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Mas de
Bressades, Tradition Blanc, AOC Costières de Nîmes 2009, 13.5%, €13.00, Bubble
Brothers, 4 stars.

Rhone-Setes Canal, south of Nimes

I was surprised by the
quality of the whites from Costières de Nimes during last month’s visit to
Provence. The Costières, for some time now officially a Rhone wine, is based in
the area around Nimes, including the “wild” Camargue, in the Bouches de Rhone.  Continue reading »

So, you all came here today expecting a recipe to follow on from my Deep frying post yesterday. Well I’m sorry to disappoint, but as we got rid of our Deep Fryer years ago, I don’t have any way of preparing and photographing a dish, even if I wanted to. That’s not strictly true, I could use the cooker top method.  Continue reading »

I have an embarrassing confession to make. Despite living an hour’s drive away from Belfast for the past 12 years, I’ve only been to the city twice — once this past March and again just last week (I don’t count a couple trips to the Ikea off the motorway). So when I heard about the Belfast Bred food and drink walking tour, it seemed like the perfect chance to finally see a bit of the city and eat well along the way for good measure.  Continue reading »

This is a glimpse of lunch Today in the Restaurant 
Fresh onions from the Garden ©Kevin Thornton
copper pots ©Kevin Thornton
Truffle on Walnut 
Salad and truffle fingers ©Kevin Thornton 

Truffle Scrambled Egg ©Kevin Thornton 
Truffle egg tray ©KevinhThornton 
Black olive Tuile ©Kevin Thornton
Tigger Pulling The tuile ©Kevin Thornton 

Black Olive Glass Tuile ©Kevin Thornton 

 Tomato and  Goats Cheese Terrine with Candid Black Olives ©Kevin Thornton 
Hot and cold Tomato consomme ©Kevin Thornton

Flowered Vegetables ©Kevin Thornton 
Grilled Loin of Milk Fed Veal, Veal juice and  Flowered Vegetables ©Kevin Thornton 
Gerolle with potato puree and Portobella Mushroom ©Kevin Thornton

Wicklow lamb sauteed and finished with Gerolle powdered and chives, potato puree, Portobella Mushroom, Thyme Jue ©Kevin Thornton 

wicklow with Braised Lambs Tongue ©Kevin Thornton
RASPBERRIES    Garden Raspberries, wood sorrel, Rocket Flower petals  and Valrhona Chocolate ©Kevin Thornton .  Continue reading »

Preparation Time
30 minutes
Total Time
10 hours

A couple of weeks ago I left a wish on Gluttony for Beginner’s blog post and as a result was visited by the magical, mystical Fairy Hobmother aka David from Appliances Online. The Fairy Hobmother has been floating around the blogosphere lately granting wishes left, right and centre.

I was kindly sent an Amazon voucher which I excitedly splurged on new cookbooks to keep me going while my own are packed away.  Continue reading »

While Englishman John Reynall was laying the foundations for viticulture in 1830s McLaren Vale, it would really be the 1880s before the grape became more important than the original staple, wheat. Reynell would employ a young labourer called Thomas Hardy, who later acquired Tintara in 1876. As viticulture in the region gathered pace, two giants of McLaren Vale and the Australian wine industry were born – Château Reynella and Hardys.  Continue reading »

We started Hearty Dinner Thursday last week with Fettuccine Alfredo (read it here) and we’re continuing the trend  this week with Steak Fajitas! We know that everyone needs at least 1 day a week to indulge, and today is the perfect day to have steak alongside some delectable veggies. Keep reading to learn the method and start making your own Steak Fajitas!
The great thing about fajitas is that they’re totally customizable: you can add whatever ingredients and toppings you want!  Continue reading »

You need a quick appetizer recipe? Here it is and it couldn’t be easier. The flavour is killer and it actually tastes better if you refrigerate it for a bit first before serving.
Cheers.  Continue reading »

