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I recently heard a definition of authentic that I like: if something is authentic, it has a story. It helps with a little debate about authentic cuisine that’s been bouncing around in my head for many years, after once being questioned about whether any post-new-world cuisine could be considered authentic. My response seemed unscientific, like,…  Continue reading »

A.  Continue reading »

Scientists from the University of East Anglia and Kings College London have found evidence to show that moderate drinking of wine can help strengthen the bones, and thus help prevent osteoporosis. The findings were published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, and come from a study involving over one thousand pairs of female twins in the UK aged in their mid-fifties.
It is thought polyphenols found in the skin of the grapes is responsible for the positive effects.  Continue reading »

Happy Halloween!

A post by Kieran at Ice Cream Ireland

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Halloween is here! I was busy making candy apples last week for my daughter’s Halloween school party that happened on Friday. In my book, nothing says Halloween like a candy apple. The recipe I use to make them is taken and adapted from The Joy Of Cooking by Irma S. Rombauer, Marion Rombauer Becker & Ethan Becker. If you don’t already have this in your cookbook collection, I couldn’t recommend it.  Continue reading »

A Cote De Beaune Tasting

A post by noreply@blogger.com (Will) at Irish Wine Contemplations

All served at Nigel Donnans Dublin wine school (http://www.dublinwineschool.ie/) tasting last week. Le Cave wine bar on South Anne Street was our venue once more in an attempt to getting a better understanding of the Cote De Beaune. The villages from the Southern half of Burgundy (proper) are generally more famous for their white wines but they also produce some very high quality red wine (if not quite up to the standard of the Cote De Nuits).  Continue reading »

Have a happy and safe Halloween from everyone here at Chew on That! Keep reading for pictures of our best Halloween recipes!

Our graphic designer put a lot of effort into these cake pops. She made them in a variety of flavors, from red velvet to funfetti! Try your hand at making some cheesecake pops right here!

One of our editors is really rockin’ out her skull headband! She also made some amazing owl cookies! Try another version of these cookies here!  Continue reading »


A post by Kristin at Edible Ireland

I have a friend who used to work in the famous Bewley’s Café on Grafton Street in Dublin years ago. She told me once about about the letters they got around this time of year, usually from tourists who had bought a loaf of barmbrack in the store to take back home with them.  Continue reading »

After a fabulous Friday spent at Savour Kilkenny I’m firmly back in the real world after discovering a food news shocker today. I should have known that after a lovely interlude of chatting with author Colman Andrews about locavores, eating Goatsbridge trout and Knockdrinna cheese with fantastic wine pairings in Mount Juliet, things would come down to earth with a bump via my old nemesis – the supermarkets.  Continue reading »

Dæve’s diphthongs

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

At long last, the third of the Hardknott bottles Dave and Ann gave me while we queued for the Great British Beer Festival last year. I’ve disposed of the Infra Red and the Granite, which leaves just this bottle of Æther Blæc 2009.  Continue reading »

Tullamore Dew

A post by David at Irish Whiskey Notes

It took the Irish Whiskey Society a while to get around to Tullamore Dew but we made for up for it this week by tasting the entire range, and a couple of older expressions besides. John Quinn, Global Brand Ambassador for Tullamore Dew, introduced the whiskeys and interwove the story of the marketing of Irish whiskey as we proceeded.
John has worked with Tullamore Dew since 1974, when it was made in John’s Lane distillery (ie Powers) in Dublin.  Continue reading »

The “Food Unconference” the organisers called it.
The event in question, Foodcamp, returned as part of this weekend’s Savour Kilkenny festival, after a very successful inaugural outing last year. The agenda was largely determined by the attendees, each of whom was free to give a presentation, and the guidelines were simple: inform your audience rather than sell to them, and bring something to share for lunch.  Continue reading »

I was in Switzerland recently looking at Swiss cattle and I met this guy that is doing something simerlar as my self.  Continue reading »

Domaine Reine Juliette, Terres Rouges,
Picpoul de Pinet, Languedoc 2010, 13.5%, €12.00 Bubble Brothers, 3 stars
Colour is of light honey and it has a moderately aromatic nose. Not a major impression on the palate but quite a friendly one, more of a purr, less of a bark. It has a nice lively acidity with thirst quenching fruit.
While the acidity is sharp it never gets.  Continue reading »

There are a couple of Halloween recipes that I make often because they are far too delicious to save for the spookiest day of the year.  Continue reading »

If I say so myself.. I switched to spelt earlier this year when a friend gave me some bread that he made, a three day supply. He said to try it and just see how I felt. I'd been eating white bread, and decent looking brown bread forever. I'd often feel like I was going to explode afterwards and saw dubious looking pictures of myself where I looked as if I was six months knocked up. I tried the bread, I was, and have stayed converted.  Continue reading »

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No shortage of choice when I called in to the well established OctoberFest at the Franciscan Well Brewery and Pub at the weekend. There were dozens of beers on tap, and many more in bottle at the bar itself. 
Renewed acquaintance with John Radley of Cremin and Radley who had a stand there. Tempted also to renew acquaintance.  Continue reading »

Bon Appetit

A post by caitrionaw at Caitrionaw's Blog

For forty euro the Michelin Starred Bon Appetit, in Malahide, recently offered an opportunity for diners to try their new tasting menu and to critique it afterwards. Needless to say, I was on the phone immediately to reserve my table. And last night my pal and I bravely ventured north of the Liffey in expectation of a fine dining experience.
We arrived at a grand old terraced building which was draped in a protective screen behind which building works were in progress. This was Bon Appetit.  Continue reading »

Before I start with this, have a look here when you get a chance. it’s my most recent contribution to Glenisk’s newsletter. this time its on pesticides…and Halloween.

The Organic Farming community has broadly welcomed the announcements on CAP Reform presented by the EU Commission.

The proposal suggests that organic farmers will automatically be eligible for the direct payments for the Greening aspects of CAP without without having to fulfill additional requirements.  Continue reading »

Have you ever wanted the chance to critique a Michelin-starred chef and actually have him listen to you? Over the course of two weeks in October, Bon Appetit offered diners the chance to enjoy 6 courses for just €40. In return for this exceptional value, chef Oliver Dunne and his team sought feedback from the diners which they could use to refine and improve their new winter menu.  Continue reading »