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Ladies Night at The Tannery

A post by Aoife - Babaduck at Babaduck

Avid readers of the blog will know that myself and The Hubs were at The Tannery in Dungarvan last year and we had a fabulous time – so much so, that I kept telling everybody how flipping brilliant it was, how lovely the food was and how beautiful the townhouse accommodation was.  Continue reading »

Hello again, food fans! Dessert pizza is a fun play on the traditional family favorite, and even the kids like to get into the thick of it. The colors pop, the flavors stun the taste buds and it’s the ideal treat for any get-together, especially a potluck! Keep reading for our favorite recipes and a How-To guide that will help you make the perfect tasty fruit pizza every time…more after the jump!
Whether you are a fan of the fruit pizza or dessert pizza, we have the recipe for you!  Continue reading »

Pulled Pork

A post by haysparks at Mum of Invention

A.  Continue reading »

A Peasant Chic Picnic

A post by Sharon Hearne Smith at Sharon Hearne-Smith

Images show some behind the scenes action on an Irish Country Magazine feature on Irish Food Bloggers, featuring Imen McDonnell, Lorna Sixsmith, Pat Whelan and Ella McSweeney.

The theme was a ‘peasant chic’ picnic. Luckily we shot on location at the lovely Village at Lyons which housed us in a cosy conservatory to shield us from the elements.

Check out the contributors food and interviews in the first fabulous issue of the mag out on March 29th 2012.  Continue reading »

Image from www.nationalgallery.ie

I was in the delightful Bite of Life cafe on Patrick St this morning when I heard them telling some regulars about a fundraiser event – so I got the details to spread the word here, as it sounds just lovely.
Bite of Life, DIT and the National Gallery have come together to raise funds for the Conservation Department of the National Gallery of Ireland. They’ve arranged a special evening this Thursday, 1st March.  Continue reading »

Last week was a tough week. Things went wrong. Things fell through. And at one stage, a chimney almost fell off – but I don’t even want to go there and, believe me, neither do you!Some of you may think I’m mad but I’ve been trying to coordinate setting up a café with my other full-time work. This means that the past few weeks have consisted of me constantly switching from journalist mode to teacher mode to hassled-person-trying-to-set-up-a-café mode.  Continue reading »

Barbecuing vs. Grilling

A post by mikesirishbbqblog at mikesirishbbqblog

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First “met” Swedish writer Pelle Blohm on twitter, thanks to a Corkman, Mark O’Sullivan @markstkhlm, an ex Tramore Athletic player, who lives in Sweden and also Philip O’Connor, Swedish based Irish sports journalist @philipoconnor . Pelle is a regular visitor to Ireland, has been Grand Marshall at a Swedish Patrick’s Day parade and owns an Irish wolfhound.
Pelle Blohm (@PBlohm on twitter):.  Continue reading »

A surprisingly good Portugueser, this.
And it shouldn’t really have surprised me as much as it did because one of the best wine experiences™ I’ve had was in Portugal, in a Lisbon wine shop, Garrafeira Nacional.
I was in Lisbon with the day job and had a few hours to kill so I do what I normally do and go window shopping, the windows being those of the local wine shops.  Continue reading »

We’re eating citrus in our house like it’s going out of style–or at least out of season. Although February food can be rather bleak notwithstanding the plethora of root vegetables you can scrounge up, at least we can still find great oranges and grapefruit. I love the combination of chocolate and orange, especially in cake form.  Continue reading »

It’s Pancake Tuesday – and here’s our favourite recipe for fluffy American Pancakes! Whether it’s with maple syrup, sugar and lemon, or just with a dollop of butter, these delicious pancakes are the best we’ve tried – and so easy to make!  Continue reading »

After missing our weekly appointment at Boojum, we thought we’d get our burrito fix by making our our homemade Mexican tortilla wraps. The recipe is pretty straightforward, but there is one trick – it’s all in the tea-towels!  Continue reading »

Nappies for Belarus

A post by Nessa Robins at Nessa's Family Kitchen

It can sometimes seems unbelievable the amount of actions and events that can happen as a result of Twitter. Only last year a huge foodie festival was organised in Donegal, which simply started with a tweet between a few foodies that were planning on having a dinner at Harry’s in Inishowen. This festival soon became known as Inishfood and it will be happening again this May.  Continue reading »

Paying it Forward – Liebster Blog Award

A post by Karen @ Follow the Food Link at Follow the Food Link

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Paying it Forward – Liebster Blog Award

A post by Karen @ Follow the Food Link at Follow the Food Link

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Apple and Walnut loaves goes way back to when I was growing up. Due to certain members being devout Catholics, lent is taken very seriously. Those who partake don’t eat any sweets or cakes. So for birthdays, the walnut loaf is used as a substitute to birthday cake, as technically it’s not classed as a ‘cake’.  Continue reading »

This last week, I had two friends visiting from New York, and we decided that it was time to do some reckless eating, recession or no recession.
We had a lovely stop in Dromoland and a meal of the usual high standard at the Charthouse in Dingle.
Then we headed to Dublin for a return visit to Chapter One and Thornton’s in Dublin.
In Ireland, although we’re proud of our scenery, our castles and our pubs, we still tend to be apologetic about food.  Continue reading »

Cheese is something we do very well in Ireland, and while we should support Irish produce first and foremost, we’re also fortunate to have access to lots of high quality cheese from abroad. Even some of the better supermarkets have a good selection, but if you go to one of the smaller independent specialists you’re guaranteed the best available.
Like wine, cheese has its fair share of health benefits and is not entirely as bad for you as many of us are led to believe.  Continue reading »

Good morning, food fans! Welcome back to Foodie Vocab Monday and today’s latest foodie word challenge. Will you make the grade? Keep reading to see if you are a true foodie fan! More (food facts and recipes!) after the jump…
What do you think the word means? This week’s word is: Yakitori.

A)  A dish of sushi rolls which include eel and crab.
B)  A dish of grilled marinated chicken served on skewers.
C)  A avocado roll with sashimi.
D)  A chicken stew.  Continue reading »

A.  Continue reading »