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The other day while perusing my Instagram feed I came across a photo of yogurt-dipped blueberries. After seeing that I decided that I was going to make them. So I did. And they were pretty good, if I can say so myself.
The concept is simple enough. Cover a blueberry in yogurt, freeze and enjoy.
I started out by giving my blueberries a good rinse in my new Umbra Rinse Bowl and Strainer. After rinsing them a few times I strained the little guys and placed them into a small bowl.  Continue reading »

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Back in my days as wine columnist for a national newspaper (ahem), one of the hardest things was getting bottle shots for the wines I wanted to write about. On a number of occasions I’d have to rewrite a column based on the lack of quality photos. The French were the worst offenders.
Often, it was the good PR companies and wine importers who had everything prepared. More importantly, they understood the problem I (and other writers & publishers) had in finding product shots.  Continue reading »

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A post by foodforlife at Food for Life: Kevin Thornton's Weblog

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A low FODMAP diet can be complex and boring if you are not sure about the right foods to eat. This salad is worlds away from bland and boring – vibrant, colourful and zesty, it combines Eastern flavours like ginger, soy and sesame with tangy and sweet mandarin pieces. Rice vermicelli noodles absorb flavours well and add to the eastern feel of the dish, not to mention that they will satisfy any appetite!  Continue reading »

Pat O’Connell: The Fishmonger

Pat O’Connell’s The Fishmonger, a memoir of life in the English Market in particular and of  growing up in Cork City in general, was launched with a shoal of fish puns in that very market in midweek.

Diarmuid O’Driscoll, himself an author (he co-wrote the market’s history, Serving a City, with his brother Donal) was breaming – well, we all caught the pun fever – as he spoke at the launch.  Continue reading »

Farmhouse Films

A post by imen at Farmette

Looking back, around the time that I first landed in Ireland, I remember being absolutely fascinated by how many potatoes were eaten in this country.  Of course, my perspective was somewhat obscured having been on a self-inflicted-American-fad-diet-potato-strike for so many years. Here, spuds were revered and described at the dinner table with such compassion and gusto, it was both astonishing and honorable…and, for a starch-starved food lover, even a wee bit romantic.  Continue reading »

Power Cut

A post by Wholesome Ireland at Wholesome Ireland - Food & Parenting Blog

So the unions are to serve strike notice on the ESB. We’re told this could result in interruptions to power for some households. Ever since the power went one Christmas Day when I was growing up, I’ve compiled a contingency plan so that I always have particular supplies in the house, just in case.  This can apply in times of bad weather, snow or just when there are supply problems so it’s a good idea to prepare now – you never know when these tips will come in handy!  Continue reading »

Since its release in May of this year, I have been over whelmed by the wonderful response to my first book, Apron Strings -Recipes from a Family Kitchen. It never ceases to amaze me when someone actually takes the time to sit down and pen me a letter, type me an e-mail or leave me a comment to say how they are enjoying the book or sampling a recipe. I really appreciate that people take the time to do this and I’m delighted with the support.  Continue reading »

Taste of the Week

Halloumi sample bites

It looks as if there’s no end to the inventiveness of the folks behind Toonsbridge Dairies. Their latest offering, a fabulous Halloumi cheese, made from Buffalo milk, is our Taste of the Week.

This ancient cheese, which originated in the Middle East region, is usually made from sheep or goat milk. It is white with a distinctive layered texture.  Continue reading »

The mostly always wonderful M&S Dine in for two for €13.50 offer – main, side, dessert, and bottle of wine for two – runs again this weekend.
Full menu details on the M&S UK website.
The post M&S Dine in for Two for €13.50, November 28 – December 3 appeared first on CheapEats.ie.

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M&S Dine in for Two for €12.50, December 8-13.  Continue reading »

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Seems legit

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

I had the beer poured and was preparing to take the first sip when the question struck me. Spearhead Hawaiian Style Pale Ale is brewed in Toronto: some distance from Hawaii, I believe. But… what makes it “Hawaiian style”? I’m not aware of any particular local brewing practice that marks the pale ales of Hawaii as distinct from those of anywhere else. Maybe they’re just going for a tropical fruit vibe from the hop profile, I thought.  Continue reading »

Being active over the winter season can be quite challenging. If you can’t stand the thought of going to the gym (me) but would prefer a gentle form of exercise that you can fit into your day or at the weekend (me again) – Walking is the perfect answer and, wherever you live, you can get started straight away. Winter walks are the perfect way to get to know your local area, exploring the countryside and taking in the scenery.  Continue reading »

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A couple of weeks ago I was asked would I like to try out a Morphy Richards Soup Maker for review purposes. Even though space is at a premium in my galley kitchen, this appliance sounded very interesting and I decided to to give it a go.
First impressions?
It’s like a giant kettle. In fact it’s twice as big as my regular kettle.  Continue reading »

Ever since I made Union Square Style Popcorn recently I have become slightly obsessed with the stuff. And by slightly I mean absolutely totally and utterly obsessed. I will use any excuse to rustle up a batch. I may have even popped a couple of clandestine batches while alone in the house and not shared them with anyone. My sharing issues are down to Mr. LMUTB’s friend though. He has scoffed more buckets of this stuff single handedly that I now hide a stash when he’s over.  Continue reading »

Irish Cookbooks 2013

A post by Kristin at Edible Ireland

When you look at the Irish cookbooks that have been published this year, three words come to mind: from the heart. From the sweeping celebration of Irish food and artisan food producers in Chapter One: An Irish Food Story to the celebration of family and home in Apron Strings, many of the authors have poured their hearts onto these pages.  Continue reading »

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gTEnbxizUsI&sns=em.  Continue reading »