  Continue reading »

In mathematics there’s this ratio called the “golden ratio” and it kind of works like this.
If the lengths of the sides of a rectangle are in the golden ratio, then the rectangle is a “golden rectangle.” It’s possible to divide a golden rectangle into a square and another golden rectangle.

If you draw a curve between the diagonals of all the squares you get what’s called a logarithmic spiral in which you can see “The Eye of God”. Crazy mathematicians.  Continue reading »

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