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The fifth Foodie Roundup comes from a snowy and cold Sligo (see the pic above). Seen as I’m in a reading mode this morning (there’s no hope of getting out of the house for the Sunday papers). Snuck in an extra blog post on the wrapup of the Tipperary Food Producers night with contributions from the majority of the Twitter panel on the night.  Continue reading »

Christmas Cake Cookies

A post by likemamusedtobake at like mam used to bake

I will post a better picture in the morning, this was taken under the 
kitchen light when all natural light had gone so apols for the quality.
If you are a regular reader of this blog you may have picked up on the fact that I am not a huge fan of dried fruit.  I can tolerate it, sometimes I quite fancy a fruit scone.  Continue reading »

Lets make some Ravioli

A post by Cake in the country at Cake in the country..

A while back (actually before I went to Italy) Roma were kind enough to send me out a packet of their new tipo ‘00’ flour. I had been reading recipes that suggested using ‘00’ flour for ages but the closest I could get was the odd packet of ‘0’ flour which I would scoop up…  Continue reading »

Is there anyone still out there? 
Honestly, I’m not surprised. If my blog was a boyfriend, it would have broken up with me by now. Things have been manic recently, and once again, at the start of November, I found myself staring down the barrel of two jam-packed months. Being busy is great, but I was starting to long for some time off before December hit and things got even busier.  Continue reading »

Prawn Crackers at Baan Thai

If a packed restaurant is a signal that the food is good, then the food must be great at Baan Thai on Merrion Road in Dublin. I’m in a snowy Dublin for the day, arriving late yesterday evening in search of food – any food – after a long day in the office. Having checked into Bewley’s in Ballsbridge, it was a short walk to left to find a few restaurants and bars just down from the RDS, one of those being Baan Thai.  Continue reading »

A.  Continue reading »

Full report to follow!  Thanks so much to everyone who voted!  Continue reading »

On  your bike! Fitzcycles, a new bike shop beside Fruit World in Stillorgan, south Co. Dublin, opens its doors tomorrow, Saturday November 27.
This new venture combines both an online business with a shop presence, so you’ll always have a friendly face to turn to.  Continue reading »

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If you happened to pick up a copy of yesterday’s Irish Times, you might have come across the Christmas supplement with an article on food-related gifts by one Caroline Hennessy. If you didn’t, then you can take a look at the piece below. Click on a page to see it in a larger format on the Irish Times website.
It’s Christmas25 Nov 2010.  Continue reading »

Sculptures from the 19th and 20th century, including the c.1816 Canova copies of the Graeco-Roma period, from originals in the Vatican Museum, formed the backdrop as we “strolled” through a variety of European vineyards last evening, all thanks to From Vineyards Direct who held their winter tasting in the Crawford Art Gallery, Cork.
Fellow twitters.  Continue reading »

The deed has been done and it’s much quieter in the garden now. No more turkey gobbling in response to Little Missy’s shouts or the hens’ triumphant I’ve-just-laid-an-egg crowing.
They’ve been hanging at Pruntus, my parents’ house, since Wednesday night. Tomorrow I’ll have the pleasure of cleaning them out, after which it’s all go for a belated Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday.  Continue reading »

After showing his talent with Stonier, Yabby Lake and Heathcote Estate in Australia, as well as extensive research in Burgundy and experience in the US, Tod Dexter and the fortunate consumers of his wine are now reaping the benefits from vines that he and his wife planted in 1987. This is the story of an artisan wine producer from Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, and here is an interview with the man himself:
1.  Continue reading »

 A bumper Weekend Catch, fresh from the Net.
Restaurant Wine & Food Scenevia Twitter & FacebookControl and click to follow the links and find out more.
Nash19Cork Nash19 Call in and see our take away shop. Its now stocked for christmas. Claire’s Cheats and Treats list out on Friday…. Its finally arrived at Nash 19. Christmas………… Mince Pies in the… http://fb.me/.  Continue reading »

Food & Wine Show – This Weekend

The Food & Wine Magazine Christmas Show gets underway this afternoon from 4pm at the RDS in Dublin. I’m heading along for a few hours tomorrow – hotel booked, diesel in the van, bags at the ready and credit and bank cards whining at the possibility of what might happen if they make their way out of my wallet.
I was looking to stay somewhere close to the RDS and bagged a room at Bewleys in Ballsbridge.  Continue reading »

Two weeks ago, on 10 November, the Tipperary Food Producers put together a spectacular Cookery Extravaganza in Clonmel. I was there as a member of a Twitter Panel who, as well as Tweeting and recording – both audio and video – on the night, also blogged about it afterwards.
My account of the night is here; continue reading below for everyone else’s take on the event, as put together by Paul O’Mahony.  Continue reading »

Part two of my beef interview session with John Brennan. This one discusses the beef grade, and also features a different perspective to John’s, that of Teagasc Organic Farming Advisor James McDonnell.

How should quality be defined in organic beef? There are two schools of thought.

(Pic: some of Joe Condon’s galloway cattle)

One school suggests that organic cattle should be graded along the same lines as conventional, using the EU R O P system.  Continue reading »

One of the first things that caught my eye in Bill Grangers’ new book was this recipe for Lemon Drizzle Loaf.   I have a deep love for lemon desserts and cakes - fresh tart lemon mixed with sugar usually results in something wonderfully zingy and shebet-like.  Add to this the bright sunny colour of this cake thanks to the addition of polenta and you have the perfect anti-dote to these dark, cold days.  This is one of those cakes that is perfect on its’ own with a nice cuppa or served as dessert with a big dollop of cream.  Continue reading »

(Not forgetting the pudding)
Anxious about getting the correct wine match for your Christmas turkey? No need. Don’t worry too much about red or white. Most, unless they are sweet, will do the trick. Been reading up on the subject the last week or so and it looks as if the most popular red match is Pinot Noir while Pinot Grigio or Gris tops the white.
That was from the.  Continue reading »

I do not like throwing food in the bin, I do not like it one little bit.
It feels like a defeat (boo!) when my perishables expire before I can put them to good use and, conversely, a victory (yay!) when I have successfully cooked and/or eaten my way through the latest contents of the fridge.
A recent survey conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) tells me that I am by no means the only person who feels this way.  Continue reading »