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Unsicht-Bar: Berlin

A post by aoifemc at I Can Has Cook?

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And the 2010 Organico winners are:
Rik Appleby for his wonderful slogan:
”I love organic, it’s energetic, no process, all most-ness, soul food, whole food, cleanses the mind, empowers the body and makes us shine!”
Well done Rik – your goody bag will be waiting for you!
Runners up are:
Toma Mcullim:
I want to smell the windblown, I want GM free
I’m listening out to the birds and bees.
See animals thriving and care for their fate.
I’m tasting the love on my plate.  Continue reading »

Organico Bantry has a newly finished Therapy Room suitable for one to one talking or physical sessions available for rent immediately.
Please contact Hannah Dare with your qualifications including how long you have been established as a Therapist. We have 3-month starting rates for people who are starting up a practice, and it is available for morning or afternoons or whole days.
Call in to have a look sometime!  Continue reading »

Photo source: BBC Good Food

Fish pie is one the most delicious dishes ever and the ultimate comfort food. You can make it as heavy and as light as you like and add a variety of fish although properly smoked fish works a treat.
If you are not much of a cook and have never made one before this BBC Good Food recipe is a great way to learn how to poach fish, make a white sauce and master a fish pie at the same time.  Continue reading »

Ready, Steady, Click

A post by Daily Spud at The Daily Spud

Me: G’wan, make me something to eat.
You: Er, such as?
Me: Anything you like. Give it your best shot.
You: Anything?
Me: Yeah. Have you got a favourite killer dish?
You: Maybe, well, yeah, I guess I do.
Me: Well make me that then.
You: (looking skeptical) Umm, ok…
Me: Oh and take a picture.
You: A picture?
Me: Yeah, of you with the food.
You: Ah, g’way outta that.
Me: And put the words Cully & Sully somewhere in the picture.
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This week we welcome a very talented viticulturist to the Curious Wines Blog. Scott Collett, managing director of Woodstock Wines, McLaren Vale, is one of two key players at this McLaren Vale winery, Ben Glaetzer being the second big influencer.
Scott is a real character. Meeting him in person he shows a bit of a wild side, but his expertise and passion for what he does is obvious. The following makes for a very interesting read. You can find out more about Woodstock here.
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:: Crunchie Rocky Road Buns

A post by noreply@blogger.com (Donal) at The Good Mood Food Blog- Donal Skehan

I always had a sweet tooth growing up and it hasn’t helped that I now am a bit of a demon in the kitchen when it comes to baking sweet things.  My theory is that if you’re going to go to the bother of baking, you might as well make a big batch of whatever you’re cooking up.  Now whether you share your baking creations or scoff them in a corner rocking by yourself, well that’s entirely up to you!  I try and balance all my baking and sweet stuff out with lots of healthy food too, so in mind it all balances out just perfectly.  While I do very much enjoy spending time beating sugar into butter, whisking eggs into stiff foamy peaks, and icing cupcakes, sometimes, yes sometimes folks, it all comes down to little more than rice crispy buns.  To be honest, I’m not ashamed to say it, there is an incredible sense of satisfaction to melting chocolate and then pouring it over crisped grains of rice, placing in paper cases, popping them in the fridge, licking the spoon (and the bowl if you maneuver yourself correctly!), and gorging on the buns when they are set!  I decided recently to go one better and take the simplicity of rice crispy buns and combining them with the American sweetness of rocky road cookies, and “hey presto!”, my very delicious Crunchie Rocky Road Buns!  Continue reading »

Uncle Matt’s just released its new 6 oz. container of pulp free organic orange juice, which is loaded with essential nutrients, and features fresh-squeezed flavor! Our Recipe4Living Product Testers got to sample the OJ, and they loved it! The 6-oz. packs are great for lunchboxes, after workouts and anytime you need a convenient, all-natural, vitamin C energy boost! Here’s what our product reviewers had to say about it!
Click here to see the full review on Recipe4Living!  Continue reading »

Photo: rolysbistro.ie

My mum, Jean McGuire (no, not Jean from CheapEats) likes Roly’s in Ballsbridge.
On Saturday night I went to Rolys bistro in Ballsbridge with my friend Maria for an early bird. We arrived at 7.30 to a choice of either any starter and main, or a main course and a dessert for €20.  I began with Thai fish cakes, followed by a main course of salmon, marinaded in a chilli sauce and served on a bed of potatoes and a salad, which was absolutely delicious.  Continue reading »

