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From running a craft beer festival and a busy off-licence, Ruth Deveney has launched her latest creation, the Dublin Wine & Fizz Fest.
It’s happening on Saturdayand Sunday, 19th -20th October, in the Pembroke District of Dundrum Town Centre.
There will be over 500 wines available to sample, from everywhere in every style.  Continue reading »

There might be any trace of the Liam McCarthy knocking around Kilkenny for the next twelve months or so, but some new silverware in the form of two Michelin stars has hit Kilkenny – one each for Campagne in the city and The Lady Helen at Mount Juliet in Thomastown.  Continue reading »

Taste of the Week

Torrontes is the white grape of Argentina
and this Finca La Linda is a terrific example
by the Luigi Bosca company.
Amazingly, the grapes are grown at 1700 metres.
Available from O’Donovan Off Licences.  Continue reading »

Pottstown steelers

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

What really seems to have got people talking about the Sly Fox Helles is its pull-off top, removing the whole top surface, presumably to create a better experience for those who opt to drink straight from the container. I couldn’t help but do a bit of sensory testing and took a couple of swigs before I’d poured it all out.  Continue reading »

Aka: three of my guiltiest pleasures.
Three things that I think about more than a farm any girl should. Three things that must really be done all in one day to fully appreciate. Add champagne to any and all and you’ve upped the totty. The best.
I have a few bits of bacchanalia I wanted to share this week in between recipe posts. They involve oysters, cake, and cinema.
I am doing a cookery demonstration at The Galway International Oyster Festival this year. What will I be preparing?  Continue reading »

Amuse Bouche


He’d said: “If you’re looking for a room, go next door, pick
whichever you fancy, first floor. The key will be in the lock.”

I had chosen the one with the view. A handwritten notice in
reception on a wooden table, where a bowl with apples and another with sweets
had been placed, said: “Plees, wen to chick-out, leef euros uder doore. Bon
voyage.” I thought, this is the place for me. 

From The Olive Route by Carol Drinkwater.  Continue reading »

via Instagram http://instagram.com/p/esB05IQN-2/.  Continue reading »

A Look Back at Cahir Cider Celebration

I have to say that I was surprised and delighted with my trip to the Apple Farm in Cahir last weekend to visit the Slow Food Cider Festival. The big surprise was the sheer variety of styles and flavours of the ciders in the tasting tent. Just incredible, everything from dry to sweet and beyond (including that organic Traditional Medieval Honeyed Cider by Highbank Orchards).  Continue reading »

Where we are….

A post by lacucina at Real Italian Foodies

I had always planned to blog about our Real Italian Foodie journey but I suppose life, work, babies etc got in the way and plus I didn’t want to ruffle any feathers I suppose but I think people like to see and hear about the journey so I’ve said feck it I’m writing about it warts and all so I just wanted to do a little post to bring you up to date on where we are. As you all know we launched in April and the sauces got off to a flying start in Superquinn .  Continue reading »

Have you noticed that lots of really, really pretty new places are springing up around Dublin?  I’ve really been struck by the [PRETENTIOUSNESS ALERT] aesthetic of so many of the new cafes and restaurants around Dublin city centre.  Of course, good design is not always a guarantee of good food, but it does indicate an attention to detail at the very least.  Places like Brother Hubbard and The Fumbally have food that’s just as interesting as their interiors.  Continue reading »

Two years. Two sisters. Two cakes. Two pairs of little hands to get stuck into my mixing bowls. Every year, when trying to figure out what to make, I remind myself about rule number one of birthday cakes: kids don’t care about eating the cake, it just needs lots of colour and some candles on top. Every…  Continue reading »

Every now and again I have a browse through the search terms that lead people to my blog.  I have regular readers and supporters but then there are others that find their way through the search engines.
Up until January the majority of searches were for items such as specific dishes or recipes. Slowly since then that has changed.  Continue reading »

Wine Expert Neil McGuigan at The Boardwalk

Neil McGuigan

October is off to a great start for Cork’s wine-lovers, with celebrated wine-maker Neil McGuigan, winner of multiple International Wine Maker of The Year titles, leading an exclusive wine dinner at The Boardwalk Bar & Grill on Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013.  Continue reading »

Chocolate Hazelnut Torte

A post by Vicky at S'tasty

There is something mesmerizing about chocolate ganache. When I made it the other day, I fell into a kind of trance. Dark chocolate and warm cream slowly melting together creates the most amazingly delicious smell. The more the chocolate melts, the glossier the ganache gets and it feels like you are making a bowl of rich brown silk. I can’t think of any food that looks as enticing as chocolate ganache.  Continue reading »

Easy Breakfast Burritos

A post by A Cookbook Collection at A Cookbook Collection

.  Continue reading »

Easy Breakfast Burritos

A post by A Cookbook Collection at A Cookbook Collection

.  Continue reading »

A post by Cuisine Genie at Cuisine Genie

Cuisine Genie is currently locked in toasty hot kitchens, having the time of her life, sleeping on the Tube, eating on the go. And making gravy. Tonnes and tonnes of gravy. So much gravy the world has never seen before. 

And apparently now refers to herself in the third person. Ahem. What’s that about?
Do you like gravy? Who doesn’t like a proper gravy? Yes, dear reader, if gravy be the food of love, then pass the gravy boat.  Continue reading »

More shenanigans from Tesco. Our reader Den McCarthy gets in touch to say: 

Another example of Tescananigans

When buying Tesco brown rice in Tralee, I could have bought a 1Kg bag for €1.84… or a 2Kg bag for €4.99

Buying in bulk is usually cheaper, but not in Tesco, where if you don’t watch the price tags, you’ll be charged an extra €1.31 – just under 75 per cent more.
This is a favoured trick at Tesco.  Continue reading »

The winners of the first year of the Arthur Guinness Projects fund were announced earlier today and with 92 projects in the food category, the panel of judges led by Dylan McGrath saw fit to award the following projects funding for 2013/14. The panel of judges for the food side of things included chef Dylan McGrath, four-time Irish Barista Champion Colin Harmon of 3FE, Michelle Darmody of The Cake Cafe and Barry Broderick of Broderick’s Bars & Cakes.  Continue reading »

.  Continue reading »