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Happy New Year!

A post by Aoife - Babaduck at Babaduck

From all of us to all of you.  Thanks so much for reading, commenting, cooking and enjoying.  I appreciate it more than you’ll ever know.  Have a wonderful 2015!
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Pfeiffer’s Parish Wine Travels Well.

So You Don’t Have To!

Pfeiffer Carlyle Chardonnay Marsanne 2011, Rutherglen (Victoria, AUS), 13%, €14.95 (reduced from 19.95) Karwig Wines http://www.karwigwines.ie .

Some two hundred kilometres north-east of Melbourne, you will find Rutherglen and, in the parish of Carlyle, among the “beautiful and tranquil surrounds of Sandy Creek”, you’ll come across the Pfeiffer winery and this gorgeous blend.  Continue reading »

Coming Over A Bit Pollyanna

A post by Wholesome Ireland at Wholesome Ireland

You’ll excuse this slight interruption to the regular “2014 in review” and “2015 predictions/resolutions” blog fayre. I’m coming over a bit Pollyanna.
“It’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt” was ringing in my ears as I gracefully tumbled fell arse over tit off the bed when trick-acting with the boys a week or so ago.  Continue reading »

Well, that was a quick year.
Honestly, 2014 has to be one of the quickest years I’ve ever experienced. It’s been a food-filled, pants-expanding kind of year that’s been packed with some huge changes in love, life, business and writing.
Kicking Off With A Bang
2014 was always going to kick off with a bang when Ms. Any Given Food became Mrs. Any Given Food on 4 January and things kind of snowballed from there.  Continue reading »

Doubles and quits

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

It’s the last post of 2014, a very busy year for beer and for Irish beer in particular. New breweries popped up all over the place and I paid overdue visits to Carlow Brewing, Porterhouse and Galway Bay. Dublin has been a little slow to catch up with the rest of the country but I’m expecting that to be somewhat rectified by the end of next year.  Continue reading »

I learned a few things in 2014. This is one of them. René Redzepi is the best chef in the world. This is all I knew about Redzepi as we drove down to County Cork for the Ballymaloe Literary Festival last May. His restaurant Noma is the best restaurant in the world. That and something…  Continue reading »

Biabeag Online

Finding Irish food online, or more specifically, Irish artisan food producers who retail in the online space, has just gotten easier thanks to an extension of Keith Bohanna’s Biabeag.com.
Over the Christmas period, Keith has just turned the keys on Biabeag Online as a way of aggregating data on Irish food producers and online stores where you can buy Irish food related products.  Continue reading »

Taste of the Week
Mandarin Liqueur Truffles

For centuries, the monks of Europe have produced some great beer, great wines and delicious liqueurs. Now two abbeys have got together and produced our Taste of the Week, the Glenstal Abbey Mandarin Liqueur Truffles, available at Bradley’s, North Main Street, Cork.  Continue reading »

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So having done a column called Behind the Label for Food and Wine magazine since September 2009, the next one will be my last. But don’t worry, it will be replaced with an organic food column instead! The focus in this new offering will be on Irish producers and their (certified) organic produce.

The behind the label column was good fun to do. I got to spend a few hours each month delving into one, usually topical, issue.  Continue reading »

Top Posts* for Past 12 Months
(to end of December ‘14)

Dessert at Huguenot

1 Cork’s Coqbull On An Early Charge

2 The Square Table – Great Addition to Blarney

3 Huguenot. New French Bistro

4 Aroi. Asian Street Food in Cork City

5 Pride of Ireland Awards 2013/14

6 Top Wines 2014

7 Island of Asian Street Food at Phô

8 Slow and Low at the Chicken Inn. Swing by. And Buy.

9 Schull Country Market.  Continue reading »

No Shortage of Sparkle at Year’s End

There is no shortage of sparkling wine to see out the old year and to welcome the new, anything from an expensive champagne such as Krug to the inexpensive Prosecco below. The big selection gives you a good chance to get one to suit both your palate and budget.

Champagne Pierre Darcys Brut, €22.00 at SuperValu
Cava Brut Barcino, €13.00 at Supervalu
Griffon Prosecco Frizzante, €9.00 at SuperValu

These are just three from the SuperValu range.  Continue reading »


A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

A chance encounter with an American visitor to Dublin (cheers Jason!) left me with this bottle of Sculpin IPA from San Diego’s Ballast Point. It’s a beer I knew only by reputation and it’s always fun to get hold of those.
It’s surprisingly pale for an American IPA: I tend to expect them to be more on the orange-amber side, but this is a bright blonde, only tinted slightly with red. The carbonation is high, piling up a stiff meringue of a head on the top.  Continue reading »

It’s time for a Christmas review, and in the season of short days and long nights, what’s more appropriate than Dublin’s  newest gastropub? I’d been hearing quiet words about this new dining venture for the past few months, with the doors to the East Side Tavern finally opening in late November.  

The interior at Easat Side Taven (formerly the Tavern on the Green) has undergone a seismic shift.  Continue reading »

I learned a few things in 2014. This is one of them. I learned a new word this year. It was included in one of those lists floating around Facebook of words with no direct translation in English. Like the Japanese word for a buying a new book to add to your existing pile of…  Continue reading »

Christmas Dinner Potato Cakes

A post by Aoife - Babaduck at Babaduck

If your house is anything like mine, you've a fridge full of leftovers from Christmas Dinner and they gaze balefully at you every time you open the fridge door.  And you don't know what to do with them apart from make sandwiches or curry.  I have a suggestion : Christmas Dinner Potato Cakes.  I know it sounds a little bit strange but nearly all of your leftovers can be used here to create a delicious meal.  Continue reading »

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So it’s nearing new year’s and the over indulgence in luscious edibles is in full swing. A whole tub of freshly whipped cream, chocolate and Bailey’s smothered invitingly over layered meringues sounds perfectly acceptable; even relatively light one might say! My version of cappuccino pavlova inspired by Nigella Lawson went down a treat after Christmas dinner this year.  Continue reading »