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Morans on the Weir
Kilcolgan, Galway
(091) 796 113

Ok. Stop everything that you are doing right now and get your butts to Moran’s on the Weir if you have never been.
That is all.

Alright … I might manage to eek out a few more words then. How many restaurants have several tables reserved by 11:30am on a bank holiday Monday?  Continue reading »

Every time I throw a get together at my place, I stress over the food. As a host you want to serve something that looks amazing but easy to execute. This conundrum typically results in me scouring pinterest for quick and easy party recipes, but often finding that the best ones usually involve some form of crafting that I don’t have time for.
So when I was planning my birthday party last year, I knew I had to take a different approach.  Continue reading »

Cooking on Holiday : My Experience

A post by Aoife - Babaduck at Babaduck

As you might have gathered, myself and The Hubs swanned off to France for our annual holidays at the start of June.  Most people go on holiday with the purpose of doing absolutely nothing in the cooking department apart from opening a packet of peanuts or a bottle of wine.  Not me.  I'm one of those odd people who actually likes to cook when we are away.  There's two reasons for this : I'm a big fan of wandering around the supermarkets and markets, picking up things, planning lunches and dinners and generally enjoying the experience.  The Hubs is usually enjoying his third snooze of the morning at this point, he's not a fan of shopping, just of eating.  Continue reading »

From Pyramid to Plate

A post by KatherineB at Chew On That

While it looks totally 90s and archaic now, I was really fond of the Food Pyramid as a kid. Sure, I would have liked to expand that triangle at the top to fill half the pyramid, but I’d never been much of a picky eater so I could live with the way the adults had sorted it all out. As a kid, it felt good that the world of food was so simple. I loved how easy it was to understand.
Too bad that was its problem.

Most dieticians now agree that the Food Pyramid debuted by the U.S.  Continue reading »

National Strawberry Week

A post by Orla at Milis

Strawberries are at their very best right now so if you do nothing else this weekend, promise me you will pick up a punnet? Dine on strawberries and cream in front of the Wimbledon finals or tune in here for the best Eton Mess and no-bake strawberry cheesecake recipes! You will also find some healthier ways to enjoy this yummy fruit!

Bord Bia have loads of info on this super fruit- did you know that an average serving of 8 berries = 27 calories?! Another reason to buy Irish strawberries!  Continue reading »

Food and Drink Spotting

Philip Mahon, new chef at
Citron in Dublin’s Fitzwilliam

Dine-in Cinema? Could it catch
on here?

One of my Foodspotting correspondents,
US based Critsy, recently went to eat at the cinema, at Hurricane at AMC
Esplanade 14 in Phoenix, AZ.

“Watching “Fast & Furious
6” with hubby (while waiting for the kids to finish golf tournament. These
dine-in theaters are getting more popular, so this theater converted itself
into one.  Continue reading »

Bernadette Byrne, a Meat Marketing Specialist for France, Belgium and Luxembourg at Bordbia, the Irish Food Board, has received a Top French Culinary Award for her work. 

Bernadette, originally from Kildare, was recently awarded the Chevalier de l’Ordre Mondia by the L’Académie Culinaire de France, the French Culinary Academy. This is one of the highest honours available from the oldest association of culinary and pastry chefs in the world!  Continue reading »

With two very hungover heads on us, Jim and I made our way into town recently to check out Bunsen, the new burger joint on Wexford St that everyone’s been raving about on social media since early June. Bunsen’s menu is very small, so small, in fact, that it fits on a business card-sized menu. Choices are a hamburger, €6.95, or a cheeseburger, €7.95, fries, €2.95, milkshake, €4.50, and soda, €1.95. The end.  Continue reading »

Some of my regular readers don’t eat red meat and have been asking for more recipes using chicken or fish. This Chongqing Ji Rou is especially for you Siobhan and there are more chicken recipes to come.
Chongqing is a mountainous city that lies east of the capital of Sichuan Province, Chengdu. It used to be part of Sichuan Province but is now a separate municipality.  Continue reading »

