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Top Posts for Past 12 Months
(to end of May ‘14)
Have decided to publish these regularly. If I do it annually, those coming in at the end of the year will hardly ever have a chance of making it to the top. Kanturk’s Jack McCarthy just made the quota,  700 hits. Blarney newcomer, the Square Table, goes straight in at #8.

Jack McCarthy (left) and myself in his shop,the McCarthy castle depicted in the background.  Continue reading »

Heather. A Taste of The Gap.

Quiche, Heather Style. Very Highly Recommended!

The new Heather Restaurant at the Gap of Dunloe is at once a celebration of the past and a confident step into the future. It is also backing local producers and the food, including provenance, cooking and presentation, is really excellent, and that can only be good for tourists and locals alike.  Continue reading »

Baked Vegetable Rice

A post by Aoife - Babaduck at Babaduck

Rice.  The staple of life for many people across the world.  It's usually steamed or boiled in its purest form, possibly fried in a wok with some beaten egg or made unctuous by lots of stock, plenty of stirring and grated cheese in my Risotto – all made on a hob or hotplate.  Rice cooks brilliantly in the oven too.  I know, that's mad.  But I promise it's true.  Continue reading »

Breakfast doesn’t have to be some limp toast or soggy cornflakes. You deserve better than that! Granola, fruit and yogurt is simple, healthy and such a tasty breakfast. If you make a big batch of granola today, you will have breakfast sorted for the next month. Plus, you know what’s in it, so no extra sweeteners with unpronounceable names or lots of hidden salt. You can make it exactly to your taste.  Continue reading »

Sligo to get a Michelin Star Restaurant (for a Day)

A post by noreply@blogger.com (Zack Gallagher) at Irish Food Guide Blog

Urban Foraging to Seaweed Walks, Fermentation and Cheese Making workshops as well as many demonstrations and talks by local and celebrity chefs and experts including Rachel Allen, Jp McMahon, Prannie Rhatigan, Silke Croppe and many more!

Galway chef JP McMahon will be bringing a pop up version of his Michelin Star winning ANIAR Restaurant to The Model in Sligo on the Friday night of the food festival!

Meet The Brewers – Saturday 7 June in Kilkenny

Three of Ireland’s much loved craft breweries will be represented at Meet The Brewers, the next Biabeag event in Kilkenny on Saturday 7 June out at Highbank Orchards. With the surge in interest in craft beer in Ireland, if you’re interested in heading along, I’ve got two pairs of tickets to give away for the night as well (it is a limited ticket-only event), but first, here’s who you’ll get to meet.  Continue reading »

Ross Castle on the lakes, quite close to Randles Court and Dromhall hotels.

Randles Hotels Celebrate 50 Years

First she said she was six. A little later, Kay Randles admitted to maybe being sixteen when she and husband Neil started in the hotel business in 1964.  That was the year they purchased a bungalow across the road from their thriving garage business in Killarney and opened an 18 bedroom hotel on the site.  Continue reading »

Over the past few months I’ve been proudly working as an ambassador with the lovely team that’s behind the Flora Women’s Mini Marathon.  Continue reading »

Thanks, Hank

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

My goat is one of the easily-got breeds. The beer world and how it’s described seems to have an inexhaustable supply of terms and trends to wind me up. Until recently, one of them was the style designation “Belgian Quadrupel”, or worse: “Belgian Quad”. While Westmalle brought us dubbel and tripel in the 1930s, quadrupel is a Dutch invention: there were no Belgian “Belgian quads”. Until, as I say, recently.  Continue reading »

Rachel Tobin’s 2014 published research on available, mostly imported, fruits and vegetables in retail outlets in Ireland, found “a similar number of organic (15) and conventional (17) samples tested positive for detectable (pesticide) residues”.  Continue reading »

Amuse Bouche


The Star Tonic for “Flu”
Woodford Bourne’s
Four (****) Star

The Safest Port in Times
of “Flu” is

Adverts by Woodford Bourne in the Cork Examiner in the 30s from “Irish Examiner 100 Years of News” (published 2005).  Continue reading »

.  Continue reading »

.  Continue reading »

This is a very naughty play on the flavours of a Snickers bar with layers of chocolate ganache, wickedly good caramel and toasted nuts. The caramel is really dark and not too sweet, flavoured with a hint of chilli and sea salt for a mysterious character.  Continue reading »

Addictive Pork Laab Salad

A post by Joanna Carley at DonalSkehan.com

Being a novice to Asian food I thought I’d hit the jackpot when I first tried this hot and sour minced pork salad in a little restaurant outside Angkor Wat, Cambodia. It was savoury and mouth-wateringly good, the perfect illustration of how umami can hit you with its terrific flavour. A few months later we had dinner with a friend, Lexi; she made a laab with chicken not pork and served it like this.  Continue reading »

Lamb is always such a treat and although I love lamb chops or a leg still pink and juicy in the middle, there is something irresistible about a shoulder cooked long and slow until it is falling apart and melting in its own juices. This voluptuous dish is made for the weekend, when all you want to do is throw a joint in the oven and not worry too much about the timings. The rich flavour of lamb lends itself perfectly to exotic, warm Middle Eastern spices.  Continue reading »

Thomasina Miers won BBC’s MasterChef in 2005 and since then, she has been catapulted to stardom, with a long list of TV series and books to her name.  She also runs a chain of highly successful Mexican restaurants in London.  Beyond all that, Thomasina is a wonderful food writer and her books are a testament to this. Her latest offering Chilli Notes is a celebration of her love of spice and heat.  Thomasina proves the many diverse ways that chilli can be used in recipes.  Continue reading »

Ever have a soft poached egg, then fried and served over shredded ham? Neither did I until last night, and it’s unreal.

So, Monday night was an eye opener to the ‘west west’ of Ireland as I like to call it. That point where you’ve reached Galway and just keep on driving, all the way through Connemara, through Clifden, on to Creggan, park up, have a pint in the sun, then hop the ferry to Inishbofin for the night.  Continue reading »

Dinner Supreme at Blarney’s Square Table

Smoked salmon

 Just a couple of weeks back, I blogged about a fabulous lunch at The Square Table, the new restaurant in Blarney. Said I couldn’t wait to go back for dinner. Made It last Friday evening and it was absolutely superb.
The menu may not be extensive – it is not a big restaurant – but the quality is outstanding.  Continue reading »

.  Continue reading »