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I love what GIY do. Over the past year or so I’ve been involved with GIY via Mycrofilms for the production of some promo videos (not the one above), but I have to hand it to them for the latest video released for the Sow & Grow school campaign between Innocent and GIY- it’s equal parts adorable and informative at the same time.  Continue reading »

Gary O’Donovan, of O’Donovan’s Off Licences, continues his busy Spring schedule with a Level 1 (Foundation) Wine Course that will take place in The Clarion Hotel on Saturday 13th April.
This is a great introductory first course for the wine enthusiast who wishes to be introduced in a structured way to wine styles, storing and
serving of wine, plus food and wine matching.  Continue reading »

McKinney’s specialty sugars

We’re giving away a McKinney’s baking hamper – and just in time for Easter!
Whether you’re a rolling-pin rookie or a whizz with a whisk you’ll still be able to able to bake up a storm and treat your friends and family to some tasty home-made goodies, thanks to McKinney’s specialty sugars!  Continue reading »

Getting set for lunchtime

It’s nearly Easter egg time but, with a wide range of dark, complex bars of chocolate now available, why limit yourself to its sweet side? A few years ago I spoke to chocolatier Willie Harcourt-Cooze about his mission to introduce 100% cacao bars as a new gourmet cooking ingredient, prove that chocolate is not just for pudding, and his Irish roots.  Continue reading »

Hello from Sunny and Spring Like West Cork! Here is the plan for our day of cookery in Good Things Cafe on April 13th. We have a very full day planned, and you will get to taste all the dishes as we make them and can ask any questions you have about how to make delicious healthy food as well.
The days will start at 10.30, and first off we will be covering a few breakfast dishes, including making your own milk!  Continue reading »

It’s cold, damp, goodness knows what happened to Spring. We need warm comforting food like a quick homemade pot noodle; the next in my series on Real Fast Food.
This week I’ve taken a real step away from my comfort zone and recorded this recipe in real-time at my kitchen table.  I’ve uploaded it to YouTube so that you can see that I’m not fibbing when it comes to homemade fast food.  Continue reading »

Acton’s Return

 Lots of joy in Kinsale and surrounding areas at the return of Acton’s Hotel. Now a refurbished four star establishment, it reopened on Thursday March 14th and hit the ground running. Indeed, its value to the local business and tourist interests was underlined by the sell out figure for its first Saturday night.  Continue reading »

Click the image for a larger version

My pal Aoife McLysaght gave me this recipe and frankly, the English language is inadequate to describe just how delicious it is.  I’m going to have to learn Russian or something.  As well as being very tasty, it’s also extremely simple to mkae, and very affordable to put together. Hurray! I am struggling to find reasons to cook anything else.  Continue reading »

Slow Roast Duck

A post by Daniel Diver at Nostalgic Food

Ideal for a relaxed supper for 6 – 8 people. This does take a long time but for most of that time you can get on with other things. It is important to pierce the skin to allow fat to escape from the bird but be careful as you do not want to pierce the meat as it will dry out to much saying that this is however cooked almost as the Chinese do for their duck pancake dish it has an extremely crispy skin and stringy meat that can be shredded with a fork easily.  Continue reading »

So good (mostly) Catholics of Ireland, I’m intrigued – how will you be spending Good Friday?  It’s an argument that will be thrashed out all across the airwaves this week and leads me to wonder is the idea of being locked out of the pubs for a day utterly defunct in the face of a massive increase in drinking at home?  And do we still care?  Continue reading »

Our Pork Pibil Toastadas Ready to Eat

This is a very lazy post, so beware! I was cooking during the week for a party of friends who will come over for Sunday and sneaked a bit of the Cochinita Pibil I cooked for our lunch. I normally cook 2 kilos of cochinita, then portion it and freeze it.  Continue reading »

It’s fair to say I’ve been neglecting the upkeep of my blog this past few weeks, but the mojo seems to have returned and we’ll try to forget the blank that was February.
I may not have been writing about food, but I’ve certainly been reading about it and – more importantly – cooking it. The Sybarette and I received a huge selection of new [and old] food-related books at Christmas and we’re really only getting around to perusing and sampling now.  Continue reading »

Things I loved in March

A post by Aoife - Babaduck at Babaduck

Where to start?  March was a busy month, so much so that the delivery guys in work just made a beeline for my desk… I’ve been trying out lots of new products and here’s the ones that really made an impression on me.  Continue reading »

Here is the latest in our ‘Seasonal Recipes’ series, a simple-but-amazing pasta dish that even the most ham-fisted of cooks can have a crack at. Do it!
Donal Hayes is owner and head chef at The Stolen Pizza, Kinsale, renowned in the town for its simple Italian food done well: homemade pasta and pizzas, fresh sauces, and lots of strong Italian flavours of garlic, basil, wild mushrooms, wine and olive oil, combined with local fish, meat and vegetables.  Continue reading »

The weather has been kind of poor of late. And by kind of poor I mean absolutely feckin’ Baltic. For this reason I have been keeping outdoor expeditions to a minimum. Sure I’d freeze out there. Mr. LMUTB was away over the weekend and was due back with his friend late Sunday evening. I knew they would land in the door ‘SSTAAAAAAARRRVVIIIINNN’ so I had a stew in the oven & thought I had better whip up a little cake for them to enjoy with their cup of tea.  Continue reading »

Don’t make work for yourself, with just a few simple tips you will be making simple roast chicken with ease and no worries about uncooked meat or having to monitor time too rigidly.
I’ve been going through my blogposts of the past year and believe me there are a lot of them. I’ve just realised that even though I have plenty of recipes dealing with what to do with leftover roast chicken, I’ve not blogged my simple roast chicken.  Continue reading »

Turn away now of you do not want the goodies OXO Good Grips has up for grabs.
This is a sponsored post.
I do love OXO kitchen gadgets.
And they love me. See evidence of that in previous blog post.
 A few weeks ago, due to a persistent back pain I have been tortured with … my doctor told me I shall never again ‘hoover’ … (that’s vacuuming for all y’all back in the US of A).
Imagine receiving a diagnosis like that!  Continue reading »

If I had thought about it while being in Dublin yesterday, our night of post-show drinks could have turned out very different.
Yesterday, the Westin Dublin brought back their signature Creme Egg cocktail.  Continue reading »