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Ian from An Crúibín has been in touch:’The Sunday Munch returns…Enjoy FLESH on Sundays at An Crúibín. Food served 6pm to 10pm to the sweet sound of The Roi Et Club. .  Continue reading »

Well, it’s been an insane fortnight. Actually, it’s been an insane January. I’ve eaten in more restaurants than I care to count, I’m working three projects at the desk, I’m rehearsing two plays with two different production companies (my own and another local company) and somewhere, in between all that, there’s a fortnight’s worth of blog posts that are waiting to come to the surface.  Continue reading »

GOATS CHEESE ROULADE Had been on the lookout for Ardsallagh’s Goats Cheese Cranberry Roulade and spotted it in On the Pigs Back on a run through the English Market on Friday. 
Picked up some Olives at the Real Olive Company and venison at O’Sullivan’s Poultry and, more unusually, bought a little bag of poppy seeds (for a Sally Bee recipe) at the Organic Shop before purchasing a bag of Seville.  Continue reading »

Today is a friend’s birthday. This is good news for her but it’s also good news for me. I now have an excuse to try my first recipe from ‘Bake & Decorate’ by Fiona Cairns. I’ve had this cookbook for a few weeks but in an attempt to be virtuous for the month of January, I’ve been studiously avoiding the temptation of the recipes contained inside.  Continue reading »

Juicy, Juicy

A post by Adventures in Veg at Adventures in Veg....

Are you a smoothie girl or guy? Or do you like to juice?

I go through phases myself – sometimes the mere thought of having to clean my juicer sends me into a tizzy; other times it’s the idea of having to clean my blender!
What can I say, I’m terrible for having lazy moments.
But once you start juicing or making ‘green monster’ smoothies, I really don’t think you go back.  Continue reading »

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SO recently we had a cheap and cheerful cookalong.. I wasn’t cooking on the day because.. well.. I have a giant cast on and my arm was rather painful but I have done much budget cooking. This medicine thing does not come cheap so I am budgeting to my eyeballs! So when I had my…  Continue reading »

So lovely ladies and gentleman, I heard on the… well actually its not on the down low at all, but here’s the deal. The temple bar market is moving for a wee while. The details are below but now you know when you make a regular visit. If you don’t make a regular visit, whyever…  Continue reading »

Photo by: Luigi Diamanti, FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I came across a wonderful facebook group page through The Irish Food Bloggers’ Association called “Irish Foodies Cookalong“. The group organises a monthly cookalong based on a particular theme, last time was Budget/Leftovers and the one before was a Christmas.  Continue reading »

Ken Hom, one of the world’s leading Chinese chefs, will be in Tesco Merrion next Monday, January 31, from 4pm. He’ll be cooking up some delicious dishes in store for customers to sample.
It’s a free event to mark Chinese New Year and well worth attending to get some samples and inspiration from this world-famous master of Chinese cuisine.
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Special offers at Tesco, 16 Aug 2010
Stock Up for a Festive Chinese Feast
Tesco launch their own dinner for two.  Continue reading »

Unless it’s homemade, I’m not a fan of coleslaw. Too much rancid mayo, too few shredded veg, too gloopy by far. When I was in the Cork’s The Woodford recently, I ordered meatballs in a Cork-made blaa for lunch.
On the side, and which almost put me off initially, was what the menu called Jacques’ ’slaw. But this was no gloop-fest but, rather, a zesty, crunchy accompaniment which was more than a match for the spicy tomato sauce that covered the tasty meatballs.  Continue reading »

I wasn’t even bothered starting a fight with the food around the RDS, that big concert and event venue on Dublin’s leafy southside. Ah, the RDS. Hulking, anonymous, and cold, home of the UCD exams back in my student days, and a trigger for grey, pallid memories of long forgotten and tiring lunches in between tests. Fancy options consisted of Bella Cuba (one of those curious spots people must try some day) and some Chinese restaurant above a pub.  Continue reading »

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A bowl of hearty stew can really brighten up a dreary winter day, so having a go-to beef stew recipe is always handy. If you’ve only tried one kind of beef stew before, it’s time to branch out! From a Mexican beef and bean stew to a rich beef and Guinness stew to a dumpling-filled beef stew, this collection has it all!
Beef Stew with Dumplings: This stew  has very little liquid and a whole lot of yummy ingredients.  Continue reading »

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Following on from Thursday’s interview with Rachel Allen, we include two sumptuous recipes showing exactly why she is one of Ireland’s most popular chefs.
With the pork, I recommend you enjoy with a full, rich white – the Dignité Viognier – or a lightish red, the Chinon Soleil de Coulaine Cabernet Franc, which offers the perfect foil for this as well as most Sunday roasts.  Continue reading »

Muck spreading, good for the soul

A post by Valerie O'Connor at Vals Kitchen

People sometimes ask me "what is it you do at Organic College?". For the past few months we've been sitting in the freezing studying countryside management, archaelogy and alternative food enterprises. 
But yesterday we had lots of fun spreading seaweed and manure that students had fetched to feed fertility into the soil and prepare it for spring planting. 

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SWEET, CHEAP AND CHEERFUL Glad I got into sweet wines. Have enjoyed a few over the Christmas and still the sweets go on, the latest a Moscatel from Valencia, the “primary source of sweet budget wines”, according to Mr Hugh Johnson.From grapes grown on the sunny plains behind the Mediterranean city, award winning wine-maker Pablo Ossorio  has made this “lively sweet wine”.  Pablo was voted “Best.  Continue reading »

Florentine Steak
A bumper Weekend Catch, fresh from the Net. THE WEEKEND CATCHRestaurant Wine & Food Scenevia Twitter & FacebookControl and click to follow the links and find out more.
RT @CometoCork The French equivalent of the Lonely Planet guide has showered praise on Cork restaurants http://ht.ly/3D6bG via @corkindo
Electric We are now taking bookings for Valentines!! For reservations.  Continue reading »