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I love my two children and their ability to bring a smile to my face (or even a tear to my eye) from the other side of the world.
When Claire is in one of her bubbly moods, her enthusiasm is infectious. And Shane has a soft side that tugs at my heart strings. In the last two days both of them took on new cooking challenges.
When Claire visited home briefly in September she got bitten by the Chinese cooking bug and she took a copy of Fuchsia Dunlop’s Every Grain of Rice back with her to Oz.  Continue reading »

Milk Jam

A post by imen at {farmette}

Milk jam. Confiture de Lait. Dulce de Leche. The beautiful byproduct of a simmering pot of milk + sugar. A prime suspect in the mystery of the ill-fitting jeans. A case as easily solved as Nancy Drew’s Case of the Crooked Banister.  I could eat milk jam by the spoonful, which is why it is only made for special occasions. Special occasions like “Hey mom, it’s Wednesday!”
Thought I’d share how to make milk jam with you as it’s another fun adventure in dairy farm living.  Continue reading »

After weeks in the paradise of Sri Lanka I’m back with an icy bang to reality. Squeezed onto the tube, battling tourists on the crowded streets (damn those lucky people), Michelin Man style coat, boots, scarf, gloves…lagging jacket (still frozen).

Speaking of squeezing into things (we were, weren’t we?), I’ve been on a post holiday detox after indulging in the 101 flavours of curry in Sri Lanka. 

But then I decided that’s all a bit of crazy talk.  Continue reading »

Sign of the Print magazine Times? As both main organic magazines start to specialise and emphasise their on line presence, Oliver Moore takes a closer look, and wonders why there isn’t a dedicated environmental magazine or much of an environmental web presence in Ireland?

In a sign of changing times in the print sector, both organic certification bodies, the Organic Trust and IOFGA, have announced changes to their magazines.  Continue reading »

Cheese Fondue Recipe

A post by Ken McGuire at Any Given Food

The new Bring It On Home Movember is out and about and they’ve sent a few recipes this way to share so here’s a look at a handy Cheese Fondue starter. For more, check out Movember.com.  Continue reading »

In a tough economy, it’s not always easy to buy gifts for everyone that you’d like to show you care. We have some budget-friendly gift ideas that you can make yourself, and they’re tasty and cute! Keep reading to see the crafty ideas that we have up our sleeves… the only accessories you need are some gift tags and cute ribbon!
Over at Recipe4Living, we have lots of great gift-in-a-jar recipes.  Continue reading »

Blair’s Inn. Hot Food and Fire!
Hard to beat a seat by the fire these days, especially one by the fireside in Blair’s Inn where, in addition to the comfort (not to mention the craic), you have a fantastic choice of top nosh and beer.
Called in there yesterday for lunch and got that seat by the fire before settling down to study the fantastic menu, the beer menu that is. Lots of craft beer on.  Continue reading »

A renowned and outstanding Chianti Classico producer, the Dievole estate in Tuscany is sitting on 900 years of wine-making heritage.

On the 10th of May 1090, Vinizio, son of the late Sichelmi, and Rodolfino, son of the late Ardimanno, paid six ‘Denari Lucchesi’, two capons and three loaves of bread for the yearly rent for a vineyard in ‘Dieulele’ – the divine valley.  Continue reading »

It’s the season to love your brassicas.  No it’s not a dirty word, it’s a family of vegetables.  Included in these are the brussels sprout and this is what I did with some this week. Brassicas are a fantastic family of vegetables and if you’d like to learn loads about them then click here. Lets [...]
The post Braised Brussels Sprouts with Garlic and Chilli appeared first on Wholesome Ireland.  Continue reading »

Riesling. Steel and Sweet.
And a Stocco for the stocking.
Carl Ehrhard Rheingau 2009 Rudesheimer Riesling Kabinett Trocken 12.5%, €12.47 at Karwig Wines 
It has the colour of pale straw, with hints of green, micro-bubbles clinging to the glass. The nose finds white fruits, apples and lime for me. On the palate it is fruity and dry with a little minerally tingle (especially on the lips), yet.  Continue reading »

You might think it strange, but November is actually one of my favourite months of the year. There is so much colour with all the rusty leaves on the ground, and a sense of anticipation in the air coming up to Christmas. It’s a month of soups, stews, open fires and wrapping up warm on cold winter walks. Even though January and February have much the same weather, I’m almost bored of it by then. Having just arrived Seattle, I too am full of anticipation.  Continue reading »

Holiday Dinnerware

A post by AllisonSickert at Chew On That

While you’re trimming the tree and decking the halls for the holidays, don’t forget to deck the table as well! Food just looks more festive when it’s served on seasonal plates don’t you think?  Continue reading »

In 2010 Movember challenged Mo Bros around the country to have confidence in the kitchen, take pride in the meals they prepared and to ‘Cook like a Man’. In 2011 they ventured to the countryside and showed Mo Bros how to hunt, forage and fish for their supper with ‘Cook From The Land’.  Continue reading »

In 2010 Movember challenged Mo Bros around the country to have confidence in the kitchen, take pride in the meals they prepared and to ‘Cook like a Man’. In 2011 they ventured to the countryside and showed Mo Bros how to hunt, forage and fish for their supper with ‘Cook.  Continue reading »

The busy (mad?) season is upon us. With just four weeks to go, we’re giving you every opportunity to stock up on Curious Wines this Christmas. We’re open every day between now and Christmas, with late opening during the week starting Monday.

Phone and web orders will continue as normal with next working day delivery on orders placed before 1.00pm Monday to Friday. Last day for dispatch for delivery before Christmas will be Thursday 20th December.  Continue reading »

When my sister said “Cake Sale… Next Saturday… For charity… Inspiration for the novice baker please?!”, it had to be Pupcakes. These are my (current) favourites. They are a little fiddly to make but so worth it when you see the reaction they get. Both kids and grownups deliberate for ages over their choice. When I point out that each of these little cuties tastes the same, I often get the reply “But, Hester! They all have different personalities!  Continue reading »

.  Continue reading »

White Gypsy Likes Her Food
American Pale Ale, 7.5%, 75cl bottle, €7.99 Bradley’s
Dark amber colour and a really bitter taste. Sufficient initial head soon reduces to a thin lacy cover. A really good balance of malt and hops (which they grow themselves). The bitterness doesn’t make your mouth pucker but it is obvious enough in the dry finish. Good body, made for food, and should perform ably.  Continue reading »

Just a quick note to say….

A post by noreply@blogger.com (Becky Bissell) at Patisserie Challenge!

Sorry for the delay in posting everyone, i have been a little busy with life and naturally cooking up christmas cake and puddings galore for the coming weeks. But please stick with me as a queue of recipes and photos have been building up over the last month and come the new year i will be throwing myself into everything patisserie once again, it’s time to study and bake again!!!  

Until then, here is a few photos for you all.  Continue reading »

Dear Epic Pork Chop,
Prior to meeting you, I loathed your kind. They were thin, flimsy, and tasted like cardboard that bathed in gray, flavorless liquids. I continually gave them repeated chances, to no avail. Every time I’d open my heart to them, they’d return my gesture by nearly breaking my teeth. I admit, I frequently cheated on them with chicken breasts, beef, and even fish. But that was then and this is now.

I went to Epic Chicago expecting to have a delicious meal.  Continue reading »