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Everybody has heard of a margarita, but have you ever heard of a michelada, a mojito, or sangrita?  Get recipes for these tasty drinks and many more (including margaritas) after the jump!  With both alcoholic and non-alcoholic recipes, this collection will take your summer parties to a whole new level!  Continue reading »

Grilled Fava Beans

A post by Gavan at Gavan Murphy

These little beauties are just in season now lasting all the way through the summer. I had a bag of them in my fridge from my CSA box wondering what the heck was I going to do with them. Yesterday my neighbors were grilling up a feast for Memorial Day so I figured why not throw these on the grill? To my delight they turned out great and were really easy to do. Simple is best!
Cheers.  Continue reading »

“Did you ever eat Colcannon, made from lovely pickled cream?
With the greens and scallions mingled like a picture in a dream.
Did you ever make a hole on top to hold the melting flake
Of the creamy, flavoured butter that your mother used to make?
Yes you did, so you did, so did he and so did I.
And the more I think about it sure the nearer I’m to cry.  Continue reading »

They say self-praise is no praise so I’ll do the honours.
Last Thursday, 26th May, saw the inaugural Bord Gais Energy Social Media Awards take place at the Mansion House, Dublin. We were in the running for two awards on the night, finalists in the Best Business Twitter Account Marketing & Sales and Best Blog of a Business categories.  Continue reading »

The service has never been great here.
On our first visit the waiting staff, serving nobody in particular, seemed exceptionally busy, and a little bit scatterbrained. My sister Barbara had almost finished her (delicious) Chicken Schnitzel burger by the time she got the plain mayonnaise she’d asked for – three times. Getting the staff’s attention consumed about half our eating time. In fairness, when it did arrive the waiter was genuinely apologetic.  Continue reading »

I Heart Bakewell Tart

A post by Vicky at S'tasty

As kids we had a childminder called Mary and she was a great cook. Her bakewell tarts were the stuff of legend. I could never look, let alone eat, shop bought bakewell tarts because none of them would ever taste as amazing as Mary’s. There was something about Mary’s tarts! I loved the crispy lattice pastry she layered on top and the vibrant red jam oozing around the edges. I adored the almondy smell that permeated the whole house when she baked.  Continue reading »

I’m about to head off to Dublin with a freezer full of ice cream, and I do hope if you come to Bloom in the Park you’ll come by and say “hi.” You can taste the two flavours I’ve made specially for the event – Elderflower Champagne Sorbet and White Chocolate and Lavender!

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$$(’div.d4961′).each( function(e) { e.visualEffect(’slide_up’,{duration:0.5}) });.  Continue reading »

Sometimes it is nice not to have too much of a good thing too often. Maybe you don’t see someone for some time, or don’t experience something, maybe for a few weeks, a few months or perhaps a number of years. Then you go back to be reminded of how good it is, all over again.
I was reminded on Sunday night of how much I love a good Sangiovese. In this trade, you have the fortunate opportunity of tasting a lot of wine. But that is ‘tasting’.  Continue reading »



ON HOLS AT PRESENT; check here for latest reviews and news.  Continue reading »

Kids and Teenage Cooking Camps
Summer is around the corner and what better time to have the kids learn how to fend for themselves in the kitchen.  Our classes vary from baking to breakfast to snacks, dinners and of course delicious desserts.  Learn in a fun relaxed way how to do all the basics of cooking and reproduce  that yummy food at home for friends and family.  Continue reading »

M&S The Grill Rump Steak Burger

Regular readers will know that we’re big fans of M&S. The Dine In for Two for €12.50 offer is easily the best supermarket offer in Ireland. This weekend I picked up wine, sirloin steak, chips, and cheesecake; this is pretty much getting two top-class meals for free (incidentally, for the week that’s in it, my friend J. Headen Esq. commented that customer service in M&S is always excellent).  Continue reading »

Toto: It started off well…

I’m a liar. I’m a misogynist. I’m repulsive. I’m invisible. And I like eating food off dirty tables.
Actually, I’m none of those things, but that’s the way I’ve been treated in a series of Dublin restaurants and takeaways since I returned from India. The Parade of Bad Service shows no sign of ending, and I’m starting to fret at the very idea of eating out. It shouldn’t be so stressful.  Continue reading »


