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A post by Mal at An Erudite Sybarite

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It’s that time of year again, when supermarkets try to sell us green paraphernalia and convince everyone to be Irish for a day. Here, everyone insists on calling it ‘St. Patty’s day’ which kind of makes of me smile and cringe at the same time. It is great to see our feast day celebrated across the world though.
It will be kind of strange to be somewhere else for St Patrick’s Day, but I am looking forward to see how they celebrate it  Seattle style.  Continue reading »

Eat What?! Weird Food News

A post by Dan Kamys at Chew On That

So, as usual, there’s weird news in the world of food. It seems that since last time, things have gotten even stranger. Fear not, friends, we have not stepped into the Twilight Zone, we are still on Earth, and I’m here to sift through all the nonsense in the world of food. Fasten your seat belts and let’s go! 

Those meatballs look good, don’t they? Like some of the best meatballs ever prepared by a gigantic Swedish furniture store, right? Oh yeah, they do.  Continue reading »

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New York City

A post by Adrienne at Bake for the Border

We spent a lovely week with family in New York in December. We flew first to Boston and then took the train down to New York for a blissful food filled few days. I thought I would pull together a … Continue reading →.  Continue reading »

Bordeaux is virtually guaranteed to throw up something new and interesting every year as there’s probably nowhere that vintage is more important, or unpredictable. After the exalted vintages of 2009 and 2010 – two of the best in decades with corresponding demand – 2011 and 2012 will provide much greater challenges in terms of good quality at an accessible price.  Continue reading »

Food and Drink Spotting

Folláin No Added Sugar Jams
Couldn’t have been better timed by the folks at Folláin. A couple of samples of their new No Added Sugar Range of jams arrived in the post this morning, just as my previous marmalade reached the end of the jar. Luckily, they had included Marmalade and that pot got an immediate test! And passed, with flying colours.
Like the jams in the range, the marmalade has no sugar added.  Continue reading »

Please don’t think I’ve forgotten you because I haven’t. In fact, I was supposed to post a new recipe here today (for an almond and orange cake inspired by a recent visit to Brother Hubbard in Dublin) but it got slightly burned while baking and it isn’t good enough for you to enjoy just yet.Although this doesn’t mean that it’s not good enough for me to eat. I’m licking the delicious crumbs from my lips as I type!  Continue reading »

For food that kids can eat in their hands, that’s great for parties and dips and for simplicity you can’t beat homemade chicken nuggets.
These are a staple on our menu, I cook them about once a fortnight. Wonderfully crispy on the outside and melting on the inside, proper homemade chicken nuggets just don’t compare to the majority of shop bought versions.
By cutting a chicken breast into strips and soaking these in milk for about an hour before cooking, tenderises the meat.  Continue reading »

Which companies scored well, and which have more work to do? Click on the image for a larger version

Shopping is an ethical minefield. Does buying the odd bunch of Fairtrade bananas make a real difference? Is eating meat wrecking the planet? Should we only be eating organic fruit and vegetables? And who can afford all of this?  The amount of competing viewpoints confuses consumers even further. It’s no wonder that most people are a little bit lost.  Continue reading »

Dublin Coddle

A post by Kristin at Edible Ireland

In Ireland, people don’t say How are you?, they say, What’s the story? They say, Sit down. Have a cup of tea. Come here to me, wait till I tell you. Because people want to hear the story. There’s always a story.
Ireland is a country in love with language, with words, with writing. The Long Hall in Trinity College, built in the 1700s, is one of the most beautiful libraries in the world. Before the euro, there was even a writer, James Joyce, on the £10 note.  Continue reading »

Just like the Irish, the Dutch also take their pub traditions pretty seriously. Bruine cafes (brown cafes) are the Dutch answer to the local – casual, wooden-walled neighbourhood bars, perfect for a snack or a drink. They epitomise the unique sensation of gezelligheid, a feeling of warmth and coziness that has no real translation into English. While living in Amsterdam, I too had my favourite bruine cafes where we spent long nights drinking perfect Heineken from little glasses.  Continue reading »

Cod’s Gift To Health

A post by Dan Kamys at Chew On That

This week, we welcome a guest blogger, Gabriela Sneider, a college student from the University of California at Santa Barbara and a business development associate for the Santa Barbara Fish Market to talk about her  sustainable diet. Take it away, Gabriela!
Ever thought about switching to a sustainable seafood diet? Do your body a favor and move towards a healthier lifestyle. Eating a sustainable seafood diet benefits your health, local fishermen, and protects the environment.  Continue reading »

Fans of our top-selling wine for the last two years, The Ned Sauvignon Blanc, might be interested in the latest addition to our New Zealand range. Named in the World’s Top 50 Most Desired Wine Brands by Drinks International last year, Wither Hills was founded by none other than The Ned’s Brent Marris.

Wither Hills’ Ben Glover (above centre) explains: “My father grew grapes for many wine companies and so I have been involved in wine all my life.  Continue reading »

Baltimore’s Saddleback Pig Company
Got a pleasant surprise on a recent trip to the Bandon Farmers Market when I came across the Saddleback Pig Company from Baltimore. Stopped to have a look at the joints, the rashers and the sausages and soon had a hot piece of sausage in my hand as a sample. Gorgeous stuff, full of great flavours and a lovely supple texture, real meat.
Got a pack of the.  Continue reading »

It was the morning of the dreaded SNOW. We were due at Lombard Street to register our intent to marry at 12pm. Once I got up and looked out the window, I freaked out – remembering how awful 2010 was – what if we missed our appointment and then we couldn’t get married and all hope would be lost forever?! I made Jim get up and dressed in jig time and we set off at 9am. I was perhaps a little over-zealous: we arrived at Grand Canal Dock at 9.45. Nice try, snow!  Continue reading »

My mom and stepdad live in Florida and have a pepper plant on their patio that produces so many jalapenos that my stepdad, at a loss for what to do with them all, used to bring them in by the bagful for a colleague who sat at his desk and ate them whole and raw. “Don’t give them away,” I said. “Pickle them!”

In An Everlasting Meal by Tamar Adler, I came across her method of simply pouring hot vinegar over sliced chillies, and voilà — an instant pickle pick-me-up.  Continue reading »