Please think of the tourists

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

Series beers are all well and good, generally speaking. It’s pleasant to sit down with a range of beers which have been brewed to have something in common, and which are presented in co-ordinated outfits (though to actually do so may occasionally be inadvisable). Maybe it’s the collector gene firing, but having completed a whole series of beers is much more satisfying than having just ticked one.  Continue reading »

My mom is one of the best cooks I know. She knows how to add the right spices to any dish to give it a flavorful kick, and her meat spaghetti sauce recipe is no exception. Usually she just uses fresh tomatoes for this recipe, but this time, things were a little different. She was testing Pomi Chopped Tomatoes, a brand that she had never tried before. See how it turned out after the jump.  Continue reading »

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If I am feeling a little naughty at the weekend I might cook up a full Irish breakfast on a Sunday morning.  Now I don’t know about you, but for me a full Irish is not a full Irish without a couple of slices of black pudding.  I have in many various locations around the world sampled their version of our beloved breakfast but for me they always lack in one department.  The black pudding is just never quite up to the standard of the offerings available on Irish soil.  It would seem I am not alone in thinking this as very recently Irish producers have been honoured and celebrated by the prestigious Brotherhood of the Knights of the Black Pudding (La Confrérie des Chevaliers du Goûte Boudin) – one of the world’s greatest authorities on black pudding.  Continue reading »

A busy National Organic Week has left the organic sector buzzing. Plenty of well attended events, some new research, promising policy developments and upcoming opportunities have all emerged.
Early on in the week, the Picnic in the Park in Portumna (pictured, left (c) Oliver Moore) was a very positive event indeed. This was certainly an event that attracted many people who were simply out and about in the greater Galway North Tipperary and West Offaly region for the day.  Continue reading »

Guest blogger Brian Clayton runs the rule over the new wines from Wine Alliance….wine alliance tasting at fenns quaySeptember 26th, 2010
I was invited to a preview of some of the range from Wine Alliance this week, in Fenns Quay restaurant.
I’ve heard a bit about them, and I know Maurice from his days atKarwig Wines.
I’d already read about a couple of the wines on Paul Kiernan’s blog, so I was.  Continue reading »

Yesterday, Chew on That had the incredible opportunity to ask Iron Chef Michael Symon some burning questions we had on our mind.  Not only did he give us some great answers, but he gave them to us on camera! How exciting!  Keep reading to hear about his budget cooking tips, his go-to weeknight meal, and his new shows on the Food Network!
Here’s the interview!  Continue reading »

A very simple and quick pasta sauce but so very tasty (the picture above does not do this dish justice and for this I must apologise!).  This is a brilliant recipe for a quick midweek meal and by varying the ingredients, say by adding chilli, using pancetta instead of chorizo and using linguine instead of penne, you will have a versatile base for many different pasta dishes.
To serve 2:

2 tablespoons of olive oil
5″ piece of Chorizo, chopped roughly in to approx.  Continue reading »

With the news of Cork’s biggest wine shop officially opening almost two weeks ago, word is still travelling thick and fast throughout the county and beyond. This was helped again when one of Ireland’s most respected independent wine writers made a feature of us in his Saturday wine column for the Irish Examiner.
Columnist Blake Creedon is one who always seems to fly the flag for wine styles that are sometimes overlooked and underestimated.  Continue reading »

Image from www.sxc.hu

By Mitchell O’Brien
At just €1 per meal, these three menus are designed to be prepared together and frozen for ease of use for busy families on a budget. The whole family can get involved in the cooking process – so you don’t have to spend money entertaining the kids. There’s no compromise on the quality or quantity of food we eat, the fun in preparing meals, or the eating of them!  Continue reading »

With over 80 cookbooks in my collection, the last thing I need is another one, but that didn’t stop me from getting Nigella Lawson’s new book, Kitchen: Recipes from the Heart of the Home, hot off the presses two weeks ago (in America, you’ll have to wait until October 12 to get your hands on a copy).  Continue reading »