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We’re just back from Disneyland Paris with the kids and a super time was had by all, however it pays to do some homework before you go. Here are the top ten things, in no order, we learned from others or just on our own. Worth nothing that these are purely personal ideas which may not apply to your needs or plan.  Continue reading »

Instead of using the traditional tomato base sauce for my pizza I’m adding a little twist and using roasted eggplant. The sweet smokey flavor adds a whole new twist on pizza and uses an ingredient that some people aren’t too familiar cooking with…and it also tastes mighty fine. This pizza is of the vegan variety (gotta keep my missus happy) but don’t be afraid to add some grilled chicken or otherwise if you fancy it.  Continue reading »

Online wine retailers continue to lead the way as the suppliers of choice for couples getting married in Ireland, according to our most recent wedding wine survey, in conjunction with WeddingDates.ie.

The survey questioned engaged couples on a range of issues from hotel corkage to the impact of the economy on their overall wedding plans and budgets, and follows on from our first survey on the same subjects almost two years ago.  Continue reading »

To celebrate the launch of their extensive new Ingredients range Superquinn are giving three lucky Cheapeats.ie readers the chance to win a €50 shopping voucher for Ireland’s leading fresh food retailer.
Perfect for the more experienced home cook, the range means that shoppers can now find the best in authentic herbs, spices, stocks, salt, and much more at Superquinn.  Continue reading »

Mary Dowey visits The Restaurant @ Donnybrook Fair to host a wine dinner with a difference. Change is the only constant in the world of wine and that’s why so many of us find it endlessly intriguing. 
Like the world of fashion, new styles, new fads and new talents are  constantly emerging while others are cast aside.  Mary has chosen a line-up of wines from some of the world’s most pioneering.  Continue reading »

Bord Bia are running a fabulous competition at the moment for food bloggers to win a trip to Germany to a European Bloggers workshop. In order to enter the competition I had to put together a recipe using Irish beef. Given the month that is in it, my contribution is a very Irish style pie. This pie would serve as a very hearty lunch or dinner and given the contents include meat, veg and drink it very much has “eating and drinking in it”.  Continue reading »

My €25 burger

A post by peter at CheapEats.ie

If it looks like a burger…

Just because it’s got a cocktail stick in it, does not make it a gourmet burger. Nor does its impossibly large size: too big to eat without a car jack holding your mouth open.
So what turns an ordinary burger into a “gourmet” burger? For a start, the cow should have been massaged on a regular basis. It should live a carefree life in the Japanese hills. Oh, and during the summer, it should be fed a diet of premium beer.  Continue reading »

We had no idea that grape had the power to topple over apple! What a surprise! Pumpkin, on the other hand, was always kind of a shoe-in. But who moves on now: grape or pumpkin?
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Need more information before you cast your vote? Check out our best pumpkin and grape recipes below!

Pumpkin Cheese Ball – Serve this yummy pumpkin treat at Thanksgiving! It’s a great fall appetizer!
Pumpkin Blossom Soup – Tasty pumpkin blossom soup is one of my favorites!  Continue reading »


A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

We are between the seasons at the moment: a bit cold, a bit sunny, you could be tricked into having a beer outdoors only to have to scurry in blue-handed after two sips. So I’m thumbing my nose to seasonal drinking for this post and having a winter beer and a summer beer in one sitting. I think there’s a definite touch of SAD in the way the Odell brewery has named them.There’s not a whole lot of winter comfort in the moniker Isolation, for instance.  Continue reading »

Easter Ideas all on one page!
Thanks to Diana Moutsopoulos,  Editor of AllRecipes.co.uk, we have this handy dedicated ‘Easter guide’ this year, with loads of ideas from how to make chocolate eggs to Easter cupcakes and roast lamb.
Win loads of luxury chocolate!
Diana Moutsopoulos  Editor of AllRecipes: “We just launched a competition with The Chocolate.  Continue reading »

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Have been working late a lot recently, wearing my monkey suit, dancing for the organ grinder. Oh joy…
My monthly grind reaches its apex towards the end of each month and the last quarter has been hellish. Though light is literally on the horizon with the longer days, meaning that it is less dark when I leave the house and sometimes even bright when I get home. But Spring has sprung, and I am looking forward to to getting out in the garden more.  Continue reading »

As more teams get knocked out, the excitement builds!  We’re now down to the final four and it’s time to party!  Invite your friends and family to watch the games with you this weekend- we’ll help you out with the menu.

Here are some game-time bites that everyone will enjoy!

These appetizers are easy to eat and to make!
Black Bean Salsa
Guacamole with Roasted Garlic
Crockpot Kielbasa and Cheese

Main Courses
Cook up some classic game day grub.  Continue reading »

Celebrate National Rude Health Week 2011 – Come and join us in learning more about naturally good health at Organico.  Continue reading »

Eva Longoria, the star of Desperate Housewives, is releasing a new cookbook, titled “Cooking with Love for Family and Friends” on April 5, 2011. I had no idea that Longoria was passionate about food! However, what I do know is that she’s one sharp dresser and a great actress! Find out more about the cookbook after the jump!

For years, Longoria has been cooking and try new recipes. Some of the favorites found in this cookbook include Spanish rice, tamales and Pan de Polvo.  Continue reading »

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Australia is one country I truly admire for their pro-active approach to engaging with consumers from around the world. We joke that the French must look on in bewilderment and fear that such a young wine producing nation is so far ahead of the game on the marketing scene.  Continue reading »

Photo: irishtimes.com

Sunday’s newspapers overflowed with big loud supermarket ads, each proclaiming they were cheaper and better and had more magical powers than their rivals.
Tesco shouted loudest, with almost every other page harping on about “1000 price cuts”.  Continue reading »

Breakfast Plum Clafoutis

A post by An Irish Village Pantry at An Irish Village Pantry

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