Manifest density

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

It could just be laziness on my part but it seems that there’s a bit of a drought of new American beers in Dublin at the moment. Plenty of good stuff in the established selection, of course, and the occasional blink-and-miss one-off draught specials, but no sign of the Next Big Thing to hit us from US brewing that I can see (Sly Fox? Mebbe).
But although their beers might not be streaming this way, at least some of their brewing talent seems to be.  Continue reading »

For my mother with love, almost on the anniversary of the day I stopped eating strawberries. Thank you for teaching me about Subh Milis (sweet jam).
My youngest sister was born a week before my 10th Birthday in June.
The day my mother brought her home from hospital she sobbed big wracking cries.  Continue reading »

It hasn’t been too long since I’ve hit the legal age. But contrary to Hollywood depictions, I haven’t been frequenting high-class bars or roaming the streets like a wild child. Instead, I’ve been what my brother calls “boring” and “lame” for not acquainting my palette with drinks. Whether it’s my brother’s occasional pestering or the thought of being uncultured and ignorant, my curiosity is beginning to get the best of me this summer.  Continue reading »

Look Natural

A post by AndiSummers at Chew On That

Processed food companies are fooling us, America. There is a new food trend that major processed food companies are jumping on the bandwagon for, that is making their unnatural food appear to be more natural. Companies are not taking the steps to make products more natural, they are simply making them look more natural. And we are buying them.  Continue reading »

Image via The O’Brien Press
Edward Hayden recently released his third cookbook, Food for Friends. His previous release, Food to Love, is a beautiful book so I was delighted to receive a copy of his latest offering from The O’Brien Press. Edward is a well-known and much-loved freelance chef and food writer, appearing regularly on TV3. In addition he is a culinary lecturer in Waterford IT, and also regularly lectures in An Grianán, the ICA headquarters.  Continue reading »

Dine by the Water

Superb food and superb views

Ostan Gweedore at Bunbeg, Donegal

been very lucky this past few months to have dined in some well placed
restaurants, restaurants from Cork to Donegal that have a dining room with a
view over water. Sometimes over a river, maybe over an estuary, and then sometimes
over the ocean. I was lucky too to have brilliant weather in most of the

me start with river views.  Continue reading »

Bfree gluten free wraps, now available at Tesco, SuperValu and Dunnes Stores nationwide.

It’s been a few weeks now since the BFree multigrain wraps hit the supermarket shelves in Ireland, starting out in Dunnes Stores around the country. From today, the wraps are now available in Tesco and SuperValu stores around Ireland, retailing at €3.99 for a packet of wraps.  Continue reading »

Watermelon Cake

A post by MorganQ at Chew On That

A few weeks ago my mom told me about this watermelon cake that she heard about from a friend. I figured it was just a cake that looked like a watermelon, but she quickly informed me that it was in fact made out of a watermelon. I thought it seemed impossible for a cake to be made out of watermelon, but when I saw the picture of the cake, I knew it wasn’t. After seeing the cake, I knew I had to give the recipe a try for myself, so my mom and I (but mostly my mom), made it over the weekend.  Continue reading »

On Thursday 11th June, Ed Hick of Hick & Sons Irish craft butchers will host a pop-up pork fest in KC Peaches Wine Cave on Nassau Street. Hick has become known in Ireland for his passion for well-raised meat, and his love of one animal (the pig!) in particular is illustrated by his best known products.  Continue reading »

Amuse Bouche


Speed’s conviction about what others may consider gimmicks
all started at Leeds where he saw a 34-year-old Gordon Strachan defy age and
appear alert and ready to go every single time… Naturally he asked him the
secret of his success. “Eating bananas and seaweed,” came back the answer.  Continue reading »

Roasted Butternut Squash Fritters

A post by Aoife - Babaduck at Babaduck

Last week, I was being very clever and not just using my oven for cooking one single thing.  I had a lemony garlicky chicken roasting for weekday lunches and I spied a Butternut Squash in the vegetable rack that had survived the pre-holiday cull.  It looked perfectly serviceable so I decided to roast it and do something with it later.  Continue reading »