Make Food, Not Excuses

A post by Daily Spud at The Daily Spud

Yes, ’tis true. There’s nothing worse than turning up to a potluck empty-handed when everyone else has brought dishes that people would stampede to get to.  Continue reading »

Today begins the start of a new feature here on Chew on That: Free Food Friday!  Every Friday from now on, you can enter to win all sorts of great food-related prizes!  This week, we’re giving away boxes of yummy Town House crackers!  Keep reading to learn more and enter.  Continue reading »

Marco de Pegões 2009 Portugal, 13.5%,
€8.99, stockists

Take a sip of this red blend from Portugal. I did and
thought it good. Then I took a look at the price: €8.99. Incredible. Incredibly
good value.

Colour is an attractive ruby with an attractive nose of berries. The acidity here is the first to shake hands with you as
the tannins are not shy. But immediately there is a rich follow of fruit and
the decent finish is along similar lines. Quite a wine for the price.  Continue reading »

.  Continue reading »

Summer has been rather non-committal in this part of the world.  One day, the sun shines and I can soak in a view such as this:

The next, that view has vanished, only to be replaced by this:

View?  What view, I hear you ask.  There is one there; it’s just been obscured by Atlantic fog for days.  And days.
Even if I have to (reluctantly) forgo the sunny days of summer, I’m adamantly refusing to forgo the fresh tastes of the season.  Continue reading »

Hello again
After an unseemly two month hiatus Bubble Brothers’ blog is back – rejoice and be glad!
Paul (i.e. me – and known formerly as Grapes of Sloth) will be posting at least three times a week from September on (and will be good for one or two posts a week before then).  Continue reading »

A serving on happiness on a rainy day: the M&S Dine in for Two for €12.50 offer is on.
Ireland’s sweetest deal runs from today until Tuesday August 2. Deliciousness you can pick up for the Bank Holiday weekend includes marinated salmon, cajun chicken, and ready to roast gammon. Wash it down with profiteroles, tiramisu, or apple pie.
Full menu on the M&S website.  Continue reading »

Special offers at Lidl
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Special offers at Dunnes
Special offers at Superquinn
Special offers at Tesco
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Cornish freedom

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

The nice people who do PR for the St Austell brewery sent me a box of the new one: Trelawny, a 3.8% ABV bitter, named in honour of a local hero who fought valiantly against religious tolerance in 17th century England.
Australian Galaxy hops are, we’re told, at the centre of this dark amber beer. It’s no hop-bomb, however, preferring subtlety and understatement throughout.  Continue reading »


A post by George at Not Junk Food

Image via Wikipedia

Deep-frying is the process where food is immersed in hot oil or fat to be cooked. Food can be partly cooked in advance and then finished just before being served.
To partially cook food you immerse it in the preheated (to 160C-175C) fat or oil until softened and not coloured.
To fully cook food you immerse it in the preheated (to 170C-190C) fat or oil until cooked through and crisp on the outside.  Continue reading »

Pesto Trapanese

A post by Kristin at Dinner du Jour

This is the fifth year we’ve had a vegetable garden at our house in the country, but I quickly learned the first year that basil doesn’t grow well (if at all) outdoors in Ireland. We have a small greenhouse this year, but all the space is taken up with tomatoes, Kirby cucumbers and peppers, so the basil plants had to make do with our kitchen windowsill, where they’re going gangbusters.  Continue reading »

Vegan eating in Barcelona

A post by Adventures in Veg at Adventures in Veg....

If you love hummus and you ever visit Barcelona, it’s very important to remember one thing.
Hummus is not – repeat, not – pronounced ‘hum-mus’.
Oh no.
Learn from my mistake. You’ve got to pronounce it ‘hooomooos’, and thus avoid looking like a total eejit in a supermarket while trying to describe how to make hummus with the two words of Spanish that you have - ”Er, garbanzo? Limon?  Continue reading »