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Around this time of year, everyone is trying to come up with their resolutions for the new year.  Eat less junk, work out more, write a novel, learn to speak Japanese… If you’re a dedicated foodie (or foodie wannabe), ditch the boring old resolutions and try some of these food-related resolutions, instead!

1. Try each major city or state’s specialty food.
(i.e.  Continue reading »

The updates are slow again

A post by Cake in the country at Cake in the country..

This would be why. When it stops being headwrecking I shall start posting again Cast for 6 weeks though.. Bit of a pain! Oh well, luckily no surgery needed so yay for that! Happy Christmas and New years to everyone by the way. I hope Santa has been good.  Continue reading »

I’m delighted to hear that the readers of Frommer’s have voted Ireland as the best travel destination for 2011! Let’s hope it brings a few people to this country, because the Irish tourist industry could use a boost.

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Fed up of cooking and the kitchen? Let this man feed you for a while.
Iain Flynn is a national award winner and his company, http://www.flynnskitchen.ie Flynn’s Kitchen, has a range of delicious stuff.
Let’s start with the soups. I have enjoyed a few of them recently. My favourite is perhaps the Roast Butternut and Sweet Potato Soup but you may also try: Chestnut Mushroom, Spiced.  Continue reading »

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Egg Nog: Yay or Nay?

A post by KathrynSteed at Chew On That

The holiday season has got me thinking about some of the most debated foods and drinks.  Fruitcake is way up there- many people think that receiving a fruitcake is the worst insult ever, while others (my dad included) love the stuff!  I think, however, that the most debated holiday food is egg nog. You either love it or hate it, and most often people hate it.  Read about what we at Chew on That think of this interesting drink after the jump!  Continue reading »

Like many Irish I have been wishing for a White Christmas for many years. Dashing through the snow and Walking in a winter wonderland all sound quite dreamy and look extremely tempting on a music video however after a day or two of being house bound and the hardship that these extreme temperatures bring the dream of snow soon turns into a nightmare for many!!

Admittedly the snow makes the otherwise bland winter countryside look simply amazing!!  Continue reading »

Neven Maguire & Jamie Oliver taking up residence at Chez McGuire

I’m gonna need a bigger bookshelf. Or, more to the point, an actual bookshelf. In chatting about Christmas bringing all things nice, I didn’t mention any of the food-related presents. Cook books were high on the list of Irish food bloggers judging by the talk on Twitter and I’m in the same boat there with two new additions to the kitchen reading.  Continue reading »

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Full up with pudding and all the other heavy Christmas sweets?
I have just the job for you. Or, more accurately, Drimoleague’s Glenilen Farm have, in the enticing shape of their Handmade Cheesecakes. They come in a range of gorgeous flavours, with absolutely no additives and the taste is just magnificent.
These are authentic farmhouse cheesecakes, handmade on Alan and Valerie.  Continue reading »

Whether or not you’re hosting a party or venturing through the cold to get to one, you don’t want to be empty-handed. Most NYE parties have tons of appetizers, such as dips, canapes and little bite-sized snacks. We love munching on starters on New Year’s Eve, we thought we’d pass on a few of our favorites so you can enjoy them too!  Continue reading »

Off garde

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

I always expect something a bit rough-and-ready from a Bière de Garde, something that tastes convincingly like a sullen gallic farmer just lashed it up in the back of the barn, replete with raw grainy flavours, lots of murky haze and more than a whiff of some wild fermentation. It’s hardly surprising that something much tamer arises when a large US craft brewer turns its meticulous attention to the style.  Continue reading »

A few days late with this one, but it landed in the Examiner first, so Santy got it in time……
Free free to search for ’santy’ on the very useful searchbox over there on the right (scroll down a bit!) – you will find the last few years of wishlists I’ve sent him………………….

Ah santy, me auld segosha – its been a while. So much has changed. Things have moved on, yet, as we hear so often, “we are where we are”.  Continue reading »

Got a sentimental card here for you.  Continue reading »

For me, there is a reassurance and a comfort that comes with Christmas dinner traditions.
You know that, like them or loathe them, brussels sprouts will be served (and I, for the record, love them), while you will always clear a special spot on your plate for the yuletide favourite that are roasties.
My Da, though, couldn’t help but ask the question as he saw the spuds being peeled yesterday:
“Are ye making roast potatoes?” says he.
As if it would be Christmas dinner without.  Continue reading »

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Foodie Roundup #9 – Photo: View of Ballina on Christmas Eve

If there’s one day of the year that you’re supposed to be doing nothing bar putting your feet up and relaxing, it’s St. Stephen’s Day (Boxing Day). The Christmas dinners have been cooked, houses cleaned, and as the dust settles on what, for some, can be a manic day, you can be safe in the knowledge that you’ve earned the right to do nothing with your day.  Continue reading »

Happy Christmas

A post by likemamusedtobake at like mam used to bake

So the day finally arrived.  We waited all year, patiently, and then all of a sudden it had been and almost gone.  I had grand plans for Christmas blog posts and beautiful crafts to adorn my home, not to mention delusions of daily baking like the domestic goddess I aspire to be.  Yet again time slipped away from me and the mundane tasks of every day life took precedence. 
I relish the build up to Christmas, the anticipation, the twinkle of fairy lights and the happy greetings freely exchanged between friends and strangers alike.  I revert to an excitable 3 year old as the season draws near.  Some people frown upon this behaviour from a grown woman, to others it is infectious and helps to inject some excitement and joy for what may lie in store. 
For each of us, bar a few lucky ones, Christmas is a bittersweet time.  Sadness at a an empty place setting at the table, standing alone beneath the mistletoe or any myriad of worries or stress casting a shadow over the day.  These things can be all consuming and appear magnified at such a joyous time.  It is for this reason that I decide each year to throw myself into the festivities with added gusto.  Every inch of the house is adorned in fairy lights of red and white, garlands and baubles hang from every available surface and as a special treat Frank and the gang serenade me daily.  To some this may appear excessive, but this is the one time of year that excess is accepted, encouraged even, so it would be rude to allow the season to pass by unmarked.  Continue reading »

Setting Table For Christmas at Lough Talt

It’s Christmas Day night, the DVDs are going on (I’m awaiting either The Godfather or Inception to start screening around 9pm) and I’m absolutely stuffed. Christmas Day brings many things – time with the family I wouldn’t normally have, a chance to do absolutely nothing, great gifts but above all else, a ton of food. Like, a truckload of it.  Continue reading »

Merry Christmas Everyone

A post by upliftingfood at Uplifting Food

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