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This is a fun combination of cooked and fresh fruits. Make a compote from gooseberries when they are in season for drizzling over the top. Find all your different shaped glassware and spoon in layers of pretty fruit with the Greek yoghurt. It's so refreshing to sink a tall spoon down into the glasses to scoop out the wonderful fruity flavours. Recipe from Catherine Fulvio – The Weekend Chef.  Continue reading »

Chocolate French Toast

A post by donalskehan at DonalSkehan.com

There is only a hint of chocolate in this one and the raspberries balance out the sweetness well. Or at least that’s my theory!  Continue reading »

The rapeseed oil gives these muffins a pale yellow hue, which is a pretty contrast with the blueberries. Use smaller cupcake cases for daintier versions.  Continue reading »

A few weeks ago I dragged my mom around to my house to get her photo taken with me for a piece in the Irish Independent all about Mother's Day.  Sofie managed to take the photo in amongst a lot of messing which included my mom insisting she would stand on a stool beside me.  Continue reading »

Review : Fitzwilliam Hotel Belfast

A post by Aoife - Babaduck at Babaduck

A few weeks ago, myself and The Hubs decided to have a mini-mini break and head up to Belfast for a night.  Dinner was duly booked in Howard Street and accommodation was next to cross off the list of things to be arranged.  The lovely people at the Fitzwilliam Hotel were more than happy to help and invited us to spend the night with them.  Despite our bi-annual visits, we had never stayed at the Fitzwilliam before so this was a great opportunity.  Continue reading »

Last week, we endured the eighth anniversary of my Mam’s passing. She passed away three days shy of my Dad’s third anniversary. It’s a week I dread every year. Anniversaries are a strange business, I don’t miss my Mam more … Continue reading →.  Continue reading »

Have you ever wondered by Mother’s Day falls on a different day each year? There’s a very good reason for that and believe it or not Mother’s Day never started out as a holiday to celebrate your mother at all. The origins of Mothering Sunday reach back to the sixteenth century when people returned to their […]
The post Mothering Buns appeared first on Wholesome Ireland – Irish Food & Parenting Blog.  Continue reading »

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You might have spotted my reminders on facebook and twitter about my weekly appearances on Mitt Kök! Mitt Kök is part of Sweden's most popular breakfast show Nyhetsmorgon on TV4 so I was so thrilled when I was asked to take part as a weekly presenter. I've only been learning to speak Swedish in the last few years but the Swedes seem to be enjoying my take on the Swedish language: Swenglish!  Continue reading »

Mother’s Day is one of those occasions that I find most difficult to face since my mother passed away. Even though I am a mother myself, and my little people always spoil me something rotten on this day, I can’t but feel desperately lonely. Mother’s Day always makes me reflect on the past and in turn I yearn for my mother’s busy kitchen, packed to the brim with chat, delicious food and love.  Continue reading »

Chocolate Oat Cookies

A post by Vicky at S'tasty

I had been craving some hobnob biscuits ever since I saw them in the British section of our local supermarket. Having been imported they were pretty expensive, so I couldn’t justify paying that much when I could probably make something similar at home. So, I left the supermarket armed with some oats, butter and flour determined to make my own hobnob biscuits. If you’ve never heard of a hobnob, it’s essentially a buttery, oaty cookie.  Continue reading »

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Bradley’s Have Your Food and Drink

Michael has the country covered

Amazed at the selection of Irish foods now available in Bradley’s, North Main Street, Cork. The customers are obviously enjoying it all and so too is Michael Creedon, a Bradley himself. It is turning out to be quite an adventure and Michael loves meeting the small producers and seeing what they have to offer.  Continue reading »

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