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My Christmas Cake

A post by Arlene at The Fuzzy Times

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Night in Languedoc
Dominique Geary is a wine person I’ve nearly met, on a few occasions. We came quite close in Beziers this summer but no connection materialised. Still, the welcome tweets go on and her latest is a tip off about some Languedoc wines that will go on sale, indeed on offer, in Dunnes Stores from tomorrow (30th November) until 3rd January. “To.  Continue reading »

I’ve been finding this winter difficult so far. It is hard to believe that it’s been little over a month since my boyfriend and I got back from our trip to the UK in mid October feeling full of optimistic energy and plans for the future. Since then, we’ve had the October bank holiday, the turning back of the clocks and the real onset of winter.  Continue reading »

My Christmas Cake

A post by Arlene at The Fuzzy Times

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With just three days to go until our 3rd Christmas wine fair, we’re delighted to confirm we’ll be joined by some of Cork’s finest local food producers over the two day taste-fest in our Kinsale Road store.  Continue reading »

I made this cake a couple of weeks ago for my sister’s *cough cough* birthday.  See, I’m a good sister, I didn’t blab how ancient she is to the world.  Anyhoo, it went down rather well on Twitter and Instagram, and my sister was pretty pleased with it.  My other sister thought I was a bit lazy because I used chocolate fingers and hadn’t been up the whole night making chocolate cigarellos, but sure you can’t please everyone.  Continue reading »

See here for a great report, full of useful references on biodiversity (from the Science magazine September 2010)

Sometimes it seems nature is not especially valued. How often have complaints been heard about frogs or snails halting progress, or the unproductively of land not exploited to the fullest?

But nature is also biodiversity – the variety of life in all its forms on earth. So what is biodiversity worth?  Continue reading »

Save on meat

A post by peter at CheapEats.ie

As a kid, I sneered obnoxiously at other people’s Christmas dinners. “We,” I lorded in the boastful voice of a nine-year-old boy, “have turkey, ham, and roast beef.”
Surprisingly, my face went relatively unpunched. Even though my folks would have been far from flathulaich, the rules of reason went out the door for the Christmas dinner. They still do.  Continue reading »

You’ll hear from me later in the week on what to look for when handing over your hard earned dosh for a Christmas turkey; there are some shocking rip-offs and ropey options out there. But for the moment, here’s a list of farms selling direct and small producers of free-range and bronze turkeys this Christmas. Remember, instead of making your usual trawl through the supermarket you can buy turkeys and hams at farm gate, it makes for a lovely trip if you’ve got kids.  Continue reading »

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Second year running for Knockranny House HotelKamil Dubanik, from Knockranny House Hotel, is Crowned Winner of2011 Euro-toques Young Chef of the YearThe best parties are celebrated in the kitchen. Young chef Kamil Dubanik, from Knockranny House Hotel in Co. Mayo, celebrates becoming the 21st Euro-toques Young Chef of the Year, in association with BIM & Failte Ireland. 
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A few weeks ago, a very welcome parcel arrived on my doorstep  - a box of deliciousness from luxury chocolatier Hotel Chocolat to taste and review.  They have a myriad of Christmas treats to suit every palate and pocket so I chose something very suited to myself and The Hubs – the Truffles for Two Advent Calendar.  Seeing as we’ve no kids and there’s just the two of us, this grown up box has two.  Continue reading »

The Irish Potato

A post by haysparks at Mother of Invention

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Miss Ireland, Holly Carpenter
Barry’s Tea has created a limited edition Santa’s Tea box which is for sale exclusively on barrysteashop.ie for tea fans at home and abroad. The box is still only €3.25 which is a winner for stocking fillers and sending to family and friends across the world. The Online Tea Shop, which hosts a range of Barry’s Tea blends, from the flagship Gold Blend and the.  Continue reading »

About a month ago, an invitation was issued to members of the Irish Food Bloggers assocation to enjoy a tour of the Bramley apple orchards, located at St. Margaret’s, Dublin (courtesy of Keelings). The mere suggestion of Bramley cooking apples sucked me into a time vortex (thankfully sans swirly lights and music) back to my childhood and to the time when I received my first introduction to cooking.

My educator was my maternal grandmother, known to me as Ma.  Continue reading »

My Traditional Style Christmas Cake

A post by noreply@blogger.com (Zack- www.irishfoodguide.ie) at The Irish Food Guide Blog

Christmas cakes are made many different ways, but generally they are variations on classic fruitcake. They can be light, dark, moist, dry, heavy, spongy etc. They are made in many different shapes, with frosting, glazing, a dusting of icing sugar or plain. The spices and dried fruits in the cake are supposed to represent the exotic eastern spices brought by the three Wise Men to the newborn King! 

 The fruit is all soaked overnight in the brandy, in a covered bowl, before use.  Continue reading »

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Simple snack: Sourdough slices

A post by noreply@blogger.com (mama deer) at tofu for tea

Sometimes the evening comes when we’re all too tired to cook a full meal. After a long day in work or if you have kids, a job that doesn’t have a clock-out time! I find myself going from fridge to cupboards and back again with no inspiration and no inclination. So this is a quick and easy snack for one of those days, that wont take more than 10 minutes.  Continue reading »

With just 27 days to Christmas (yikes!), we’re ensuring you won’t lose a single one when it comes to buying your Christmas wine. We’re open every day between now and Christmas, with late opening during the week starting this Thursday.

Full Christmas opening times
Thursday 1st December to Friday 23rd December:

Monday to Friday 10.30am to 8.00pm
Saturdays 10.30am to 6.00pm
Sundays 12.30pm to 6.00pm.

Christmas Eve/Saturday 24th December: 10.30am to 5.00pm.  Continue reading »

Worth a thousand

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

De La Senne makes me want to be a better photographer. I mean, look at that label (you might have to squint and use your imagination a bit). It’s wonderful. It should be on a billboard instead of a 33cl bottle on top of my beer fridge. I usually have my cynicism turned up to 11 when it comes to beer branding and image, but De La Senne rarely fails to turn my marketing-bullshit-proof wall to mush.
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