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A post by foodforlife at Food for Life: Kevin Thornton's Weblog

Canapies Pike with Seaweed red pepper, wild Chive

Canapies Pike with Seaweed red pepper, wild Chive ©Kevin Thornton .  Continue reading »

A post by foodforlife at Food for Life: Kevin Thornton's Weblog

Mackerel with Dillisk Seaweed Fly fish eggs

Mackerel with dillisk seaweed fly fish eggs © Kevin Thornton .  Continue reading »

I have found that once you’re an adult, you have to make your own ways to celebrate holidays like Halloween. Since I will be spending the day at work with no plans to dress up, making a festive treat to share with my coworkers and friends was a great way to get in the spirit. Read on to learn about my fantastic recipe for Oatmeal Pumpkin Bundt Cake, and some tips that will help you make a successful bundt cake no matter the recipe you’re using.  Continue reading »

Amuse Bouche


We started with alligator pears, Papa’s name for avocados. He used to pick them fresh from the hill-sides of Finca Vigia, or get them in a little bodega at the foot of the hill, on his way to town in the car to the harbor. They were fat and juicy and we’d scoop out the flesh with a spoon or a fork. They’d be seasoned with vinaigrette dressing. You could practically eat a half avocado in three.  Continue reading »

Guinness Storehouse Visit
Got a terrific welcome as we arrived in the multi-storey Guinness Storehouse in Dublin last week. The place was surprisingly busy for the time of year but there was still time for the personal touch. The staff that we met were top class, friendly, helpful and informative. Chatty too and unhurried. Take a bow folks.
The Atrium is the central focus of the building and.  Continue reading »

Steamed spuds

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

It should be taken as a measure of what kind of beer geek you are: when coming home via Berlin Schönefeld and browsing the sizeable but uninspiring range of beers available in the airside shop, do you pass by Fritzens Kartoffelbier, perhaps with a slight sneer or glance of disgust? Or do you exclaim “WOW! GERMAN POTATO LAGER! GIMME!” ? I am, of course, a member of the latter set.  Continue reading »

IWS Midleton Single Cask

A post by David Havelin at Liquid Irish

Irish Whiskey Society members have shared many fine bottles of whiskey over the last four years. Since the society’s foundation, however, we have also shared a desire to prise a cask from a distiller’s warehouse and bottle it as our very own. Tonight, that wish was granted.
The fairy godmother in this story is Irish Distillers (IDL). Back in April, we toured their bottling plant in Dublin and afterwards were treated to dinner and a few whiskeys at the Old Jameson Distillery.  Continue reading »

Keeping with the Halloween theme the soup for the week at La Cucina is Roast Pumpkin with Pecorino Romano Croutons, enjoy:)

Buon Appetito…
L & B x.  Continue reading »

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A couple of my posts recently have been about special occasion food that requires a bit of extra effort, long, slow cooking or (sometimes) expensive ingredients, such as the last post Shananigans’ Wagyu Stew.
But the joy of Chinese cooking is the ease with which you can use cheap and readily available ingredients to whip together, in minutes, a tasty stir-fry that tickles your taste buds on a miserable autumn evening.  Continue reading »

A.  Continue reading »

Seasonally appropriate

Deep in the woods there’s an old white cabin
with pumpkins in the garden.
Pumpkin Soup, Little Missy’s current favourite bedtime reading, starts off in a suitably sinister way for this time of year.  Continue reading »

Shane from Writers Tears kindly sent me a sample of the new Cask Strength I wrote about last week.
Two things struck me abut this whiskey. First, the malty, grainy nose that reminded me of new make spirit. There is still some of that fiery freshness in the taste too, though I’m sure this isn’t a young whiskey.
Second, this is perhaps the driest whiskey I’ve ever sampled.  Continue reading »

Savour Kilkenny organisers you know who you are. Again; a great festival. Again I return home so stuffed with gorgeous local food I roll out of my car on arrival, replete with foodie gifts for just about everyone except the dog.
What stood out for me about this year’s festival was the inclusion of John Bryan from the Irish Farmers Association on the Foodcamp panel where I was also speaking.  Continue reading »

Australia displays many faces
of Shiraz
 WineAustralia’s John McDonnell showed over a dozen quality wines in Fallon and Byrne last Friday. The aim of the tasting was to demonstrate that Australian Shiraz can exhibit both power and elegance and that the country can produce much more than just the big homogenous style.
With sixty four of Australia’s wine regions producing Shiraz, it would be.  Continue reading »

It’s horrible when theft hits you. I became a victim over the weekend, when thieves entered the grounds of my home and stole my newish bicycle. As well as losing my bicycle, I also feel a little violated, as experienced by many victims of theft.

My bicycle is a distinctive Pendleton Somerby in a lovely pale blue. It’s sold exclusively by Halfords, so it’s not that common. I would be so grateful if you could keep your eyes open for this bicycle.  Continue reading »

Not all own brands are created equal…

In today’s Irish Times Pricewatch section, Conor Pope looks at the mass switch to own brand labels:
Despite food price inflation, shoppers are managing their shopping budgets by trading down to private labels, shopping around, shopping to a budget and planning in advance. Four out of five shoppers now believe it is imperative that they shop around.  Continue reading »

Halloween – Treater Style

A post by AllisonSickert at Chew On That

Whether you’re caught in #Frankenstorm or want a Trick-or-Treating experience that’s easier on your feet, Treater has the solution – no umbrella necessary! 
Treater is a new social-gifting application that lets you send real Treats to your friends instantly on their smartphone devices – like a latte, a cupcake, a beer or even lunch.  This Halloween we wanted to bring a little fun to the interwebs, Trick-or-Treater style.
1.  Continue reading »

It’s my own fault. I didn’t put a sign up saying “Hands Off!” so when I went to photograph my latest creation, the barmbrack fairies had visited and made off with several hefty slices. Not to worry. Despite being a traditional Hallowe’en treat, barmbrack makes regular appearances in my household so it was no effort to knock up another batch.
A couple of years ago, it got fancy, with ingredients such as Earl Grey Tea and candied peel (check out that recipe here).  Continue reading »