A post by Laura Boland at EAT DRINK LIVE

I realised today when I got an email from Typepad to update my billing details that I had been religiously paying my monthly payment for the blog while heathenishly neglecting to post anything much for the past two years. So I'm going to give myself another couple of months to decide if I'm going to keep it up. Nothing much has changed, I'm still  baking to keep the roof over my head.  Continue reading »

Voting lines are now open for Taste Factor. To vote for me text TASTE1 to 53131. 
I would be really thrilled if you would take the time to vote for me. Thanks a million! Nessa x.  Continue reading »

Bloom 2011

A post by rosanne at

Last week I was delighted to win two tickets for Bloom 2011 via the Irish Food Bloggers Association.  I was planning to attend Bloom 2011 anyway but thought if I managed to win the tickets it would free up a few extra sheckles to spend when I get there.  I have never attended Bloom before but at the start of the year had resolved to attend more foodie events throughout the year and Bloom 2011 was on the ‘must attend’ list.  While Bloom is (as the name suggests) a gardening festival it does also have a large food element and as I love both my garden and my food you can see why this is a must for me.  I have been quite excited about the event but this morning I asked Bord Bia to send me on some info to pop up here on the blog, they very kindly obliged and I have to say having read what is on offer I can’t wait for Friday to roll around now.   Mr. Boo had rather grumpily agreed to come with me but I reckon he will really enjoy the event too.  We love to visit farmers or food markets and try out different artisan foods so I reckon he will enjoy browsing the two marquees dedicated to artisan food producers, & I am sure we will leave laden down with goodies.  As an asthmatic I am also very interested in checking out the Allergy Free Garden in association with the Asthma Society of Ireland.  The festival really does sound like it has something for everyone, if you don’t believe me check out the information below, provided by Bord Bia.  With glorious weather forecast for the Bank Holiday weekend it could be an ideal way to spend an afternoon.  I will no doubt bore you with a report on my visit too.  Continue reading »

Hark the Herold lager thing

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

My recent review of Krombacher Dark was the second time I realised I’ve never put up a review of Herold Dark, despite having been drinking it in The Czech Inn and Pifko since before Christmas. Upon realising this, I found an idle moment to drop by The Czech Inn and take my time over a pint to figure out how it works. With a few lines of notes taken I went on my way. And then completely forgot about it again.  Continue reading »

Sometimes I love being on the “mommy track” but recently juggling kids and a career seems like the craziest idea I ever had. The last few months have been terribly stressful at work. I’ve barely had time or energy to cook. You might have noticed this downward culinary slide due to my lack of recent posts (sorry, Kristin). Luckily, I have a handful of make ahead recipes to help me through these rough patches. This is my newest–and favorite.  Continue reading »

Risi e Bisi Soup

A post by Aoife - Babaduck at Babaduck

This sounds very posh and Italian but it’s actually a Venetian pea and rice soup.  I suppose it’s a take on a very liquid risotto as it uses the exact same ingredients : onion, arborio rice, stock & butter but it’s ramped up with lots of pancetta, peas & parmesan.  It’s light but substantial all at the same time and would make a perfect Summer lunch with some good bread to mop up the last of the soup in the bowl.  Continue reading »

Yuk Sung

A post by TheGlutton at Gluttony for Beginners

In my last post I mentioned how similar I thought Donal Skehan’s Asian Pork Lettuce Cups were to one of our favourite Chinese restaurant starters, Yuk Sung.  My husband would happily ‘eat a bucket’ of this stuff (his words!) and I believe him.  I once tried a recipe that I found online that required boiling the pork mince first and it was a bit long winded, the results weren’t anything like the Yuk Sung I was used to and my fried rice noodles were too greasy, so when I tried Donal’s Asian Pork Lettuce Cups I decided this would be the ideal starting point to making Yuk Sung and with just a few little tweaks the results tasted exactly like the restaurant version.  After trying Donal’s Pork Lettuce Cups I prefer this type of dish without the fried rice noodles – it is so much lighter.  Continue reading »

If winning a case of wine and/or scoring tickets to Taste of Dublin are of interest to you, then you’ll want to stick around until (or just skip straight to) the end of this post. That’s all I’m sayin’…

Yes, we have gotten to that time of year where I think my calendar might actually burst. There are a multitude of things going on in June, each one tastier than the next.  Continue reading »