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The 6th edition of the International Seminar on Successful Wines & Styles was held last week in Argentina. Twelve winemakers from around the world focused their lectures on how wines of the future should be, and the general consensus was fruity and sweet, with less oak and lower alcohol.
Erm, okay, but what if you want a dry, oaky, powerhouse red? Well, I don’t think their intention is to have all wines taste the same.  Continue reading »

This morning I headed out to Rathfarnham on the south side of Dublin to visit a school where Innocent smoothies and GIY Ireland were launching a brand new campaign to get school kids growing their own veggies, Sow & Grow.  After a few years growing my own veggies, I’m a complete convert and a big believer that anyone can give it a go.  It’s one of those incredibly rewarding activities and if you are a food lover it’s the obvious hobby to add to your to do list.  After a few mishaps, my theory is always to grow things you want to eat and things which grow quickly.  Peas, salad leaves, potatoes, cabbages, and strawberries are fail safe in my books and now is definitely the time to get sowing.  The school I visited had a great little veg patch beside the playground, where each class had their very own bed which they rotate every year.  Some of the kids who were part of the photoshoot told me that they have even got to cook some of the potatoes they grew last year.  How cool is that!  It’s great to see kids making the connection between where food comes from and how it ends up on our plates.  Any school in Ireland who wants to sign up to the campaign can do so by signing up to the website www.innocentdrinks.ie/sow&grow and they will be sent out packs of seeds and lesson plans to get help get kids growing this year.  Every class who takes the pledge to get growing will be in the running to win a chance to come along to the BLOOM festival in June and a trip to the zoo!  Continue reading »

Rick Stein’s Baja Fish Tacos dish up meaty white fish in crisp, tempura-style batter together with crunchy lettuce, zingy salsa and sour cream in a floury tortilla wrap. They’re a great choice for a party and go really well with a cold beer.. or three!  Continue reading »

As many people who know me well will tell you I don’t eat butter on bread. Yes, I know, shock horror – Adam Hoban thinks butter is the most pointless thing when it comes to bread and sandwiches. But I’ve also started to turn on the good auld’ white slice pan. White bread has little to no nutrients or fibre, which is really essential for a stable metabolism and healthy digestive system.  Continue reading »

On Chew on That and Recipe4Living, we’re all about finding quick and easy ways to make hearty meals that your whole family will love. Keep reading to see some of our favorite sloppy joe recipes from Recipe4Living, and check out our sale on an amazing NEW slow cooker!
Sloppy Joes: Making Sloppy Joes in a crockpot lets you do other things while the crockpot makes dinner.
Crockpot Sloppy Joes: This is a favorite in my family. My children love when I have this ready for them at dinner time.  Continue reading »

Meal Planning

A post by Wholesome Ireland at wholesomeireland.com

Things I have learnt from doing the stocktake: You could wrap our entire estate in the amount of kitchen roll I found in the bottom of the press. If I’m ever stuck for cement I….  Continue reading »

I really enjoyed the last season of River Cottage, which was completely dedicated to Veggie dishes, so I was thrilled to receive the accompanied book {River Cottage Veg everyday!} from one of my little men for Christmas. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s books are always packed with recipes that are fairly straight forward but so delicious and this book is no different.  Continue reading »

Winner of BBC MasterChef 2011 is Celtic Cook Off Guest of HonourTim Anderson will participate over two days in 2012 Celtic Cook Off in West CorkThe Celtic Cook Off in West Cork continues to build on the success of the inaugural event in September 2011 by attracting top chefs to take part in what is becoming one of the culinary events of the year. The 2011 Celtic Cook Off was held as part of the.  Continue reading »

Restaurant Reviws

A post by noreply@blogger.com (www.ifoods.tv) at iFoods

The best Steak in Dublin.  Continue reading »

A Red that’s light and bright
Chartron et Trebuchet, 2010 Macon AOC, 12.5% abv, €12.99 Curious
Want to try something in
red other than Cabernet Sauvignon, Rioja or Merlot, then why not have a look at
this bright featherweight from the Macon?
It is an easy drinking
fruity red with a little tannic kick, light and with a decent balance. If you don’t
fancy the more full-on reds, this.  Continue reading »

Our reader Katia shared this healthy recipe with us recently. For those who have an aversion to parsnips (you are legion!), you could substitute carrots, sweet potatoes or turnip.  Continue reading »

Low hopping on leap day

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

My first post with this datestamp, and a couple of bottles from West Yorkshire’s Saltaire brewery.
The chocolate one was my primary target but Saltaire Blonde was on the shelf next to it to I figured I may as well give it a go while I’m at it. It’s good, if a little bit solidly by-the-numbers: balanced between the bubblegum malt and the gentle, very slightly metallic, hop bitterness with the hops announcing their presence as soon as the cap came off.  Continue reading »

This debate has pulled in lots of new voices, divergent views and strong opinion. Is putting calories on menus a health policy that will cripple an already pressurised restaurant sector? Or a badly needed intervention that has proved to have had some success reducing calorie intake, notably in the US.

Today is the final day to let your views be known on the proposed new legislation.  Continue reading »


A post by Wholesome Ireland at wholesomeireland.com

I don’t know about anybody else but filling our bellies and cupboards on a budget is tough going sometimes. My heart wishes we could buy Irish as much as possible, source food locally and support….  Continue reading »

Oregon lies on the west coast of the United States, just below the state of Washington and north of California. Is seems like a rather obscure place to be making world class wine, but that’s exactly what they’re doing there. A report from Silicon Valley Bank suggests sales of Oregon wines are expected to rise by 7%-10% this year, making it twenty straight years of growth for the American state’s wine industry.  Continue reading »

El Paso Howth returns

A post by thesilverchicken at thesilverchicken

A.  Continue reading »

El Paso Howth returns

A post by thesilverchicken at thesilverchicken

A.  Continue reading »

El Paso Howth returns

A post by thesilverchicken at thesilverchicken

A.  Continue reading »

Call off the search! I’m still here and still kicking!  Continue reading »

Irish Dulse Butter

A post by imen at {farmette}

At around this time last year, food courtesans from all over Ireland were flocking together in Donegal to celebrate Inishfood, Ireland’s “Glastonbury of Food” as Suzanne Campbell aptly implied.  Continue reading »